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21 Immortality

Immortality is not what most of you think it is. It is not deathlessness, meaning that you will never die. By its definition, mortality is life. The "i'm" you can look at as the word infinity or constant meaning simply that you will always have life.

This can be taken two ways: First, you reach an age past pubescence when you're body reaches its maximum potential and you simply stop aging. By this account, you can still be harmed or killed without living forever. Second, you experience what is commonly known as rebirth. During each death, whether by force or through natural occurrences, you would be reborn with all the knowledge and experience from before your demise. Consider it a type of reincarnation, only it is still your existence.

Personally, I would choose the latter.

Deathlessness, or never dying, has always been one small part of omnipotence. Some people argue that if a person (as in human) is incapable of dying, they would also suffer the inescapable ...more

Many dislike it because you'd see everyone around you die out, but really, who gives? You're immortal, the one fear mankind has is now gone, death will not happen to you and you could make tons of cash, make yourself a god, or simple live life with pretty much no worries, because you can do, whatever you like without that fear.

It would be awesome. I have always wanted to see how humans will evolve and everything they come up with. In time you would be rich, you could end up achieving
Super strength, speed, stamina, and/or intelligence. But it would most likely only be a good power if you could make others immortal and be able to shut down/turn off your immortality and then turn it back on.

I would be 19 FOREVER - RainbowArtist191

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22 To Control the Friction of Molecules

You can burn your enemies by moving their atoms quickly. You can also turn a liquid to a solid or a solid to a liquid by breaking and putting together bonds on the molecular scale. And don't forget that like most super heros, you can fly by making your atoms lighter than the air. But that is just a few examples of controling the friction of molecules; you can do so much more and be almost impossible to be defeated! I'd want that power... Would you?

You can kick ass while looking like a smart ass by saying stuff like "You know, we just learned this in science yesterday, your burning up because I'm moving your atoms too fast! Well. It's getting late I gotta get going! See you when your atoms are dead! " And walk off knowing you roasted someone (LITERALLY AND METAPHORICALLY! ) That's a win win!

It sounds kinda creepy to me, it's scary but that's probably because I'm one of the major cowards of the world

Um, there are so many things wrong with this I'm not even going to try. - Bubbyboop

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23 Super Agility

With super agility you can get into a fight and never be touched. You also can jump super high. Like your always doing parkour

Would suck without having super durability (without that the speed will turn your insides to lemonade) but with super durability and super agility you win

It's certainly a very interesting power and one that would be fun to have.

Being able to stretch to infinite lengths is better, unfortunately I don't know what that is called... - Bubbyboop

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24 Create Forcefields

Not only you can defend your self but also create a force field inside your foes and make the force field bigger until he/she explodes. You could also use it to move objects with it... I believe this is a very underrated power

Force fields are clearly the best power. If the forcefields are invincible, as they should be, you are also invincible, because you could constantly have one around you. You can crush people by making a forcefield around them, then shrink it. You can also create one inside someone, then expand it, killing your foe. You can move things by making a forcefield around it or under it, then moving the forcefield around, including yourself, giving you the power of flight. Also, these things are indestructible, imagine getting hit with one of those. You could also control peoples actions my making a forcefield around them, then moving it to make them move. This is definitely the most underrated power. And those were just the most obvious things you could do with this power. If you could control who/what can pass through it, you could have an area that nobody could get in/out of that you didn't want them to. If you could control the colour of the forcefield, you can make it look like its ...more

you would be abel to defened you or a friend


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25 Earth Control

You could fly, stop bullets, crush people and stop things from following you.

Imagine if a bully threats you... - RainbowArtist191

This is so op! seriously needs 2 be higher


26 Cloning

Man, cloning would be awesome, just hold a hundred dollar bill, clone and then you'd have $200

Just imagine you see your mom through the window and you forgot your chores... Clone 10 of you and get those chores done in minutes and then delete them all before she can even take a step through the door!

The clones must obey you. That's the only thing to worry about. - Animefan12

If you have a mental link with them and they have to do what you want them do when you want them to then you could always know where they are and make them come back when you want - Westeeny

As long as you were in charge and the clones have to do what you want when you want - Westeeny

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27 Harness Dark Matter

Awesome! You could be all Necromancer and stab people with shadows and use darkness to escape or cover enemies eyes so you can pound em and they wont even see! Or teleport using shadows or become like a god of death! Number 1 definiteley

Totally awesome! You could make a ball of darkness and use like shadow ball from Pokemon.

I would harness the darkness within me to make a dark suit with tentacle like things out of my copyright policy

Honestly... This would be pretty cool - Bubbyboop

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28 Breathe Under Water

So I'm basically aqua man

Percy Jackson!

Great u have gills now - Bubbyboop

29 Invulnerability

Can reject one or more forms of damage (Example: Superman)

30 Mind Control

Absolute, complete power. Somebody attacks you? They've put the gun in their mouth and blown their face off completely willingly. Want someone to fall in love with you? They already have. Who needs invisibility when you can make people forget you instantly after seeing you. Want to be President? Control the entire country to support you. Or better, subconsciously manipulate minds across the planet to control stock prices and the entire free market. Make billions in seconds. Raise an army with a single thought - your power can make people believe in your cause to the extent that they'll die for you. Best part? Nobody knows it's happening unless you want them to. Mind control isn't possessing a single body at a time. It's subtly or completely controlling anyone's thoughts in anyone's heads at any distance. No power could beat it, because why would anyone want to harm you when they love you so much, or better, don't even know you exist?

Make everyone else do exactly what you want. You could make muggers and theives put down their guns and walk themselves to jail and once you've got a hold of every important person in the world then you can rule it.

What I'm talking about isn't JUST telekinesis, it is also being able to create a shield from telekinetic energy, teleporting to places you've seen before, solving any problem almost instantly, being able to look through memories of other people ( or just picking around in their mind ), just anything that has something to do with your mind except more advanced and powerful.

It will be cool to control your teacher to give you As

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31 Magnetism

Say someone's about to shoot you, you create a magenetic field and turn the bullet around. Your still alive and your attacker is dead, there is no proof you killed them

It could mean being magnetic, but it could also mean that people are attracted to you. Everyone's your friend now!

Doesn't that mean that you're just magnetic therefore you'd just get killed by a ton of nails flying into you - Bubbyboop

Oh yeah, if you wanna be crushed by metal LOL - RainbowArtist191

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32 Reality Warping

Being a reality warper is basically being omnipotent. When you warp reality you can do whatever you please. When warping reality you can have any power and literally anything and if you don't know of something you can do then trust me, with reality warping you can do it. I mean look at the Beyonder and the one above all, some people say they are omnipotent other say reality warper it really doesn't matter is the same thing. I don't even know how is this power still in the contenders list and not in the top ten list, hell, why isn't this power number 1?

Reality warping is really cool because anything you want can come true even if it is impossible or it is against the law of physics. You can just change reality by jut saying, emotion and you can have absolute power by just your thought. Its really Cool!

You can create anything you want! You can control everything! You have the power like God. Probably the only downside to this power is that you can't control their minds and ask them what to do.

I can make everyone’s homework disappear...

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33 Laser Vision

No Cyclops lost his power to control his laser beams when he banged his head falling out of a plane

You can shoot lasers beams out of your eyes and melt through walls and other objects

If your lasers melt things then they aren't the same as Cyclops.

But wouldn't you be not able to see

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34 Walk Through Walls

This would be awesome because if you were in a jail cell you could just walk right through and be out of prison.

This would be higher if it were called "density change", but you could pretty much do that with control over gravity

Worst power ever. Are you immune to gravity? Heat? No. Say hello to the molten core of the earth.

But u can ONLY walk through walls, u can't walk through anything else, that seems kinda lame dontcha think? - Bubbyboop

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35 Emotion Control

That is so sad

I heard that sad people give the truth more happen, and it was scientifically proven!

You could change others emotions so if someone was upset just make them happy

Just no. - Bubbyboop

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36 Ability to Change In Other Animals

Oh my god I would love to just turn into like a bear and just maul my enemies or monkey for the climbing ability

It would be great! If u were getting chased, then u could A. Change into a T-Rex, and kill them, or B. Change into a Raptor, and run, or C. Hide, and then change into a bird.

I would love to turn into an animal it's one of my favorite super powers it should be like 10 or something


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37 Animation Powers

I would draw a stick figure with lazer eyes and that can give me a massage or a bunch of magic lamps and stuff, this could be used in good ways and should be higher!

You can make anything come to life. Like giant statues to protect you. Not the most powerful, but still cool

Who Really wants super powers when your mother and siblings is all you need o went trough a lot in my life that's why I don't include dad


38 Sight

Your spirt comes out of your body and can go anywhere to see anything high in the sky and when your down looking your spirt go's back into your body. While your spirt go's where ever your body stay's where it is.

We can all already do this dumass - Bubbyboop

39 Absorb Energy

With this you could absorb someone's energy like if they are running you could make them stop also you could absorb all types of energy like if a building is on fire you could absorb all of the fire everything that is energy you basically control

You can be as powerful as psychokinesis by absorbing the kinetic energy of anyone or anything. You can freeze any object by taking it's heat energy.

Ability is top 10 if you can release energy the energy. Would be op as hell to absorb/release energy in any shape or form.

Basically, you could absorb the energy of anything. Because everything relies on energy to do what it does, the possibilities are almost limitless.

Isn't this a bit like op

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40 Control Ice and Water

So awesome...! I always wanted to explore the ocean secrets such as Bermuda triangle!.So at least when I meet a monster I could control ice n water to wipe them up :p lol

2 for 1 power is pretty awesome. Also, you could control about 40.5% of the earth is covered with ice and water. That's a lot of swagitude

Please I really like this power a lot

That would be like Elsa.

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