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41 Animal Morphing

Cool, but what if you lost control. You will be trap as an animal for the rest of your life

42 Change the Rules of Physics

This superpower doesn't apply to a certain person or area, and since this superpower needs to be a little more convenient, we could say that it only works on the planet that you're currently on.
You can control gravity, friction, force, and lots of other categories within physics.
The uses of this power is unlimited, and can almost only be used for destruction.
It's pretty clear what the downside is, but don't mind it, if you use it with incredible care, you could manage to not destroy earth within the first few days.

43 Create Portals

While I see why people like "being god" I see portal being the most legit and powerful superpower.


#1 Enemy is charging at you, you have lots of options to choose from, you can either dodge or maybe trap him making him charge into the portal, or maybe use his inertia and just teleport him straight into the ground!

#2 You find a ranged opponent, you can either (Again) dodge or deflect! Pop a portal and make them taste their own bullets!

#3 (Now more on a technical sitenote) PERPETUM MOBILE!, 2 portals on top of eachother and "ta da", infinite energy.

#4 Assuming you can create portals anywhere you please you can easily move, destroy or create things. You can blow someone's brains out by punching their brain while it's still in their head, you can make a portal to a planet and colonise it with the only cost being your time, or if you're want to be a villain, you can threaten to simply ANY object from a given distance onto ...more

This power is very powerful and is way better than teleportation. You can open holes in the universe and go anywhere you want almost instantly. You could also possibly make the portals open as wide as you want and teleport as many people you want with you. If you are in a fight you could teleport the villian away to a valcano or the center of the earth or something. Think about it. You could travel to any destination you want, even to other dimensions and universes!

This power is very powerful and is better than teleportation. You could open holes in the universe and teleport to anywhere you want. You could possibly open the portals as wide as you want and take as many people you want with you. If you are in a fight, you can teleport the villian away to a valcano or to the center of the earth or something. Think about it. You could travel to any where you have ever wanted to go, even to other dimensions and universes!

Now you're thinking with...portals!

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44 Super Hearing

It's okay, not as powerful as the others. But with this you would definitely be hired as a spy. You could hear things from miles and miles away. You could stalk your neighbors and if someone was in trouble, you could come and help them. You wouldn't even need a fire alarm at the fire station if you work there if someone screams. The only thing is that a whisper would sound like a moderate voice but if someone screamed, " AH! ", you would definitely go deaf so it has some pros and cons... but I'm leaning towards the cons... But you can be way better at listening to your friend's conversations to see if they are gossiping about the new girl or a iPhone 7 plus or whatever! Or listen to your parents talk about your 64% or your math test because believe me, they talk about it. The possibilities to hearing things are nearly endless! You could hear your pet mouse squeaking next to you on your bed... ( way, way off... ) Hear anything before it happens!

What am I doing w/ my life - pepeagrees1

You can hear!

45 Ability to Create Fire

Fire is the most awesome element ever

That would look so cool

Fire. I love fire storm because of fire


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46 Steel Skin

Steel, like all metals, reacts with acids. Drinking a glass of orange juice might not cause any major damage, but consider all of the acidic foods you consume each day.

The ability to transform all atoms and particles within your body into a thick layer of steel, which may be bullet proof, fire resistant and almost invulnerable.

When I first read it I thought it said steal skin as in the power to steal skin from people and animals which would be great for a taxidermist and a supervillain even superman would lose to you since he couldn't survive with out his skin.

I think this is one of the worst powers

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47 Ability to Shoot Webs

Imagine being able to shoot webs and make them stick to the air (somehow) and not just buildings, wow, epic, spider-man is the best hero ever!

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48 Curse Casting

This power has many uses, you can pretty much do anything to someone if it is fueled with your anger and hate. I mean what is not to like. Oh yeah, that if your a good guy you are pretty much powerless, unless you do not care about doing terrible things to bad guys.

I could use this to kill Donald Trump - RainbowArtist191

What are are you a wizard

I like Donald Trump

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49 Stopping All Powers

This power actually is really ironic.

This would destroy my opponents on the field. I mean think of it, all you would have to fight them with is weapons or hand to hand combat, it leavens the playing field for some people.

Yeah, All those many, numerous super villains running around would be real sad. Unfortunately, The real criminals would not be affected at all.

Kind of stupid considering if you were the only person with a superpower and it was this.. - Bubbyboop

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50 Control Weather

sunny day, rainy day revenge? - wildog47

It would be great to be a superhero in this case. With all the natural disasters going on, you could save many lives. This would also be a great villain power to have, because you could zap people you hate with lightning bolts.

Storms powers are the best and they are controlling weather I love this power it's so powerful

This be cool, I would make a thunderstorm sometimes or sunny or rain, I would make it around -5°C or something in winter and snow or sunny or cloudy, 25°C in summer, right now in winter I would probably want it like 5°C to melt most that snow we got last week, - flaggy0666

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51 Death Finger

Powerful, but what if you love someone or are good friends with that person.

Sucks if you want to hug your mom

"This power sucks in general! This is one of the worst superpowers I've ever heard of!

Hey guys let's play tag! - Bubbyboop

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52 Turbo Jump


53 Superhuman Senses

Super smell would be disgusting. Super taste would be too. Super hearing would be annoying. Maybe super proprioception would be good for martial arts, but you can keep the rest of it.

Okay I could feel everything around me hear the tiniest whisper have incredible vision that awesome should be higher

If someone is whispering to their friend behind your back( as said in the previous comment) you can...hear EVERYTHING

Lol super digestive system - Bubbyboop

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54 Beast Soul

I think this power is op because you can transform you arm a lion arm or transform you whole body in a dinosuar or mythical beast like a phoniex

55 Mind Reading

You could read people's mind, but not how fiction usually describes it, by just seeing what a person is thinking at that exact moment. My vision of mind reading is that you can "search" for a specific phrase of something, and then it would give you results for that. Like if you like a girl and you think of your name, all the thoughts she's had about you pop up, like a search engine-but they never even know you're in their head. It could work with animals, too.

I know this power is amazing ability because you will be 6 step a head in the battlefield and your enemy will have no defense against it I don't understand why some people don't like this power it is very helpful in the future I love this amazing ability and their is nothing you say to change my mind!.

It would suck if people hate u because u would always be seeing what bad things they think of u

That was a pertty cool things, you can know what are they thinking.

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56 Dimensional Warping

Think about it. It's super awesome! You could warp thugs & stuff to other dimensions! And, go anywhere ever at will! That would be cool.

So obito from naruto?

I would love to open the dimension to hellor heawean

57 Extra Stamina

Would be good for Sex.

I definitely need this bed.

Just no... - Bubbyboop

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58 Fire Bending

This is from avatar though...

Avatar things

59 Night Vision

We already have this power your eyes simply need to adjust to the dark - Bubbyboop

Eyes can adjust to the dark!

60 Body and Voice Swapping

It would be great if you could swap bodies with someone. Even better if you changed voices. Then, you could change into your worst enemies body, and then get them in trouble, and swap back, and nobody would know. This needs to be in the top 10.

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