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61 The Power to Make Things or Yourself Big or Small

So shrink or turn big

I could use this on my tacos, donuts and my dog (HE COULD EAT MY ENEMIES) - RainbowArtist191

It's called size alteration.

Ant man based

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62 Granting Wishes

Even if you couldn't grant your own wishes, think about how dangerous this power could be for your enemies.

For example, you could take the heroic route. It may seem like going around granting the wishes of innocents wouldn't benefit you, but it would make you absolutely ADORED by the population. If the 'villain' of the story was someone like a corrupt politician or businessman, his reputation could get seriously tarnished if he messed with you. Bad rep = less funding. Also, if you helped his minions with their wishes, you could get a lot of his own people to turn on him...which, if he was rich enough to give them effective weapons, would end badly for him. Even if he didn't give a damn about reputation and it didn't effect his mission either way, just find someone who was badly hurt by him and have them wish him out of existence. Plus, if he catches you to have you grant his wish...what's he gonna do if you refuse? He can't kill you. If he does, his ticket to an easy win is ...more

This is what we all need! Want a taco? Boom, you got yourself a taco. Enemy wants $1,000,000 and you have to grant it? Rain it down on them in pennies. Want other powers? Boom! Hey look, you can see my thoughts!

This would be the ultimate power to have. In a bar fight outnumbered 10 to 1, simply wish for an M16 or robot bodyguards that has a laser minigun on their shoulders. You could also gamble forever. Unlimited money. If you say "I wish world hunger would end", BOOM! World hunger ends.

This would be a cool power. You and your friends could be billionaires. You don't necessarily have to grant peoples wishes though.

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63 Power Over the Sky

This would be the best because you make the wind carry you so you could fly, control lightning, storms, tornadoes, etc.. This is why this would be an awesome superpower.

Clearly this should be the best. I went into the back of the voting and helped it and now, about two weeks later, it's so far up! This should on day be first. - AbduZine

Kill people with lightning bolts! - AbduZine

I could fly around peoples heads!

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64 Control of All People

Can make people do whatever you want

This would be so cool to control everybody at will

Mind control is number 32 idiot

Oooo, this one is awesome, because you van make an army instantly

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65 Animation Powers

I would draw a stick figure with lazer eyes and that can give me a massage or a bunch of magic lamps and stuff, this could be used in good ways and should be higher!

You can make anything come to life. Like giant statues to protect you. Not the most powerful, but still cool

Who Really wants super powers when your mother and siblings is all you need o went trough a lot in my life that's why I don't include dad


66 Ability to Understand How All Things Work

This means you could kill anybody with a power and gain their power.

67 Temperature Control

You could make it a warm day or a cold day. You could the temperature around something super hot or super cold, making them freeze to death with their molecules slowing or with their molecules being supercharged and blasting out in every direction. Now that's what I call internal combustion.

No more scorching hot days or freezing days

68 Universal Control

You would be able to control EVERYTHING

No you couldn't control egerytihing you idiot if it was multiverse control it would be in top 10

Nice power

69 Ability to Stretch

Yeah plus you don't have to get up to get a drink just stretch like mister fantastic

Haha imagine if you saw someone with this power. I would FREAK OUT

Plastic Man is one of the only people that Superman fears.

It would be just like Monkey D. Luffy

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70 Wolverine Claws

Wolverine claws would be amazing to have I mean who wouldn't want metal claws to come out of your hands I mean then you would never loose a knife fight

This would be pretty cool but without healing power you would always get cuts every time you use your claws.

I tell stories so before I get this power my character has to be able to use it for offensive and defensive skills, not yet.

Would choose this but his claws slice through his skin

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71 Power of Infinity

This one might need to be reworded a bit. If it means having an infinite source out of something appearing at one at a time, then this would be great... But if it means infinity at once, then you've basically just killed everyone and an infinitely large implosion that has infinite force and never stops. You'd make the world's best villain though.

What the heck is this supposed to do?

You could have infinite grenades, Ferraris, rpg, etc... Anything you want it could never stop

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72 Element Bending

Element bending is using your hands or any other part on your body to changing elements on earth like turn fire into water are turn water into to fire

I am on this four times and nobody else is on it

Wow now I am on it twice

I love elements mostly Darkness and Ice. But I love elements this is my favirte

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73 Pyrokinesis

Create fire from the oxygen in the air around you... Or the oxygen in something/someone's body... Yes.

Awesome, but truthfully with elemental manipulation you could have this and more.

If you had pyrokinesis like Charlie McGee (Stephen King's Firestarter) your power could be limitless

She was only 8 or 9 when she destroyed a house like "a little girls cardboard playhouse in the flame of a blowtorch" and vaporize bullets that would have otherwise killed/injured her, and it has been indicated that she might be able to control the sun eventually. Pyrokinesis should be much higher on the list than 72nd - GamingGodPrime

74 Fire Breathing

I always wanted this power you could make you own food

Depends on fire intensity and range, and also if u need alcohol to breathe fire every time.

Honestly underrated, think of how feared u'd be if u could roast people alive

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75 Omniscience

This is implicitly the ability to know all things. This is a Godlike power. Ultimately Omniscience allows for all of the benefits of other powers through scientific means and the ability to create any technology conceivable. You would also be able to figure out the best way to win a fight or get out of a situation. Basically the powers of your opponent are irrelevant as you already know how to escape, win, or any other option. The ability to know all things is Ultimate power.

There is no way to fight this one back. It is basically being a God.


76 Generate Electricity

Great! You just volunteered to be the world's most sustainable power source! You could stop war over oil but you have to generate electricity all day strapped to a giant capacitor. The world thanks you for your service.

Imagine being able to spawn Electricity from out of no where! In Genius!

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77 Thunder Clap

If you had thunder clap you could easily make other people just fly away it would be like a booom

78 Clairvoyance

You could see your enemies attack and dodge, counter, or even stop it all togethee

To be able to see the future

79 Omnikinesis

Omnikinesis it is EPIC.

Being able to manipulate anything will be awesome controling fire water ice shadows think of all the murders you can commit

Omnikinesis is better than telekenis you can maniplulate EVERYTHING

Omnikinesis ❤

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80 Soul Removal

With this you could be equivalent to Hades. It would also be really intimidating.

Everyone has a soul even angels and demons

There is only one soul.

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