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161 Run Up Walls

Fly? Nah, I'd rather be able to run up walls.

This is mah favorite wanna no Y ok I tell U

1. you could save kittenz on Z roof ya that would definitely get U some money
2. you could be like spiderman I used to have a crush on Petey parker when I was 6-7 (no time 2 explain)
3. fire trucks

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162 High Jumping

The laws of physics and gravity defy this power. ANd anyway if you go up you have to come down. Splat!

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163 Ability to Control, Generate, and Absorb Lightning

According to science, everything is made of an enormous amount of energy, or lightning if you will, so you basically have the power of telekinesis with this one.

This power is so awesome. Think of it, you can shock people!

I love this one but think more electric full stop not just lightning

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164 Can Draw the Future

"What if you wanted to win a HUGE competition? Just grab some paper, and draw yourself winning. You could take down anyone in the world. All you would have to do is draw yourself beating them! "

What if you stink at drawing. would you be a stick figure? :(

Super op should be higher I could draw me gaining any or all of these abilities you could do anything

I could do anything

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165 Control Metal

There was already one called metal bend.

166 Persuasion

How to take over the world...
Step 1: Call a broadcasting company and persuade the man in charge to give you 5 minutes of live on a it time.
Step 2: Persuade everyone by telling them to vote for you in the upcoming election.
Step 3: Persuade the leaders of all other countries to join you at the first UN meeting you attend.

You can get anyone to do anything just by talking to them.

Get a phone or anything from shops for free and pass your GCSEs

167 Mass Memory Manipulation

With this power you would be invincible "literally" no body could even touch you because you could make them forget something or create an artificial memory making them do something else

168 Sonic Scream

Everything has a frequency, with the right pitched sonic scream, you could shatter anything, knock people out, or cause earthquakes.

Black Canary has this device that makes a sonic scream and it destroys everyone that was until she died

This is this high on the list. it should be last. mind control is way better and I'm pretty sure anything else that's a legit superpower would own this

U could be a banchi.LOL

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169 Vampirism

I do often run into people who have super powers on the street.

Ps this is stealing other peoples power and using them yourself.

I know a lot of people that have super powers! sarcasm. This would be cool in an alternate superpower universe


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170 Ability to Change Age at Will

Don't you remember when you were a child in grade school or that awesome party in high school

You could also be the best disguiser and so much more

171 Kiss of Death

That would suck if you had a girlfriend or you were getting married and forgot about your power.

What if you want to do stuff other than kill people.

That power is so stupid

That's bad because if you want your enemy to die and it's a MAN...your gay

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172 Light Absorption
173 Photographic Reflexes

You won't stop Superman with this power but anything you see you can do instantly so long as it doesn't require super human ability.

174 Talk to Animals

I would love to have this power. I could finally talk to my hyper pug and hear what she's say

You could control them and talk and play with them

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175 Midas Touch

Worst power ever, everything you touch turns into gold even if you don't want it to. Even if you ate a sandwich it would become gold

You should be able to touch things and turn them to gold if you want to and not turn them into gold if you don't

Nope can't touch people there turn to gold

Listen to gold by imagine dragons

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176 Omniarch

Imagine having the power to rule everything

177 Breathe In Space

I have a feeling they're running out of ideas

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178 Extreme Accuracy/Marksmanship
179 Lay Any Animal Egg

Why the heck would you want to lay a chicken egg? I mean you could lay one to make eggs.

This is good for when your hungry or want a pet right? Come on! Laugh out loud

What about animals that don't lay eggs. Also, Why?

They are running out of ideas

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180 Super Learning V 2 Comments
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