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161 Mass Memory Manipulation

With this power you would be invincible "literally" no body could even touch you because you could make them forget something or create an artificial memory making them do something else

162 Kiss of Death

That would suck if you had a girlfriend or you were getting married and forgot about your power.

What if you want to do stuff other than kill people.

That power is so stupid

That's bad because if you want your enemy to die and it's a MAN...your gay

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163 Light Absorption
164 Talk to Animals

I would love to have this power. I could finally talk to my hyper pug and hear what she's say

You could control them and talk and play with them

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165 Midas Touch

Worst power ever, everything you touch turns into gold even if you don't want it to. Even if you ate a sandwich it would become gold

You should be able to touch things and turn them to gold if you want to and not turn them into gold if you don't

Nope can't touch people there turn to gold

Listen to gold by imagine dragons

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166 Omniarch

Imagine having the power to rule everything

167 Breathe In Space

I have a feeling they're running out of ideas

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168 Extreme Accuracy/Marksmanship
169 Lay Any Animal Egg

Why the heck would you want to lay a chicken egg? I mean you could lay one to make eggs.

This is good for when your hungry or want a pet right? Come on! Laugh out loud

What about animals that don't lay eggs. Also, Why?

They are running out of ideas

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170 Super Learning V 2 Comments
171 X-Ray Vision

You can do bad things with this power

I could look at girl naked

Nice power

172 Destruction Destruction Destruction is a German thrash metal band. They are considered one of the "The Big Four" of the German thrash metal scene, the others being Kreator, Sodom and Tankard.

It's the ultimate power guys. You can destroy everything. You can destroy the rules of the world. For example, you're bleeding. You can destroy the fact that you're bleeding. You can destroy everything. Oh you want to rewind time? Destroy the fact that you can't rewind time. It's like asking for wishes.

I don't think facts are things that can be subjected to destruction. Also, why not just give your self infinite wishes.

This makes no sense

173 Human Bomb

Unless you wanted to explode and kill yourself, I wouldn't suggest this power to anyone

Shut up complainer. It was mine. :(

This would only be good for suicide and I love myself

It's good if your immortal or invincible but cool power human nuke👍

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174 Redoing Things

So, you weren't able to save the city? Redo it! - ethanmeinster

U just made this up dodo head this is crap but not useless its acully pretty cool

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175 Walk On Water

This abilities is cool

In other words, you'll be Jesus

I am Jesus.

176 Super Attractive

The ladies (or men) love you.

You could charm people and get what you want

It would help it when you have a crush but not much else

Yep, the owners of this website at running out of cool superpowers

177 Technology Manipulation

Maybe if you were a teacher this would be helpful

These power pretty much suck but blood construction is a better piwer

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178 Arthropod Control

The power to mentally control all Arthropods (Insects, Arachnids, Crabs etc. ) in a given radius (Let's say 1km).
This power also encompasses, hearing and seeing through Arthropods, and includes the boost in mental processing to control all the arthropods simultaneously.
For proof of this power's brilliance, read Worm by Wildbow. The novel is amazing.
With this power you have battlefield control, experiencing the entire battle in real time, you have potentially lethal force, and the potential fear is insurmountable. imagine a hostage situation with black widows.
In conclusion this power contains capabilities, for battle field control, situational awareness, heavy hitting, obedience/domination through fear, intelligence gathering, production of spider silk, multitasking capability, and permanent maiming (Brown recluse spiders can necrotise flesh). this power is one of the most scary ones out there, and the versatility is brilliant. if you combine it with say a biology ...more

179 Biology Manipulator

Two options:
Option one: manipulates personal biology, can regenerate from almost any injury, can create redundancies in biology, includes superior strength, superior speed, senses, increase brains' processing capacity, produce inhuman biology such as claws, wings, exoskeleton, fangs. can produce toxins, venoms etc. can slow down perception of time. control adrenaline rush. produce airborne plagues. knockout gas, tear gas, laughing gas, etc. Change appearance. genetically superior. by consuming mass, (Food) increase size, height, weight, density. provide immunities to heat, cold, poison, disease.
Option two: all of the above, but can gift such changes to others, or can create new life.

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180 Omnishifting

Controlling the shape, size, and color of any object.

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