First organelle. Then you need three microchips in your scalp: one to read and transmit information from your thoughts of a new form to a certain omputer with software to render a safe genetic code, a chip for receiving the instructions from the computer and transmitting them to the cell modifications, which carry out the instructions, then one to constantly transmit a backup of your memories from the computer to you, due to changes in brain structure while you shapeshift. You need a teleportation device to send matter to and from your body for gaining and losing mass, and several megamolecules would reassemble your body structure. There is a lot more than destabilization of DNA, and what you have just read is just the beginning of an accurate description. - AthenOwl

With shapeshifting, you could have multiple powers! You could morph into a bird to fly, morph into a cheetah for fast speed, or morph into a wolf for good scent. Those are just some examples! Shapeshifting would easily be the best power to have. Multiple abilities, and isn't as dangerous as some other powers (mostly time control). Shapeshifting would be the best!

With shape shifting you could literally change anything about yourself even how you look when you shape shift. Also because you can change a thing about yourself you can make it to were you can alter reality to were you can create your own Omniverse and govern it, your basically the closest you can get to God.

With this you basically have all powers because you could just turn into a person that looks exactly like you (assuming you take your mind automatically with you) with all superpowers, ShapeShifting included. This should be number one because this is everything.

Live this you can take the form of anything you can think of spider for small places, dinosaur and other big crap for scaring of eenemies or someone/thing you don't like

No one would know if you are there or their enemy you could literally be anyone or anything people could think they killed you and when they get with their best friends or their allies you would be there this is number one because what's more powerful than the ability to become your enemies Ally and when their guard is down finish them

I love this and teleportation they are amazing powers wanna fly away from a car crash turn into a giant bird and fly away u can do many things u can even make other super powers that's amazing and u can't die unless u want to really because u can replace every organ that gets destroyed or every bone that gets shattered,shape shifting can make u bigger, smaller, better stronger faster it's amazing

Change yourself to have every other power. The only restriction on this power is the energy that exists in the universe (changing would take energy and growing would take matter and these have to come from somewhere), but if you remove that from the equation and this power is without limit

Easily one of the best. All you would have to do is combine different abilities and properties of animals. So you could create a griffin with a lion and eagle, or if an animal had extremely hard skin, make that skin type into an animal of your choice virtually making it indestructible. The possibilities are really endless with this power

Honestly this should be number 1. As a shapeshifter, you can become ANYONE you want! For example, if you want to become Spider-Man than you can! Shape shifting gives you an advantage to have ANY POWER by turning into the certain person that has the power you want. How is this NOT number 1?!

Also, it's not limited to animal parts, you could turn your nails into diamond, hey like that shirt? Alter your skin, fur, scales, or any other material on your body to look just like it. You can literally do anything.

If you had shapeshifting you could also have Wolverine claws, healing factor, invisibility, super stretch, you could grow wings so you could fly, turn into metal, and a whole bunch more. You could do anything!

Seriously, nothing can beat shapeshifting. You can literally do anything and everything. Travel back in time? Imagine yourself with the power to do that. Done. Super speed? Same thing. All other powers? Exact. Same. Thing.

You're bloody amazing. You can be anyone or anything at any time. You could even shape sift to have awesome chameleon skin so you're invisible or some thing so yeah this should be higher.

Shape shifting is like the sentinels from days of future past you could give yourself any power you wish by changing your biology at will imagine the possibilities are endless

You can become anything you want. You can choose to be smart, fast, small, fast-healing... You can save the world but also have as much fun as you want. And you can look cool the whole way through.

When you have this you can do things for your love ones that you didn't get her you will just turn your self into her boyfriend that brake up with her and change again then talk to her, say that you love her so much.

If you want the ultimate power this is it. You could kill superman by shifting into kryptonite. However this is only just in front of time manipulation for me. - RealLifeProblems

Shapeshifting is awesome you can turn into anything you want you would be the hide and seek king and you could turn into a car to travel, transformer style

This along with Teleportation are my favorites because you can be anyone & anything. You can be a Dinosaur, Shark, Lamborghini, Jet, Stripper, & more. I wonder what would happen if you shapeshifted into superman or Spiderman, I mean would you also have there superpower to?

Want to fly? Shift into a bird. Want to breathe underwater? Dolphin. Turn invisible? Itty bitty ant. Get an easy $20? Shapeshift into a celebrity and charge for autographs.
Come on. What other super power could beat this one?

I love this this Is the super power I want

You do not even have to take form of a physical entity on earth just the concept of every thing exists means you could be anything you want just by making it up.

If you had shape shifting you could do everything on this list. You could be any animal or any person! BOOM!

Deoxyribonucleic acid is a wonderful thing, but to be able to shapeshift, you can't merely destabilize the molecule and learn to control it, as destabilization of DNA without other alterations not only lacks the required foundation materials automatic connection to neurocircutry, but also can be (I have an educated guess on this) theoretically deadly by inhibiting effective ribonucleic acid production. A way that might actually work is to have a molecule that contains a "gear" with four teeth, each tooth containing half of a nucleotide. You want these molecular "gears" connected to an axle with something safe to bond to for each base pair half that is not in use to prevent harmful corruption of the mechanism. Then you want a synthetic organelle that is actually a megamolecular computer that controls the turning of the "gears" after receiving a signal for instructions. And you want a sensitive antennae suborganelle attached to the firs