Super Intelligence


It doesn't matter how powerful you are - assuming you can win based on raw power alone is dangerous.

If you were highly intelligent, you could: analyse a situation and know what to do before anyone else even had time to come to their senses; find a weak spot in everyone and develop ways to exploit it; you could build your own weapons, or just design them and let others build it for you; you'd be able to manipulate pretty much anybody; you could dedicate your intelligence to something like medical research, not only saving countless lives but gaining a sparkling reputation; you'd be able to come up with good puns on the spot; you'd be able to do things nobody else could (even people with more 'stereotypical' powers have their limits, most of which are emotional/mental or they're simply not smart enough to come up with a solution); all sides of a war would want you on their side as a strategist/spy/scientist, which you could ultimately exploit the hell out of; no matter what you ...more

One can argue that super intelligence is one of the most useful powers. Many, many superheroes and protagonists are as thick as a boulder - Thor, Superman, Emmet (Lego Movie), Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, anyone in your stereotypical horror movie, and everyone in Twilight. Imagine how far they could get with some actual intelligence, even more so if they actually had good plans.

Super Intelligence opens literally endless possibilities. You could potentially unlock all other powers on this list by inventing something such as a serum, using highly advanced DNA altering, creating advanced technologies, etc. This should be in the top 3, if not number 1.

How is this not number one? Seriously this power grants you access to all the other powers on the list, all you need to do is brew some sort of concoction or soup up your DNA and your good to go.

Even you have all the powers, just you don't know how to use them still you can do nothing. Everything worth, by having super intelligent and able to solve almost everything. Nothing beats this one! Even almost every superhero in the movies, most of powers built by a genius right?

You could basically see the future because you could calculate what will happen and know exactly what your opponent would do in any situation.

I don't like the name but, with this power you can have the knowledge you need to get straight A's and to get into a good college.

It would be nice to have super intelligence so you don't have to memorize or study anything

If you had super intelligence then you might find a way to unlock all theses abilities

You can craft new powers to add to yourself. Also you can easily outsmart your opponents and defeat them

Because you can pass any math test

We would be able to create stuff to work as they other superpowers like a jetpack or a transporter.

People. We use only 10% of our brains. What would happen if we could use 100%?

For movies intelligent characters can make inventions

You could make a machine to give you every power

This is my fourth favorite power

Be the smartest person on earth

Enhanced Intelligence/Hypercognition could potentially make you unbeatable. It gets my vote, and is probably the superpower I would want the most.

Think about it, when you get super intellegence, you will be smart and bright enough to build a machine that can give you ALL superpowers! isn't that amazing?

Imagine your iq rising at a amazing rate. Your brain will expand. You survive on knolage and data.