How is this not number one? You can move things, with your mind. You can fly, by moving yourself or something that you're strapped to with your mind. You can control ice, fire, water, wind, just by thinking about it! You could lift a car into the air, crush it into the shape of a giant sword, and smash it into the ground, without lifting a pinky.

The funny thing is that unlimited control over matter's movement grants you the ability to have basically any superpower ever thought of.

Want heat vision/ice breath? Just change the speed of the atoms in front of you to either flash-freeze or spontaneously combust your enemies.

Super speed and flight can be achieved by moving the atoms that make up your own body. If friction becomes an issue, slow down the atoms of air around your body to create a cooling effect.

You can stop incoming bullets, punches, kicks, cars, meteors, missiles, lasers, swords, etc... Just by thinking about it. Heck, just rip the supervillain to shreds from thousands of miles away by creating a temporary black hole. (That is, compressing atoms into an infinitely dense area and then scattering them afterwards)

You just can't mess with time. (Although some scientists predict that moving stuff at or faster than the speed of light would slow or reverse the flow of time.)

I personally like telekinesis because with it you can also create psi balls, which are balls made out of your own energy, and use it to blast people that annoy you. You can then turn the psi ball into a 'slow down time' bubble and keep them there for as long as you want. This 'slow down time' bubble confuses people. To the people inside the bubble, it seems like they are going at a regular speed. But, their movement is much slower than the pace time is going. Also with telekinesis, you can morph a person's DNA to what ever you want it to be. You can make them lose a mouth so they can stop talking(if that's the reason they're annoying you), make their arms disappear if they are a bully, and so on so forth. You can use it to even create things with energy, morphing the atoms that are everywhere to create whatever being you want. Now, what's cooler than that?

Telekinesis can provide you with any other super power there is, so it can be considered as omnipotence. You can heal wounds just by moving the cells around, levitate yourself and fly wherever you want. This may be a stretch, but you could move things fast enough to travel through time via time dilation. Short on cash, summon money from thin air by manipulating particles. If you wanted, you can live forever by repairing your own damaged tissue and killing dangerous microorganisms. No more hard labor, coach potatoes can do everything they need with their mind. Telekinesis gives you everything you could ever ask for.

With telekinesis you can be a water fire earth and air bender you can make things real with your mind you can fly teleport control matter because you have mind power over the structures of atoms and you can fly or move however fast you want, fast enough to time travel look at the silver surfer from marvel his power the power cosmic is pretty mush telekinesis because he is controlling everything and with mind control you can not only go back or forward in time, you can control it too. Time is a universal force, and with enough mind power you can telepathically control it

It is way more interesting than any power you care to name, and I would live a great life without feeling like there is no point to anything as I would with other powers on the list that would eliminate all challenge. Telekinesis would truly resemble a heightened existence as a human, rather than a transformation into some that is not human nor could possibly have anything resembling human interests and thought ( I am mostly referring to omnipotence here)

Okay if you had telekenesis you could control tachyons and then, time! And you could control light so you could control fire, water, air, all elements, light, thought because you could control the electrons in the brains thought process and to bend light to see to the end of the universe because you could make light travel faster also you could give people electric shocks and blow up with enough plus more - Sarcasisim

Telekinesis should be number one you can move anything with your mind you could have an indestructible shield around you you can rip anything apart with a thought and if your super intelligent what your going to talk people with telekinesis to death you will die invisibility ok put you in a bubble with no air or rip you from inside out your dead time control evenly matched invisibility destroy the whole area your dead telekinesis is number one

You could move anything and control anything even the weather! Also you could move yourself through the air so you could fly! As a defense you could move people's bones out of place and if you study biology could move certain parts of the eyes to cause blindness. You can basically control all elements. And you can move everything from around you to make a force field. This power would be awesome!

Yeah. You can kill people. And how would you "probably kill yourself" by going back in time? It sounds about as likely as someone with telekenesis accidentally dropping 5 tons of stone on your head. Also what is the probability of landing in a gun fight, even then you can freeze time and escape unharmed. For teleportation maybe you can't teleport into an object. Telekenesis is awesome but not a superior as you make it out to be.

Telekinesis is one of THE most underestimated powers anywhere; superstrength by adding force and reinforcing your bones, shielding to completely stop any physical attacks, and if to an accurate enough degree, healing! And let's not miss out the sheer awesomeness of being able to stop your enemies attacks, how awesome would that be?

Telekinesis is one of those powers where you really think it is pointless until you figure out you are an unstoppable badass with it. If you are fighting someone, just do unspeakable things to the like break their neck but with your mind. No finger prints, no evidence at all that you killed them. If someone is in your way, move them out of your way. If someone is chasing you, hold their legs, with your mind. Something to heavy, use telekinetics. Basically you can lift anything and do anything you can do with your hands but with your mind

Just watch the movie "Chronicle"... And then get super jealous and kill yourself.

You cannot be stopped! Say if a bunch of super villains jump you all you have to do is grab them with your mind then throw them away. You could stop most people from using their powers. Say super speed you somehow get ahold of them and just hold them in the air or if if somebody started shooting you, you could grab the bullets and throw them back

There are two good things about this power. One, it is extremely useful. I left my keys in the car; no problem. There is some jerk I don't like; make him trip and fall on his face. Two, it is very powerful. It is like having flight, super-strength, and force fields, but better.

Telekenesis is by far the greatest superpower. It includes flying breathing underwater (by taking oxygen from water), living in space (by keeping an atmosphere around you), and much more. Here are some great ideas. Control fire- put flamable particles in your hands and then a substance that ignites it, while lacing your atoms with fireproof particles. Control storms- simply move any storm whereever you want it or form your own. Invincibility- Simply lace your atoms with any resistant particle you need. Teleportation- Most likely the hardest to do. Freeze EVERYTHING than go where you want to go. There are limitless options.

With telekinesis ( I'm talking about the all powerful type where you literally have unlimited strength) you could still destroy the world but it wouldn't be on accident and no one could touch you cause you could just crush them or rip them apart or something I don't know you tell me this is the one I would want

This is basically the force without the lightning and mind tricks. I mean, look at Darth Vader and Kylo Ren, they don't use lightning or mind tricks and they're still way overpowered. However, this power does not beat power mimicry, which really should be higher on the list.

This is awesome you can control any and everything you can think of. which is better omnipotence because omnipotence is boring because you can't fight you can kill somebody in one second which is boring

If the person with telekinesis just applied themselves, they could do literally everything else on this list. They would be capable of rewriting reality, they could make themselves immortal, and they could kill pretty much whoever they wanted.

Holy cow how is this not the best, if I were asked the question... Bam Sam hada lam I would say telekinesis. I mean bruve, who wouldn, t want to control absolutely ANYTHING and EVERYTHING with their mind... Control time: Average and dangerous, you could rupture the space time continuum, causing devastating black holes that destroy everything... get out my kitchen, this is by far the most awesome ever super power like there's nothing wrong with it. It's like being able to be a control freak and a god. Wondering what power to have, stop looking... THIS IS IT!

With this power you could control the world with your mind and no one would be able to stop you. There are literally no downsides to this power what so ever. I really carn't believe that this power is not in the number one spot I mean how is tome control better than this power also invisibility is above but with this power you could just think that you can see them and then boom you can see them.

You could literally be Eleven from stranger things. You can like make someone kill something without them wanting to its pretty awesome you can basically do ANYTHING with this power everyone could basically have.

This should be number 1. You could move the heaviest objects without touching it. You can lift yourself off the ground and fly. You could even dodge a bullet or move out the way of a speeding car. Telekenesis is awesome!

Telekinesis is like a bundle you can do heaps of things you can control people fly and just move anything with your mind and if you don't like some one you can just kill them. people don't recognize how powerful it is