Teleportation is a combination of perks. 1. You can move to/from anywhere making transport easy 2. This includes the ability to fly, you are able to teleport yourself incredibly high into the air and then move again, to another point in the air; repeating this you have the ability of flying. 3. Financial Benefits - namely, theft.

Teleportation is the best of them all, think about it, those wars you watch on T.V., you can stop them if you could defeat a whole army of the bad guys alone... You can go there to the battlefields and kill all the bad guys, all you have to do is to drop them and their weapons one by one from a high point or take them to a deep point of the sea or drop them in a forgotten desert, you can finish a whole army by yourself without any scratch and without any single destruction.

And beside the ability of defeating any army alone you will have the power to spend time anywhere you want on the planet.

Wow number ten that's so stupid. It should be first I mean you could sneak into wherever you want

I love it because in the movie jumper, when he think somewhere he teleport where he thought so I think it would be awesome if we could go anywhere, wherever. Example: when you are sick you doesn't have to take the car to go to the hospital you can teleport yourself to the hospital and it is useful

Personally this is what I wanted to have as a superpower since Ultimate Spiderman introduced me to "Cloak and Dagger". It's a balance between a regular and OP superpower, with it's advantages and weaknesses. Still, to be able to travel anywhere in the universe in the blink of an eye, THAT'S @&$#* AWESOME!

I love this ability think of what u could do u could travel around the world rob a bank just scare people save people's lives etc like if a plane is falling u can teleport u and the plane or passengers away it would be great plus it would be hilairious to teleport behind someone in a house when they think they're alone and just go boo! I would laugh so hard

You can go anywhere you want;
You can also attend different courses at different venues as well;
You can also steal something there and wont be caught because you can travel to another location within just a second.

here, there, anywhere, wherever? - wildog47

It is just the best, if you have seen jumper movie and if you saw what azazel and nightcrawler can do on X-Men can do, you'll know that teleportation is the best of them all, if you're just smart a little and if you just think about it a little, you'll find that with teleportation no one can defeat you unless god

Sorta useless if you can't control it and can't fight cause what are you gonna do with it if you can't fight rob an ice cream truck stop a two year old bully that things ordinary people can do

If your hungry teleport to get food. If your late teleport to get there. It's obviously tied for first with shape shifting.

Being able to be wherever you want to be whenever you want to be there and being able to leave whenever you feel like it... Can't think of any power better

Teleportation is my number one favorite superpower because you can move from one place to another in literally seconds.

You won't be late for school, you can excel in soccer, you can win running races, oh! What you can't do with Teleportation! - Animefan12

My opinion, It is a watch you could wear it and teleport in a good or bad time to make your own decision in your life.

I can go to the store and easily rob what I want and just teleport away which they won't be able to track you down and you don't need a car.

Ok super speed is cool and all, but what happens if you have to go into somewhere that is hard to get to like a sealed up cage of someting! If you every fall of a cliff, you can teleport your way up on the cliff anytime!

Can't teleportation cancel stop time because someone who can stop time can't bring the person who teleported

I think the best teleporting superhero is nightcrawler

You could be in South America and want to be in Paris, then boom your in Paris.

Anywhere anytime. Brilliant way to live. Visit any town you want. Or hell you could skydive.

Awesome! Want to get somewhere in half a second? BAM! You are there!

Clearly the best power, for combat, everyday use, or just for fun.

I think this should go top until someone replaces time control with time pause.

I think teleportation is the best super power and I think it should be number 1