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1 The Logical Song The Logical Song


Just fantastic. Listen to it over and over. You can't get enough of it..

This used to be my favourite song as a child, I just love it, it's still of my favourites of all time, Supertramp is probably the most underrated band of all time. - Nintendonix

2 Goodbye Stranger Goodbye Stranger

Only with time have I really appreciated how great this song is. Wonderful melodies and the lyrics are more punk rock than the punk and new wave bands around at the same time. Only difference is this still sounds great years later...

Simply a masterpiece. So catchy, I find myself singing it for hours after I listen to it. Most definitely one of Supertramp's best!

A song you will never forget. - theforgiventeen

Goodbye... but come back whenever you want on my playlist ^^

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3 School School

Best song from supertramp! This song represent progressive rock at his best. So much intensity through all the song. From the beginning till the end, everything is different.

The progression of the song, and the different use of instruments is outstanding. Really reminds me of childhood, the song definitely makes you reminisce

One of the best off the best album

The progression, simply, the progression. So good!

4 Fool's Overture Fool's Overture

There are so many incredible parts to this song. The writers must have been incredible inspired. I listened to this song all my life but only recently realized how complex it is. Good job Roger et al!

What a genius is Roger Hodgson. Seriously this song makes me feel so many things. Probably the most beautiful song ever composed, and has so many different elements going for it, it is the best supertramp composition ever in my opinion.

At least top 10, probably top 5.

Just the best song ever, no more words

5 Take the Long Way Home Take the Long Way Home

One of their best songs, great harmonica intro! - The_Acid_Queen

The overall feel of this song is fantastic. Definitely the best, maybe tied with the Logical Song

This song, might be the greatest song of all time.

By far the best ever song involving a harmonica

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6 Breakfast in America Breakfast in America

Brings back many memories

Only 7th? OO
I'm chocked.
This one is the most famous and one of their bests.

Had not heard of super tramp till the late 80s gutted! Mon a Roy %%%

7 From Now On From Now On

Beautiful, just beautiful. The ending chorus is powerful with Rodger Hodgson absolutely killing it. I cannot express how great this song is. I recommend it to everyone.

The ending part to this song is my favorite part to a song ever, amazing all around!

Rick Davies's finest song. The piano is the best part.

Magnificent song I get goosebumps just remembering some of the lyrics

8 Bloody Well Right Bloody Well Right

One of the heaviest! And one of the best too! That guitar riff is too damn powerful. I really love this song.

This one definitely has the best guitar of any supertramp song, by far.

It's definitely got the best guitar of any Supertramp song out there.

Some awesome saxophone playing in this song? Bloody well right! - PetSounds

9 Give a Little Bit Give a Little Bit

A little tired of this one, but still classic -

The greatest song of this monday

Just perfect metric, melody
A simple good poetry

No way someone is speaking pish?

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10 Crime of the Century Crime of the Century

Child of Vision also has a fantastic instrumental, but Crime of the Century has an instrumental that is perfectly coordinated, insightful, entrancing, and overall the best orchestration of instruments imaginable. Even just listening closely enough to the simple piano part, you can hear it in two slightly different rhythms. The lyrics are golden too.

Best song on a great album.. and Bloody Well Right, School and Hide In your Shell are great too.. which means this song is well, underrated.

Absoulutely one of their greatest songs ever made! How this powerful amazing song isn't higher on the list than number 9 is shocking to say the least!

Not every day do you here lyrics like "will they rape the universe

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? Cannonball Cannonball

From the album Brother Where You Bound. A masterpiece.

Very underrated song!

This song has got the X-factor. It's catchy... I do not know why exactly... This song just hits me.

? Downstream Downstream

Best love song ever

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11 Rudy Rudy

This song is really, really deep and fun to listen to.

My top twelve Supertramp Songs are:

1. Rudy
2. Take the Long Way Home
3. The Logical Song
4. Another Man's Woman
5. Crime of the Century
6. It's Raining Again
7. My Kind of Lady
8. Fool's Overture
9. Give a Little Bit
10. Goodbye Stranger
11. Hide in Your Shell
12. Bloody Well Right

This is purely one of the Best Song of Supertramp, just before School!

How is this song not top 10? Yes it didn't get the radio time Breakfast In America did but it's a much better song, top 5 easy

12 Dreamer Dreamer

One of the finest deserves to be higher.

Dreamer and good bye stranger are the best!

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13 Hide In Your Shell Hide In Your Shell

As a lifelong Supertramp fan - own every album - I'd say it's a tie between Hide in Your Shell and Take the Long Way Home for #1. The live version of Hide in Your Shell on Paris is incredible.

It's my having a baby song. Really draws you in and then builds up to a crescendo. Makes me cry too... Such feeling and tremendous emotion, makes me forget everything else.

Rich and dense music, with great lyrics, does not deserve to reside above rank 5 and so I 'll vote for it...

So many levels to this song= was blessed to meet roger recently and told him I always loved the emotions this song brings!

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14 Lover Boy Lover Boy
15 It's Raining Again It's Raining Again

This one and The Logical Song have the best Sax, no question. This one is also uplifting in a surprisingly pessimistic way, which makes it really have a fine emotional weight to it. If something bad happens, don't let it get you down.

It's a top 5 for me, surprised it's so low on list

Well, John Hallowell would be the reason why I've been a huge S.T. fan.s. After listening to and getting hooked imideatly to his sound, style and just mind blowing sax solos,I as a sax player trying to copy his sound, well, let's just say it isn't easy to play.Now about the song.When I first herd it, I thought (what a silly, bubble gummy kind of song).only to realize later that the song actually has
some depth. Yes, it wasn't one of their best written songs, but it always put me in a good mood.
And to end the song, just like the beginning of it, John blows us away with just another well-written /played/and executed sax solo that seems to take me on a journey threw a rainy day.and in the end I'm more of a fan than ever! Thanks for caring.

16 Even in the Quietest Moments Even in the Quietest Moments
17 Child of Vision Child of Vision

The second half of the song is honestly one of the most perfect arrangements in music. The piano solo, the groove and the melody just fit so perfectly. Definitely a contender in the most underrated songs of all time.

Completely underrated song. One of the most complete songs and one of my Supertramp favorites!

One of my favorite songs of all time.

18 If Everyone Was Listening
19 Another Man's Women Another Man's Women
20 Ain't Nobody But Me Ain't Nobody But Me
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