Best Supporting Performances In a Television Sitcom

You know the characters that make up the show, but aren't recognised as the stars. Supporting characters usually deserve more credit, often they're even better than the main star.

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1 Lisa Kudrow - Friends

Supporting? You serious bro?! And Joey too wow. - ParasN2000

Even though the Friends cast are supposed to be an ensemble, Phoebe and Joey were often treated as second fiddle. Lisa Kudrow performance of the quirky character is unforgettable. From playing dodgy guitar, to talk about her past street life, the sweet, caring Phoebe is probably the best of the Friends cast!

Kudrow is a comical genius and in this particular show, showed her co-stars a masterclass of underplayed comedy.

2 Mayim Bialik - The Big Bang Theory

The former Blossom star joined the Big Bang Theory cast in it's fourth season, after guest starrin briefly in the Season 3 finale. Amy Farrah - Fowler, her character is a neurobioligist, who is like a female version of Sheldon, the show lead star, she devotes her life to Science. However, under the influence of Penny, Amy learns about the fun side of laugh. She throws away her organised schedule and trades it for an awkward pair of high heels.

3 Neil Patrick Harris - How I Met Your Mother Neil Patrick Harris is an American actor, writer, producer, comedian, magician, and singer. He is known primarily for his comedy roles on television and his dramatic and musical stage roles.

Acts natural. The straightest gay guy I've ever seen. Can't believe they actually put up Mayim Balik and KH above Neil Patrick Harris.

Oh man I thought Neil was gonna be on top

4 Vivian Vance - I Love Lucy

Ethel Mertz, Viv was an excellent co - star to comedy genius Lucille Ball and was as genius Lucy. The chemistry between the two female character was amazingly and they came up with some of the most iconic T. V moments in history. In 1954, she won the first ever Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series Emmy. Vivian went on the co - star in Lucille Ball's followin up series - The Lucy Show, where she and Lucy also made some excellent moments.

5 Kunal Nayyar - The Big Bang Theory

Best character in the show

6 Valerie Harper - The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Valerie must of been good, she left the Mary Tyler Moore Show after four season to star in her own spinoff "Rhoda" which lasted five seasons, two of which made the top ten shows of the year. Rhoda was sarcastic, strange and interesting.

7 Hayden Rorke - I Dream of Jeannie

I Dream of Jeannie is often forgotten when people talk about sitcoms, and it shouldn't be. Hayden Rorke played Dr Bellows, a psychiatrist, who frequently experience strange happenings concerning Jeannie and Major Nelson. He famous line, 'He's done it me again, ' is performance was the best facial expressions ever!

8 Jon Cryer - Two and a Half Men

Jon Cryer is a great character, much better than Charlie Sheen. He won an Emmy for best supporting actress, before being given the lead role in Season 9, winning the Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series Emmy in 2012.

9 Betty White - Hot In Cleveland Betty White Ludden, known professionally as Betty White, is an American actress, animal rights activist, author, comedian, radio host, singer, and television personality.

Still going great in her 90's, Betty White was only meant to guest star in the pilot, but was so good, they made her a main cast member. The best thing Betty has ever done, including the Golden Girls and Mary Tyler Moore Show.

10 Matt LeBlanc - Friends Matthew Steven LeBlanc (born July 25, 1967) is an American actor, television host, and producer. He attracted international recognition and acclaim for his portrayal of Joey Tribbiani on the popular NBC sitcom Friends, which ran from 1994 to 2004; He currently stars as Adam Burns on the TV show Man more.

Much like Phobe, Joey's character often became a second fiddle. Matt LeBlanc's performance of the brain-dead' ladies man Joey Tribbiani was terrific. He went on to star in 'Joey' his own spin- off.

The Contenders

11 Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Seinfeld
12 Doris Roberts - Everybody Loves Raymond

Her, Frank and Robert made the show. - DaWyteNight

I thank doris roberts is funny

13 John Banner - Hogan's Heroes
14 Michael Richards - Seinfeld

Best actor ever! Come on

15 Christina Applegate - Married... with Children

A blonde bimbo who doesn't get old after 11 seasons!

16 Andrew Sachs - Fawlty Towers

Despite Sachs being German he was an excellent Spanish character. Si?

17 Holland Taylor - Two and a Half Men
18 Matthew Moy - 2 Broke Girls
19 Eric Stonestreet - Modern Family
20 Ed O'Neill - Modern Family
21 Kathleen Rose Perkins - Episodes
22 Tom Lester - Green Acres
23 Daniel Davis - The Nanny
24 Matilda Zielger - Mr Bean
25 Barbara Feldon - Get Smart
26 David Hyde Pierce - Frasier
27 Jane Leeves - Frasier
28 Estelle Getty - The Golden Girls
29 Ty Burrell - Modern Family
30 Don Knotts - The Andy Griffith Show
31 Ed Asner - The Mary Tyler Moore Show
32 Ted Knight - The Mary Tyler Moore Show
33 Billy Daily - I Dream of Jeannie
34 Cloris Leachman - The Mary Tyler Moore Show
35 Jason Alexander - Seinfeld
36 David Spade - Just Shoot Me!
37 Agnes Moorehead - Bewitched Agnes Robertson Moorehead was an American actress whose career of six decades included work in radio, stage, film, and television.
38 Ann B. Davis - The Bob Cummings Show
39 Alice Pearce - Bewitched
40 Marion Lorne - Bewitched
41 Betty White - The Mary Tyler Moore Show Betty White Ludden, known professionally as Betty White, is an American actress, animal rights activist, author, comedian, radio host, singer, and television personality.
42 Julie Kavner - Rhoda
43 Sally Struthers - All In The Family
44 Loretta Swit - M*A*S*H
45 Rhea Perlman - Cheers
46 Laurie Metcalf - Roseanne
47 Kristen Johnston - 3rd Rock From The Sun
48 Conchata Ferrel - Two and a Half Men
49 Vanessa Williams - Ugly Betty Vanessa Lynn Williams is an American actress, singer, and fashion designer. Williams initially gained recognition as the first African-American recipient of the Miss America title when she was crowned Miss America 1984 in September 1983. However, a few weeks prior to the end of her reign, she learned more.
50 Julie Bowen - Modern Family
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