Cody Lundin


Cody Lundin stresses the mental aspect of keeping calm when things go wrong, assessing your situation and then basing your decisions from what you can do to help yourself until you can be rescued or get yourself to safety. I think that mental clarity is extremely important when things go wrong, if you can't keep yourself calm, you will not make it home.

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Cody is my all time favorite survivalist. A very intelligent man, friendly, charismatic, huge amount of knowledge, knows how to entertain and still teach. Cody was so funny on Dual Survival and yet so knowledgeable. He is way to far down on this list, Cody Lundin is a superstar.

I love this guy. The most down to earth guy I have seen!

Cody Lundin walks the walk. He teaches others to help themselves in situations where tshtf. Search and rescue is a great resource IF you do your part and tell someone where you are going, the route that you will take and what day and about what time to expect you back. Most people don't do this. I have to say I never thought about doing this until he mentioned it in his book. You can't count on help to arrive. Cody teaches people to be their own search and rescue.

In my humble opinion Cody is the real deal. He eats, breaths, sleeps and LIVES what he teaches.

Knowledge of Physics, Nature, and Primitive skills are things I practice and also teach. This is why Cody has my vote.

I like this guy. I think he is real. If I had to have one partner in a strange land with no water, fire or food... I would vote for Cody to be that guy.

Make this guy number one. He's WWAAYY better than Bear Grylls. He teaches a lot about nature, minimalism, logical and methodical survival, and going with the flow of things. Plus he knows a lot and will tell you not to drink your urine, unlike Bear.

Cody has moved between aboriginal skills, survival for modern times and even urban survival. He does not leap tall buildings in a single bound; he walks carefully around them. No matter where you find youself, Cody's got a few tricks for you.

Cody for in city and the wild. He has a great psychological approach also. He doesn't run around hurried/frantic. He has a low risk, long term approach that leads to a chance of living.

I like this person, he is real survival expert

The best. He uses common sense and makes sure the audience is learning while he's surviving.

Follow Cody Lundin's wisdom and you will "eat more proteins from bugs & insects rather than from animals;" He does not work against nature that's why he does not hunt but rather have a salad feast of again - bugs & insects...

You have to respect a man that can walk into an area with nothing and build everything needed to live comfortably

Cody knows his stuff, and he takes survival seriously. Stick with Cody and he'll get you out alive. His books rock too.

Cody adds another dimension to surviving skills with his sustainability beliefs and practices. The guy is just... The best!

He's the best minimalist I've heard of and can get a fire started all the time

Codys skills include primitive skills and urban survival skills and everything else in between. Knows all kinds of plant and animal life and their uses. Cody can start a fire with just about anything and make awesome shelters. His knowledge is limitless.

The Man, the Myth, the Legend- proper attitude, proper knowledge- the best of the best

I have known him for over 20 years and he is good.

Awesome Guy, he is my dad! I love him to pieces!

Love everything Cody teaches us

Cody lundin is the best bush hippie I've ever seen

Seen him in person at Penn State a couple of years ago. My family loves him.