David Canterbury


I like a lot of these guys, but if I had to pick one it would be Dave hands down. Dave offers a no bull crap mentality to everything he does. He has shown he can survive any weather condition on earth, and learns from everything he does, he is also a great teacher, look him up on YouTube. Where are these other guys? I really like Ray Mears too, but unless you have a lot of money you'd never get one on one with him. That's what sets Dave apart from ALL these guys. Follow what Bear does and you will die, teaches very few wilderness skills. Nobody, and I mean nobody puts more thought into survival than Dave, ROCK ON MAN! Chris R. From Missouri.

I met Dave a few years ago and he always has time to say hi and give you a few minutes of his time no matter how hectic his day is. He is very good with children taking the time to teach them. As my son grows up, my son is now almost 16, he changes on how he teaches as he will challenge my son more to think for himself and have him come up with solutions. As long as you don't give up he is always in your corner. One time during a bad day in one of his courses he showed us a water trap that had a rubber crawdad as bait. It was in the 90s and we were all out of energy. He took the red rubber crawdad and starting moving it like it was talking and he made a voice like Mr. Crabbs from Sponge Bob. I guess he watches the show allot with his granddaughter. That afternoon we all laughed and made us forget about the heat and the crappy conditions we were in and helped us through the class. He will do anything to help people and a great teacher. He is the exception to the rule "those who can't ...more

If I was stranded and could pick just one of these guys to be with me it would be Dave. He has done hundreds of FREE videos on YouTube showing real world practical ways to survive. He teaches a complete mind set to survival that has be time tested and proven. When the professionals like EMT and Firefighters look for someone to teach survival skills they go to Dave. You can apply the skills that he teaches to every day live to improve your way of living and insure your families safety and survive ability in an emergency situation. Dave has created an entire community based off of his skills.

Dave Canterbury teaches vital survival and primitive living skills in a manner that can be understood and used by almost anyone. And most of what he teaches is free to anyone with access to YouTube. I know my chances of survival are greatly increased be cause of the man and I've never met him or paid him a penny. I think it's Canterbury's lack of Hollywood endorsements that keeps him from being more popular.

Dave has HUNDREDS of hours of FREE information on Youtube. He also runs a school teaching people how to survive in the wild. He was good on Dual Survival, but his worth doesn't end at entertainment. He is genuinely invested in helping people learn to survive. Not many of the other candidates have the wealth of knowledge that Dave has, and gives it away in detail, for the benefit of everyone.

Dave is not just an 'expert' in survival, regurgitating stuff from other experts. Dave is an innovator who thinks outside the box and isn't afraid to explore all sorts of interesting ideas. Look at his Yurt series on YouTube, or his arrow launching slingshot as just two examples that make you go 'hm, never thought about that before'. As a bonus, he's just so darn good and clear in his instructions on his videos that it's real easy to follow along and learn what it is he's doing. Hands down, the best all around woods guy I've seen.

I like Dave's style. He is always very instructive and it seems like a natural flow from him. Some survival experts always seem like they are putting on a show, but Dave comes across as the most sincere. I recognize a few names and have respect for all of them but I remember the most skills from Dave.

I know Dave I live close to his school so I have even bumped into him a couple of times. The man you see in his videos is the man you meet in the store. He is humble, down to earth, and always tries to set an example for others. Admitting his own faults and always setting an example for others both in self reliance situations as well as life.

Another American fake "survival expert". The real survival experts are those out there with little money who have to grub out a daily existence - not fakes claiming bogus military background to line their own pockets. This website is just as bogus - it means nothing and is not scientifically evaluated or substantiated - it is emotional and subjective.

Dave's "Common Man" approach to Survival Training is the best thought out system I have seen to help prepare someone for a survival situation. His approach is not re-inventing the wheel, he focuses on what has worked for the pioneers and frontiersman of the past and incorporates those lessons into 21's Century training.

There no one out there that has done more for the self reliance / survival community than Dave. And, although he offers numerous pay-classes, he and his school also offer up tons of informational videos through his YouTube channel.

Utmost respect for Dave and he deserves better than 8th place.

I know the T.V. puts a lot of drama in the shows, but just watching the shows you start asking yourself what people you can actually learn things from and what ones you don't want to be in a survival situation with. If I could vote for two it would be Canterbury and Hawke. Some of the others I just wonder.

Everyone compares their skills to Dave Canterbury. It's like they say their boat is "as good as a Ranger Bass Boat". You have to have a best to compare to, and that's Dave Canterbury. Simple, down to earth, real world survival skills instruction without all the hype and cheap toys.

A brutally honest man without ego. He has put his whole life into what he believes and what he teaches. He publishes video after video on YouTube that teaches his craft, not asking for anything but for you to learn. His no nonsense techniques are easily understandable.

Dave is humble and lives what he preaches, he tirelessly shares his knowledge for free (on youtube he uploads almost every day). He is articulate and can clearly explain his system and why he does things the way he does. There is no macho posturing, he just lives the lifestyle and the principles that he extoles. If that's not what your looking for in your "top survival expert" then we see things very differently.

There may be experts out there that are more popular. There are experts from the past that are beyond reproach. What sets Dave Canterbury apart is his selfless devotion to educating the public int the principles of survivability and sustainability that if truly applied, his philosophy goes far beyond the confines of the woods and back country but to every day life itself.

To me Dave Cantebury shows all these skills and knowledge in a way that is easy to learn and remember, He could make a killing selling this information but instead he does so for free on you tube. I've watched him on may different topics ad it just seems as if there's nothing that can stop him from doing what he loves outdoors. Only problem is he's not a survivalist as he thrives not survives lol

Great guy great teacher I like how he's always out in it trying his skills lots of info of past survivalists tried n true methods thanks dave

No fluff, down to business, real, practical knowledge that works in the field. He does not rely on one set of skills, but constantly pushes himself to learn and then teach real life application skill sets.

Since he has come clean, Dave has become more humble it seems and sharing his knowledge more. I really enjoy watching his videos and I've learned a lot from him. To me what he teaches is just more realistic.

Dave is the real deal and even after discovery giving him the boot he is still bringing us amazing survival skills via YouTube

David's expertise is in his ability to take complex situations and break them down to manageable tasks. Creating teachable tasks allows for mastery of skills, weaving those skills into an umbrella of survivability.

Dave has been sharing info for free for a long time and still post at least 3 videos a week on his youtube channel for you to learn from. He is a wealth of information and shows no sign of stoping.

The reason I am voting for Dave Canterbury he week in week out lives for teaching survival / bush craft in a way that the every day man woman and child can understand on YouTube and Facebook also I was really surprised that you can communicate with him and his instructor's at The pathfinder school and I do mean ask him questions opinions on idea's and thought's on survival and that's what makes a big difference between him and the other's!.
I have never see any other T.V. expert help the every day man on a one to one basis with out asking for money... All he asks is that you share the knowledge on to others and help them.
Keep it going Dave Canterbury -JF-

I have taken classes from Dave. He is the real deal. He has a passion not only for pure survival, but for keeping the old ways alive. Top shelf