Les Stroud

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Les Stroud is a Canadian survival expert, filmmaker and musician best known as the creator, writer, producer, director, cameraman and host of the television series Survivorman.


I too am a survivalist. There are some big dogs on this list. I chose Les because he has proven that he can survive unsupported and alone which is much more difficult than having someone around for mental or safety support. I too often survive alone because I can't find anyone that wants to keep up with me. I think Les could teach me a lot and I believe I can teach him home things as well. I think we would make a great survival match and I hope to head out into the bush with him very soon. He is not glamorous but he knows how to get the job done and he fights his fears more than most. - W2

Les Stroud has been willing to put himself in far greater danger than the other people mentioned here. His safety net is far far away, the other guy's is right there. Carrying all that camera gear makes it twice as difficult. And when he goofs up he admits it and it doesn't end up on the cutting room floor. You learn more from another person's mistakes than you do from their successes.

Les was the original T.V. survivalist and I found his approach the best of all others mentioned combined, without the negatives. He's calm, pragmatic and very specific. He doesn't take those foolish risks nor does he walk around shoeless (no offense Cody, that's your choice, but not realistic for your average persons situation). Les keeps it very simple and easy to remember. I will always keep his wisdom in the back of my head. Thanks Les

My brother Les Stroud should be number one! What an insult to Les. Bear is told what to do and how to do it. He is an actor not a survivalist! Hell he doesn't even stay out in the wild, he's in a hotel room after the shooting ends filling his face. Les won a Gemini award this year. What has Bear won?
Les works witn the Canadian Military on survival tactics too! Bear is bull!

Les is a survival expert, he puts himself in the situation and gives you a good idea of what your up against. Some of the guys out there are show hosts and some of their advice might put you at risk... If there is many camera angles, you could be sure the crew is right behind... And they don't eat worms! I grew up in the wilderness, I would partner with Les anytime... He's careful, true and clever!

He is the father of the survival series and by far the most pragmatic of the bunch. When the other survivalists (show hosts) hike out and film their shows themselves without a full crew and a script I will consider them experts. Les has proved time and time again he is the king.

I have been watching less stroud for several years. He is the real deal. He is very knowledgeable and doesn't take stupid risk like the phoney grills, what a joke this moron does. And his camera crews and probably doctors with him sitting in the bar drinking and thinking we are fools. He shouldn't have a show.

Les doesn't do it in his backyard; though he lives off the grid. Les doesn't do it with a crew tagging along to do the filming or 'lend a hand. ' If he doesn't find food, he doesn't eat and you get to see the effect (s) of that. He does it the way it should be done if you claim to be doing it alone.

Try going out on your own in the wild for a week maybe a remote mountain with no people. Not with a T.V. crew. Oh and film it your self. Then we will talk.

Les is good because he is realistic bear grylls expects you to scale a cliff or hunt down a wild pig which most people who are in a real survival situation couldn't do, les teaches you to stay put unless you are in danger, plus he does not have a camera crew

He's the only one I think really wants to do this kind of work, he goes out alone or with someone. He films himself. He isn't a blow hard ex military guy who looks down on everyone. He doesn't belittle anyone even when he talks about mistakes others have made.

Les is always about doing things in the safest and most efficient way possible to conserve energy, while trying to improve a situation at the same time. He's on his own without support to bail him out, and has made some mistakes along the way. But his methodical approach never puts him in a situation that he can't recover from, which is the point of surviving. Unlike some who do backflips out of 10ft high trees into a swamp to get out of the tree, or unnecessarily take on a creature the could hurt or kill them for food.

Survivorman was THE first survivalist show I have ever watched. I was amazed at what he did and how he did it. Watching him walk up and down a freezing mountain to get the shots was amazing to watch.

When he goes on locations he's not familiar with, he gets the knowledge he needs from the locals, which is what any wise survivalist should do in the first place. His techniques are practical for what is available in his surroundings.
He's an average guy like most of us and that appeals to all of us human beings.

In my opinion Les Stroud started it all off and he didn't by filming everything all on his own. I truly feel before all these other survivors who are all awesome came out " Survivor Man" was there first.

Down to Earth and no nonsense. He shows ways that actually work, with minimal equipment. He also teaches how to utilize what you have to the fullest extent, thinking outside the box.

You either live survival or do it as a hobby/job. Les does it as a lifestyle and is strong enough to do it with a family. Nobody else has taken it to that level.

Les survives on his own, literally. I learn MUCH more about survival Les than I do watching bear. Bear shouldn't even be on the list

Les Stroud would out survive Bear Turd any day. Anybody that votes for that guy is brainwashed by marketing bs.

Les stroud is the best survival expert for his experience. - Chetan

Les is your everyday plain dude sharing his wealth of survival knowledge, no fancy stunts, just real world survival technics.

Les is the real deal! His Survivorman episodes prove he's survived alone in the harshest of environments this world has to offer, and nothing beats experience. The rest of 'em, save maybe Ray and Mors, have nowhere near as much survival knowledge and experience as Les!

That should be a number one not two... How can you be second to an actor.?

He teaches his stuff in a style which makes both outdoors-people and city people both listen, not far fetched.

I find Les Stroud to have more realistic situations for why he would need to survive

Les is a badass! He doesn't need a camera crew, he does his own filming and he stays out for a whole week at a time!