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41 Ruth Hawke

Best of the best. Last I watched she ground up acorns for food, and spoke of leeching them to kill bitterness and how the rock bits from grinding them up wore at the indigenous people teeth. I find her info quite interesting. She should be rated top ten.

If I were not involved voting against someone else, I would spend the entire day voting for this lady. Top notch no nonsense survivalist.

She puts up with Myke. That should get her a vote in anyone's book.

This survivalist deserves top ten -

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42 Ed Stafford

Stars in naked and marooned. Great guy. Funny, relaxed, good skills on how to survive on A. Tropical island.
Watch the show. Its great stuff

Unlike the other guys, Ed show us how to survive with bare hands, he starts with nothing, not even a knife!

You really need to watch this guy he is awesome I can't believe you could rank him outside the top 5 put him on naked and afraid and his partner might as well be on vacation. If they could put up with him lol we Brits are weird

Should be higher on the list

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43 Luke McLaughlin
44 Mickey Grosman

Mickey pushed the survival skills art to its limits on his recent 5000 miles epic expedition in the Amazon jungle. The real deal! Just recently he completed his journey. His determination to push forward along this survival journey became a great source of inspiration to cancer warriors and their families.He has been to cancer himself. And he is not a kid. I've been following Mickey's progress across the Amazon, 5, 000 miles since last year. He's hacked, slashed, walked, swam, and tumbled from the western coast of South America, to the eastern coast and through the Amazon. I can't wait to see the final footage of his trek on T.V. or video or wherever he manages to get it broadcast. Just incredible! GO MICKEY!

The only one in this list that is a true survivalist. He put his expertise into a real test when he crossed the Amazon - he is not a showman

At 66 years young this guy is hard to beat. Who else did 5000 miles through the Amazon?

45 Jamie Burleigh

Great explanation and demonstration in his teaching. Jamie is great about answering any questions and walking through things step by step. Not only an attendee of the Pathfinder School but also a highly respected instructor! I learned a ton from Jamie and really appreciate the game prep instruction

46 Chris Caine

Expert in survival and foraging, having lived off grid for many years. Seasoned survival instructor and inventor if the Chris Caine range of survival tools.

A real expert! And a Nice chap!

15+ years living wild... Famous for his survival tool... Accomplished survival instructor... Friend of john lofty wiseman, father ex-special forces... Extensive wild food knowledge etc... But in his words he's 'just a tramp'. crackin bloke!

47 Richard Proenneke

Was an amateur naturalist who lived alone for nearly thirty years in the mountains of Alaska in a log cabin he had constructed by hand, with tools that he made.

48 Brian Manning V 1 Comment
49 Daniel Carter Beard
50 Cat Bigney

When it comes to actually walking the walk, the "desert wilderness mom" does what comes naturally. She lives in the wilderness and is totally at home there. Her survival isn't parlor tricks, but what she learned from her grandfather, who was a trapper, and through many years of experience. She grew up in the mountains and lives in a tipi like most people live in their apartments. Literally, there is no wilderness situation in which I wouldn't trust Cat.

No list of outdoor survival experts is complete with out Cat Bigney. Cat is head instructor at Boulder Outdoor Survival School. She is a sure-footed and certain when it comes to hiking, climbing and orienteering. She's walking encyclopedia of survival in the wilds of Utah. She's like wilderness mom.

She's smart and incredibly strong. I was impressed by his survival skills. No doubt she's one of the best. Is she married?

Your too pretty

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51 Angel Rodriguez
52 Iris Canterbury

Just as good as any MAN out there! Iris rocks the outdoors!

She puts up with Dave's stuff

She is the BEST! True skill and talent.. Good Luck Iris!


This list is such gargabe.
She and her husband are the biggest jokes in america survival.

53 Robert Allen

Sharp guy, very detailed. Also brings in the best survival experts in the country.

A down to Earth survival instructor, expect no bull from him! And also the best Survival/Bushcraft YouTube Channel owner!

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54 Andrew Price
55 Steven Callahan

Survived (not as training, or for shows, but for his life) for 76 days, stranded in a life raft. That was a true statement to his knowledge and endurance.

56 Larry Roberts Beard

Larry's beard is very knowledgeable. I have learned more from watching it than watching other people's entire body. His beard has experienced more than most people have in a lifetime.

Who knows what is stashed away in that beard, but Larry could survive in the wild on it!

The guy who rocks the beard really good. But man oh man, can his beard survive anything

Larry's beard was born before he was. It trained him and hinged him into one of the best teachers bushcraft has known

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57 Clint Jivoin

Clint is extremely easy going and he really knows his stuff. He is down to earth and very easy to have a real conversation with. His teaching style is direct and to the point with real world applications. He walks the walk and talks the talks. When he is not living in his Wiki, he is traveling sharing his knowledge and teaching classes. You wont find a better instructor or a better man! Richard from Defiance, Ohio.

Clint has proven skills and knowledge that will keep him alive in extreme situations and always willing to share this knowledge with others.

Very approachable and humble he's as eager to learn what you know as teach you what he knows.

! Super awesome dude! Knows his stuff!

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58 Steve Backshall

For sheer enthusiasm and motivation, Steve manages to make everything, including the more mundane elements of his profession highly absorbing and interesting. Definitely not a showman but a down to earth knowledgeable, honest guy. I could watch and listen to him all day.

He is amazing and has his own books and T.V. programs though his T.V. program is rubbish laugh out loud

59 David W. Shirley

This guy is the real deal. US army veteran of 20 years, he is extremely famous and has a major fan base. He is an expert at bringing people in to his fan clubs using social media. He is being wooed by the networks for a survival show.

Shirley's experience is without parallel. He is an expert in all areas of survival.

Real deal, 20 year army vet. Is being wooed by the networks for survival show.

Best of the best.

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60 Daryl Bickford

Knowledgeable, resourceful, adaptive, mental endurance, great teacher. Daryl brings bushcraft to anyone willing to learn. It Dose not matter if you are new to the outdoors or an experienced woodsman. With all his knowledge he still loves to learn from others. He also points out the critical need for community. Which I think is something that is often overlooked.

Badarse woodsman, mad skills! I watched him start barefooted and clothed in jeans and tee shirt. Nothing else. And in less than 72 hours hours he had food, shelter, knife, some type of moccasin creation and water for the both of us. I've trained under him 3 different times. Life changing experiences I'll never forget!

Don't venture into the sierras without seeing Daryl first! So glad I talked to him before my hiking trip back in June. To bad he got hurt so bad. People like him don't deserve that much pain. But it's probly why he is the great man he is today. His faith, well I can't say enough about that! He is also a born encourager.

Yeah right,., this guy is hanging so close to daves balls. What a joke!

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