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61 Barrett Kudelski

Barracuda taught me true primitive deer hunting. You lie still on your back with a good solid hand sized rock in each hand and a heaping pile of cracked corn on your forehead. When the deer starts eating WHAM you crush his skull with your rocks. I lost a half dozen toes lying on the ground for 12 days straight but that deer was some good Eating.

Barrett Kudelski is the most skilled and most knowledgeable professional survival expert in North America.

Barrett "Cuda" Kudelski is the real McCoy. His technique for chewing through a tree instead of using an axe is the most impressive thing I've ever seen.

Barracuda is the real deal, once saw him chip thru 7 feet of ice using nothing but his own full tang.

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62 J. Wayne Fears
63 John Hudson

I would go "down range" with john hudson.

I worked with him on dude you're screwed and found him to be a skilled and knowledgeable gentleman. Though not a true outdoorsman.

Tom Moore

The oracle on Survival, passionate about sharing his experience with anyone! True profesional who has ensured that thousands of serviceman have been trained with lifesaving skills and to the highest standards, to face the dangers of real survival situations on operations. He gets my vote!

Good enough to train the British RAF SERE, that in itself shows an incredible level of skill, and an all round top bloke as well.

He wrote the UK military survival handbook. enough said. He should be #1

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64 Andy Tran
65 Matt Wright
66 Les Hiddins

Watch his series, he knows Australia why he is not close to the top makes no sense.

The one and only Bushtucker Man, one of Australia's true pioneers in the art of bushcraft and survival.

The Great Father of Bushcraft from our Globe's Southern Hemisphere who is in the same class & ranks as Lofty Wiseman & Mors Kochanski is in No. 67?! This is definitely outrageous & this poll is such a joke... Aussie Legend Bushcrafter - Les Hiddins should definitely be in the top 5 with Ray Mears, Lofty Wiseman, & Mors Kochanski...

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67 Justin Wolfe

Great at what he does, doesn't try to act like he knows everything.

Justin knows what he doing and how to get that across to his audience with out sounding arrogant

Justin is the man!

Toughest one out there...

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68 Paul Kirtley

Agree - Paul's blog is very good, & I've learned a lot. I've only done one day's training with him, but was very impressed.

Clear writer- check out his blog. Knows his stuff and communicates effectively. Fame does not equal "best".

Paul is knowledgeable and his ability to share his wisdom shines through.

An excellent teacher, an accomplished outdoorsman!

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69 Raymund Martini
70 Nick Dillingham
71 Thomas D. Moore

A true utilitarian "Survivalist" and has been living wilderness survival for years.

This guy has been actually living the lifestyle instead of practicing on the weekends. Don't leave your wife or daughters with him, you won't get them back.

Buhahaa! Who nominated me? Haha! Id rather be remembered as a drunk then a world class survival "expert"... Oh, wait...

Tom Moore

Tom LIVES the primitive lifestyle on a daily basis. Not just on T.V. or YouTube. To have the wife of a so called "expert" rate higher than Tom prove the BS of this list. Matt G.

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72 Jerry Ward

The real deal! Jerry is a gentleman who lives and breathes the outdoors life. He not only excels in the skills, he teaches them in a way that's comprehensive and easy to understand. No fluff here; just down-to-earth wilderness living.

Jerry is a class act! He's a supernice guy, a thorough instructor, and a true woodsman.

73 Joe Mobley

Joe is truly passionate about the outdoors and his passion is contagious. His fire making methods have taught me to never give up and if something isn't working change it...

Joe is an extremely talented and knowledgeable teacher who has a multitude of instructional videos out. Humble and gives freely of his knowledge.

Joe teaches primarily from YouTube. He does have local classes from time to time as the interest in the local community arises.

Joe is one of the best bow drill instructors I know.

74 Dave "Norseman" Williams

This guy is a retired US Marine sniper that has seen many combat tours. He has trained many of the the words elite forces in survival and tracking. He is highly respected in the sniper and survival communities as well as the knife making community. Gunny is a certified international SERE instructor, and a staff editor for Survival Quarterly Magazine. He is one of the "brothers of bushcraft" which is a group dedicated to learning and teaching survival and preparedness to any and all that wish to learn. He as worked with many of the names on this list any many more that are not here. If you do not know who he is that is a testament to the quiet professionalism that exemplifies our armed forces. You do not need to scratch the surface of survival too deep to find gunny quietly doing the deed without any recognition. He is one of the background professionals that make others look good. Gunny maintaines a blog called Survivology 101, the art, science, and psychology of survival. Since ...more

The Gunny has been there and done that, lived to tell about it and will make you the kind of knife that will help you live through it as well.

I served with Dave. Looking to hear from him! Phenomenal Marine, and Survivalist! 3/1 FRO

75 Tony Nester

Tony is a true expert! Rather than spend time seeking accolades and praise in the form of "reality" television programming and online forums, he spends his time living the lifestyle. His books and DVD's are top shelf as are his training courses. As a former student, I can honestly say that he is the real deal.

A lifetime of real world experience. Not only does he know his stuff, he is an excellent instructor and knows how to help people.

Took one of his classes. He's legit. A great teacher and has the skills well under his grasp.

76 Tim MacWelch

Common sense survival skills taught by a really interesting guy.

77 Peter Kummerfeldt

One of the best, taught survival for over 40 years.

78 Derek Faria

I have learned a great deal from Derek. His videos are a perfect blend of skill, (both demonstrated and well explained), self confidence, great editing, and the right amount of wit. Derek also has a good heart and offers instruction on a personal level to those who can't afford his class. Sarge has never failed to answer any questions I might have and is incredibly humble for the amount of experience and skill he has. This ranking now has him at #57 behind some people that couldn't manage to carry his haversack! That's a disgrace and I'm calling BS.

This is the best survival person out there! He has the skills and talent all in a humble mannerism. Teaching people at his school a lot of times without charge. 18 years in the Army with a decade of real woodsman ship. Versatile in any given situation and adept overcoming obstacles. This man should be number one!

He is a great person and great instructor. You'll learn more in 5 minutes of sitting with him than you will from watching a days worth of YouTube. He is the most humble instructor out there and would give the shirt off his back to anyone who needs help and is willing to learn. He should be in the top 10.

Derek combines enthusiasm, intuition, AND tremendous teaching abilities. His humble demeanor and quest for knowledge is contagious and he never says he is the end all-be-all. A great instructor and a great individual.

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79 Robert Richardson

Probably one of the top ten survivalist training experts out there. What I like about him is his ability to breakdown real-world survival situations and how he talks about urban survival issues, something that many "survival experts" fail to mention.

80 Jason Ingamells
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