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81 Dale Stewart

I agree, Dale is a good cat.

Tom Moore

He not only possesses the survival skills but trains people to think before action. He is also well known for teaching families how to survive together by making sound deceisions as a group. For nearly 30 years he has lived with and learned from Indeginous people worldwide. Dale also is the author of On Your On - A Families Guide to Preparedness. This was one of the first "prepper books."

82 Jonathan Linville

You could drop him off anywhere on the planet and he'd walk out of it, no doubts. A true professional in my opinion. Glad he's getting recognition at last, though he'd frown upon it if he knew, laugh out loud. Very humble fellow.

I'd bet money that he's not even aware he's on here. Not his style to care I think. But he really is in a class all his own. A true "woodsman". He could make it anywhere, with nothing even.

This guy is IT in my opinion. The real deal. I agree, drop him into any place on earth, and he'll make it out.

One of the best! Absolutely the keen of the keen. Nothing but respect for him.

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83 Nenad Laki Lazić
84 Jeff "Biddy" Whitfield

He trained most of them!

85 Mohammad Ali Alaee

Principal Iran survival school in Iran,

86 Steven Hall Jr.
87 Caleb Musgrave
88 Kourtney Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian Kourtney Mary Kardashian is an American reality television personality, actress, socialite, businesswoman and model.

No one screams survivalist more than Kourtney Kardashian

89 Army Ranger Rick
90 William Meyers

Will is an outstanding teacher with a wealth of knowledge. His teaching method is very hands on, easy to understand, and am looking forward to my next class with will.

He is the go-to guy for survival skills.

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91 Alan Wolverton
92 Adam D Short

No serious survival training completely self-taught. Adam is from the United Kingdom and found himself in a real-life survival situation, since then he taught himself to be self-reliant and will be demonstrating skills of survival and self-reliance during a historic trek around the United Kingdom starting 1st March 2014. Supporting evidence can be found @

Adam is a new breed of extreme survival experts combining high adrenaline extreme activities with adventure and exploration. An inspirational individual that combines ancient bushcraft skills and primitive survival techniques with modern knowledge and situations. The UK Coastal Trek provided Adam with a platform to demonstrate his flexibility in an exciting environment. A truly unique individual. - adamdshort

Adam puts himself at risk every day for charity and for the love of the trek. He's an inspiration to young and old.

I have met Adam on his trek and he is an amazing guy.

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93 Brandon Padgett
94 Christopher Nyerges

Very knowledgeable and passionate about living off the land and survival skills.

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95 Roy Stanley
96 Max Cooper

Not well known publicly but full of skills. He also wrote one of the best books called, "Realistic Bug Out Bag" that is becoming a top seller in the genre. Unknown does not mean unskilled and Max is a nugget of gold.

97 Mark Hansen - A.K.A. "Shnick"
98 Ron H. Foster

Eclectic in his knowledge and with a gifted writing style that puts his readers in the midst of the scenarios while imparting real-life saving advice on surviving a wide array of disaster.

Ron is the real deal and shares a lot about survival via his books. He's spent a lot of time in the classroom getting advanced degrees in emergency management etc. but has also spent a lot of time using primitive skills in the field. He's someone you would want around in a survival situation without a doubt.

Ron Foster is a prepper inspiration! He has over thirty books in publication and is always available for questions and advice. He is my favorite teacher and survivalist!

The Rural Ranger is a must have book!

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99 JJ Johnson

Owner and Author of and the Reality Survival YouTube channel. A former USAF Wilderness Survival Instructor who teaches wilderness survival and bushcraft tips and tricks on his website and YouTube channel.

100 Jack M. Martin

Best guy for survival. Been in the woods since he was knee high to a grasshopper! He has spent countless hours hunting and studying nature throughout his whole life. Top notch!

All around survival guy with well rounded skills. Been in the bush many times with Jack and his stature is unrivaled.

Jack's knowledge of hunting and firearms is unmatched.

I've hunted and been in the woods with Jack. Great time and learned a lot.

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