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1 Silent Hill

I like most Shattered Memories, Origins and the new one Downpour... Its way freaky but at the same thing intresting cause once you start playing it... You wanna finish it so bad... Damn

World's best game really! It's story line is so awesome! I've never seen such amazing story-lines!

Thi hit in the horror videogames history

That locker jump scare got me (and good old pewds) really hard.

2 Amnesia: The Dark Descent

You will crap your pants over and over again.

I punched my computer 8 times playing this

Amnesia is by far the scariest video game ever.
You control a character with amnesia who must navigate a castle with no weapons. The only thing he can do is run and hide from the Gatherers that seem to be constantly appearing. You do have a lantern, but the light attracts monsters. However, without it your character will slowly go insane and hallucinate crazy sights and sounds.
You have to really play the game to know how it can effect the amount of sleep you get at night! It is a terrifying horror that truly deserves the top spot.

3 Dead Space

Scary as f, I almost peed myself - HaloFanboy

Set in the 26th century players are sent on a mission to rescue two mining ships in the far reaches of the galaxy. However, their ship is damaged while trying to dock and the discovery of alien life forces them to fight their way out against Necromorphs, which are deceased humans that have been animated by a mysterious alien organism. - Alexandr

4 Resident Evil 2

I have one million problems with stalker being above this.

5 Resident Evil: Remake

The original was good, RE4 is completely overrated, RE2 was a fine game but the Remake is Awesome. Keeping everything the same but improving the quality, Resident Evil for the GameCube is the greatest Survival Horror Game I've ever played.

6 Resident Evil 4

I don't think Bioshock is horror, so I'm not voting for it. this game, however, is amazing. oit even beats the last of us! - HeavyDonkeyKong

The best of the best Bitch!

7 Silent Hill 2

This should be number one.

Horror at it's best!

8 Outlast

The makers of this game were un-heard of until this masterpiece was released on PC. The vibe of the game is brilliant. I'm not saying the best, after playing Frictional Games Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but it gets you looking over your shoulder for most of the game. Unlike most games, the horror doesn't actually just come from jump scares, there are actually some pretty disturbing things if you haven't got a stomach for gore and torture. The worst, and I'm not spoiling is when your in the lair of The Man Downstairs who has some strange tastes, in the DLC, Outlast Whistleblower. On the subject of the DLC, it is worth playing as much as the first game. Now for me, if a games gameplay is good, its graphics don't have to be top notch. However, in Outlast, the graphics a beautiful. The shadows work, the enemies chasing you move smoothly, fire is excellent, faces are as realistic as anything... One thing that they have done perfectly, is the main characters body. The hands are almost life ...more

This is a really awesome game - TheKirbyCreeper999

Why ain't this in top 3? - Ary33

9 Fatal Frame

It's not like most survival horror games, you use a camera as a weapon to fight ghosts. Strongly recommend this. - RedSpiderLily

10 System Shock 2

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11 Slender
12 Extermination
13 Doom

Not a survival horror

Great game and the best of the Series!

14 Clock Tower

Is one of the first horror games and it's really sacary for me a lot better than silent hill and use a history very macabre.

One of the first in horror videogames

15 Alone in the Dark

Why isn't Alone in the Dark no Number 1?

The New Nightmare on PS2 and PC is the Killah!

16 Galerians
17 Dead Space 2

It brings you through the dark descent of isaac clark as he goes aboard a ravaged space ship filled with a set of creatures called necromorphs and stands as one of the most frightening games I have ever played.

Dead Space 1 is a perfect horror game in all aspects. Atmosphere, action, combat, story, monsters, variety of gameplay, and characters. Then Dead Space 2 came along and was even better than 1.

Fight with zombies in the space! BEST IDEA EVER

18 Resident Evil

This is the game that popularized the genre. Sure it hasn't aged well, mostly due to the voice acting and dialogue, but it was a revolutionary game in 1996.

19 F.E.A.R. First Encounter Assault Recon

The spine-tingling tension of F.E.A.R. puts it near the top of the list of the most scary games. Mysterious paramilitary force and eerie interruptions of radio communications are just the beginning of this terrorizing supernatural storyline which will give you more scares than a horror movie! - Alexandr

20 Dead Rising
21 Parasite Eve
22 Deep Fear
23 Siren Blood Curse

Siren was banned due to the content in the game. It is such a good game and it's a pity that you can't buy it anymore. - TheGrammarPolice

This game is one of the most dark, hard and realistic of all the times, the story is very incredible and sick.

24 Doom 3

Scared the crap out of me in every corner!

25 The Last of Us

More about the story than actual horror

26 Haunting Ground
27 Enemy Zero
28 Obscure
29 S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl
30 Dead Island
31 Galerians: Ash
32 Dead Rising 2
33 Alien: Isolation
34 Tattletail
35 Amnesia
36 Five Nights at Freddy's

Every time I played this, I screamed due to how Freddy jumped and scared me after I turned off the security camera! Great Game

I played this over and over and every time I got jump scared I fell out of my chair and broke my tablet

37 The Evil Within

Bears a strange resemblance to Resident Evil 4 but still an awesome game - bobbythebrony

38 Resident Evil Outbreak

This is one of my favorite RE game ever! I'm a fan of this game! - MeeMeeCandy777

39 Blue Stinger
40 The Orange Box

Yeah man, scary ass game here. Especially half life 3 not coming

41 Condemned: Criminal Origins
42 DayZ

It's a work in progress, but it has great potential. the physics, real time day/night cycles, real health issues and weather are really the most of their concerns. I have high hopes for this game, even more so after alpha stage testing

43 Alan Wake

Dude.. it's Alan Wake

44 SCP - Containment Breach
45 Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
46 Resident Evil Code: Veronica

Really? the best old style resident evil just before chris discover esteroids

47 Resident Evil: Revelations
48 Aliens vs. Predator
49 Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
50 Resident Evil 5
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