Top Ten Best Survivor Moves

Through the years there have been some very good strategical moves, but which ones make the top ten?

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1 Parvati Plays 2 Idols, Saves her Whole Tribe after Merge - Season 20

Incredible read of the other players' vote and left herself and Russell unprotected. All started by her "losing" the pole challenge to protect another tribe mate. Unbelievable.

Russell getting Tyson to vote himself off was less a good move by Russell and more a moronic move by Tyson. But THIS was a move! Parvati recognized Amanda's lies but still put her neck on the line by playing her idols for her fellow villains. Had Russell been in charge of the idols haveV would be drawing rocks.

At tribal council, Parvati played her 2 idols, gave one to Sandra and one to Jerri, saving the whole Villains tribe. - janiepierzina

Parvati is a survivor queen!

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2 Cirie Orchestrates Erik's Blindside - Season 16

Cirie was the main mastermind of Fans Vs Favourites. She was the one who created the finak three alliance with Parvati and Amanda. She was the one who decided to get rid of Ozzy. She got Jason to step down from immunity. However, although she did do a great job at orchestrating this move; Natalie really was the major decider. Regardless, you can't deny that had James not been med-evaced she would have won the game in a final three against Parvati and Amanda. Top Player

Cirie wasn't given enough credit she owned FvF to by pulling off major moves such as this one. Too bad she couldn't have made it to the finals

Cirie had the wisdom to see Erik's idiocy and create an almost impossible opportunity. I've rewatched this series of events multiple times; it always puts a smile on my face. Cirie deserved to win this season.

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3 Russell Gets Tyson to Vote Himself Off - Season 20

Craziest hail marry in survivor history. It wasn't smart gameplay but it was amazing to watch. It made no sense. To say Russell merely wanted to go out honorably is to not know the character of Russell hantz. That is the opposite thing he would do. Russell did the least Russell thing ever and was unselfish, convinced Tyson to change his vote, and swayed Jerri and Coach to his side. Insanity.

Best move of all time! Russell clearly knew Robs plan was 2 split 3-3. He knew exactly what he was doing. If tyson wasn't approached by Russell he wouldn't have changed his vote! Simple! #Logic

This wasn't a move. This was editing and luck. Russell played his idol on Parvati cause he wanted to go out in an honorable way or something, but Tyson decided to wing it and vote for Parvati. Tyson never talked to Russell, therefore, I don't agree with this move being on the list at all.

Russell is so sneaky. Tyson is an idiot. - Juanita

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4 Hayden Convinces Ciera to Force a Rock Draw

Although it didn't end up working, an amazing strategic move that kept Hayden alive, even if he went home th next tribal council

If all went to plan Tyson would have been voted out and Hayden, ciera, and Katie would have steamrolled to the final 3! Even though the plan didn't work it still baught Hayden one more week in the game.

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5 Pavarti and Cirie Orchestrate Ozzy Blindside - Season 16

I just could not stand to see him at the finale still just fussing and whining about his departure. Like everyone was just gonna let you grab your million this time yeah right you crybaby

Cirie is the survivor queen. Bow down to the queen. Bow!

You people give parvati WAAAY too much credit. She didn't do anything this season other than help recruit 2 people into their alliance. She only won because of a surprise final two that robbe cirie, and bragged about those moves basically stealing cirie's thunder.

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6 Sandra Convinces Russell to Blindside Coach - Season 20

This is a great move, this is what saved her. If she didn't get coach voted off, Courtney would have gone home and she would go next at 6 People left in the tribe. But she didn't play Russell, Russell still voted for Courtney! What she did was play Parvati and Danielle and convinced THEM to vote for Coach. I don't know why they say she played Russell if he didn't even vote with her. I guess because of his confessionals. But convincing Parvati and Danielle: 2 people is more impressive anyway.

This actually wasn't a big move on her part. Russell was going to vote Coach out anyway; he wanted to increase the misconception that a female alliance was running the villain tribe.

The only move Sandra made was when Courtney was voted out over her

7 Amanda "lies" about not having the hidden immunity idol. Uses it to blindside Alexis. Season 16
8 Tom, Colby, and J.T. Blindside Cirie - Season 20

Cirie from past seasons was a dangerous player to take to the merge because she will just take control of the game until someone votes her out at the final 4. So getting rid of her 4th was sad but a smart decision

Tom uses the idol, causing a 3-2-0 vote because of J.T. 's flip, in which J.T. is able to take out the person controlling the Hero tribe, and able to take control himself.

9 Richard Hatch Makes Original Survivor Alliance - Season 1

This should be #1. No one else thought to make an alliance, and when he did everyone said it was "unethical. " Yet, alliances have been a staple of the show the last ten years. He forged it perfectly: one person who can win challenges and be a threat (Kelly), one person who was more obnoxious (Sue), and one who was 100% loyal no matter what (Rudy), with Rich calling the shots to ensure victory. Best player ever.

The fact that no one else decided to form an alliance seems unfathomable today, but at the time only Rich had the gall and foresight to do it. The first and only time that seven different people had votes cast against them during a tribal (when they merged). Never seen again, nor will it ever be.
Rich created the way Survivor has been played for 32 seasons. Agree with previous poster that this should be number one for that reason alone.

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10 Yul Threatens Jonathan With Idol, Jonathan Flips - Season 13

Still down in numbers, Yul used his idol to make Jonathan Penner switch back to his alliance, allowing them to have the power and eventually Yul took his alliance straight to the final four

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? Malcolm gets Reynold to play idol for him - Season 26
? David Finds Two Idols Without Clues - Season 33

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11 Malcolm Plays Two Idols and Dismantles Stealth 'R' Us by Blindsiding Phillip - Season 26

What an overrated move. Why play idols for his whole alliance? If had kept one for himself, he could have easily gone on an immunity run, and have it as back up. Also, not only did they take out Phillip, the least likely to win the game, but made everyone else aware of who they were voting for, so no one from Stealth R Us would turn on each other like Tyler and Will did from World's Apart.

Malcolm is one of the most strategic players ever! Great move

Phillup sucks at survivor and even though malcolm had a chance to take out a player without phillup stealth r us is sooo dead

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12 Kelley Wentworth Idol Play

In that episode CBS also never ever shown a conversation that related with Kelley. Because all they show that all those 9 players trying take out either ciera or abi so when I saw that Kelley played the idol, my first reaction is "why the hell she use it? when she had show much difficult to find it." but after seeing the vote I convince my self that SHE IS THE BEST FEMALE SURVIVOR.

Easily top ten idol plays... she had a record breaking 9 votes, great intuition, great episode.

13 Tina Gets Mitchell Voted Off - Season 2

Very underrated because the conversations weren't shown live but if you listen to interviews with Tina on survivor oz you'll hear that she convinced Colby to vote for Mitchell and force a tie while they were walking to tribal council. This eliminated Mitchell because of past votes and allowed Colby Tina and Keith to take the majority within the tribe and led them to eventually be the final 3.

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14 Russell Plays Idol, Kelly Gets Voted off - Season 19

This vote was so hard! But Russell found the idol without a clue and everyone's reaction was hilarious! Besides, Russell's amazing!

This was not amazing it was just a simple idol play. Get rid of idols!

15 Cirie Blindsides Courtney - Season 12

Cirie was amazing here. She convinced two people to vote one way, one person to vote another way, and then vote with two other people to vote out her biggest threat. Its hard enough to explain the move, imagine trying to execute it.

This move is a bit overrated. There were 6 people: Terry, Courtney, shane, Aras, Danielle, and Cirie. Terry convinced Courtney to vote for Aras and Shane wanted to vote for Danielle. Cirie didn'tconvince them to vote this way, they just wanted to. She just saw the opportunity with Aras and Danielle to vote for courtney. That was all the convincing she had to do. Still a great move but it was opportunistic seeing all the other three votes would be split 2-1. She didn't make it that way.

16 Rob Cesternino Betrays Alex - Season 6

Jenna, Heidi, Rob, and Alex had the power to vote off who ever they wanted. But, after Alex told Rob that he was going to be voted off at the Final Four, Rob turned on his alliance and got Alex voted off

Telling somebody they are going home is a big no-no on the game because the joke will be on the loudmouth. This means you Alex

I personally think this should be higher than 16th

17 Everybody Turns On John, Tammy, Rob, and Zoey - Season 4

The first time in survivor history when there was a shift in power

Finally, a tribe flip. That's all I'll say.

Now that's a survivor move right hear

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18 Peih-Gee and Jaime throw immunity on purpose to have a Fei Long member voted out - Season 15

This was done to be even at the merge. Unfortunately Todd ruined their plan and Sherea was voted out at Fei Long Tribal Council

19 J.T. And Stephen Vote off Tyson - Season 18
20 Jonny Fairplay and Burton blindside Rupert - Season 7
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