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1 Boston Rob - All Stars

Best survivor in history. When people want proof all they have to do is watch this season and Rob's domination

In all stars, he was the target from the beginning, but managed to get him and Amber to the end! AMAZING!

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2 Tom - Palau

NO one that physically and mentally dominant should make it to the Finals, but he did, case in point. Plus, the only type-A take charge leader to win it all, including winning so many immunities that Ulong was left with one person left (Stephenie) and the 13 hour immunity challenge where he convinced Ian to step down. Boss.

Could've very well been the first to play a perfect game had it not been for Coby. - isaaonrtdmtr

Disagree? Watch the season.

3 Russell - H vs. V
4 Amanda - F vs. V
5 Parvati - H vs. V

Beating the Men in heroes over and over again... Love her guts.. She charmed russell and let him be in "control" till the jury...

6 Todd - China
7 Cirie - F vs. F
8 Russell - Samoa
9 Brian - Thailand
10 Chris - Vanuatu

Better version of Tom. He gave the biggest bs and was able to beat the 6 woman alliance. Tom was in a messed up season and had his team lost a challenge, he would have been out.

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11 Amanda - China
12 Sandra - H vs. V
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