Best Survivor Players

Top ten greatest players to ever play the American reality show, Survivor.
The Top Ten
1 Parvati Shallow - Winner - Micronesia / Runner Up - Heroes vs Villains Parvati Shallow is an American television personality and was the $1,000,000 winner of the reality television series Survivor: Micronesia.

She is the Queen of Survivor not Sandra. Sandra is very weak at challenges. Parvati was both a strong competitor and manipulativator she was a way bigger threat then Sandra. Not even close. She only lost to Sandra in Heroes vs Villans because they liked Sandra better then they like Parvati. Parvati was the queen not Sandra.

It amazes me see Rob M #2 in this list. The most overrated player ever, doesn't come close to the greatest players, like Parvati, Cirie, Yul Kwon... he got outplayed in 3 seasons, so Survivor producers realised the only chance he had was to team him up with a bunch of starstruck sheep morons, and adding a stupid twist in case his tribe was too scared to keep him around, like the other tribe was with Russell.

Anyway, Parvati deserves the #1 spot, although I believe others like Cirie, Yul Kwon, Yao Man, Sandra Diaz and Tom Westman deserve it too. I credit Parvati success for teaming up with Cirie, who's at least just as dangerous as Parvati. It's not a surprise both were targeted early in HvV, and Parvati showed how great she is at this game by aligning herself with Russell (who's a great player with a terrible social gameplay), and playing him the entire season. It took a little bit of luck, if Russell wasn't there (or if all those people had the chance to watch Samoa before), I ...more

Anybody who ranks Boston Rob ahead of Parvati is ignorant. First of all it took Rob 4 chances to finally win, and in 2 out of those 4 times he didn't even make the jury, including the one time he played against Parvati. PArvati won her second chance in one of the best seasons ever. And just a couple seasons later she came very close to becoming the first two-time winner. She has never failed to make it to the merge and two of the three times she made it to the finals. She engineered one of the best blindisdes ever when she blindsided Ozzy. She is cunning and crafty but still manages to be likeable, unlike other female players like Corinne from Gabon and FvFII who were just annoying and not very good players. Parvati is by far the best player. Some say she's overrated. Nonsense! If anything she doesn't get enough credit.

Parvati is the best Survivor player ever. While some criticize her flirty ways in cook islands she managed to go relatively far even when she was on the outs. In FvF she decimated. If you watch tribal councils in the final 4 and 5 every suspects Amanda to take home the million. However between those tribals and final tribal Parvati manages to put herself in the perfect spot to win. It is more or less accepted that two of the best moves on survivor history were when Parvati handed out two idols to her fellow villains and of course Erik's tragic blindside. Both of these moves Parvati played an essential role in. In HvV Parvati had a target on her back from literally day one. Somehow, though a whole tribe was focused on getting her out, she managed to make it to final tribal. She never managed to get paranoid and ended up playing not one but two idols for her tribe (an underrated move in my opinion). To those that suggest she just let Russell make the moves let me point out that this ...more

2 Rob Mariano - Winner - Redemption Island / Runner Up - All Stars Robert Carlo "Rob" Mariano, known by the nickname Boston Rob, is an American television personality, widely known for appearing in several reality shows, including Survivor, and The Amazing Race with his wife, Amber Mariano.

Ok, I agree with number 2 (he's better than Parvati). Yeah he is somewhat overrated, and had an easy win in redemption island, but I think his real performance was from All stars (He deserved it WAY more than Amber)

Rob is the best. To me, he won twice, the first one was just conceded to his wife. The second win was epic, to win when you should be the biggest target proves you're the best. Russell made it to the finals two season in a row, but made people so mad, that he couldn't win. He was definitely my favorite to watch. Had to see what he was going to do next. Third is Parvati, she is not good looking, but her looks are personality just draws you in, and you start to think she is better and better looking. You want her around longer and vote out other people. Bring two idols to tribal council and saving her alliance and changing up the whole game was one of the best moves ever. Next is Sandra who won twice, but I just think she is at right place right time, but to do it twice is pretty impressive. Coming in Fifth is Richard Hatch. He started it all, jumping off the final immunity to eat, knowing, either of the remaining players would take him to final two, that was amazing. My top five list ...more

Rob actually only won once, but he basically won twice. Even though the first time he didn't win the million dollars, he took a girl, Amber, to the end with him and she won. She won right after he proposed to her, so he won as well. The 3rd time he played Tyson is the one that screwed everything up. Rob had a well thought out plan that would have worked if Tyson would've stayed with the plan and not flipped and gotten everyone voted out. He worked the hardest on that tribe in Heroes VS. Villains and even got dehydrated because of how hard he worked.
The 4th time that he played he completely controlled the game. The one girl that didn't trust Rob he got rid of. When Matt started to show some signs of dishonesty he sent him to redemption as well. Everyone on that tribe did everything that he said. Rob worked his butt off for that tribe. He made everyone in that tribe feel comfortable. In challenges he dominated. He won final immunity which carried him to the final 3 and he got to ...more

Rob is the most overrated Survivor ever.

1. Would have lost a jury vote to all but the 2 biggest goats ever Phillip and Natalie on his winning season. Which is precisely why he took them to the end, first off he is too much of a COWARD to go against any real competition, and secondly he knows he isn't even good enough to win against any respectable player. He couldn't even beat people like Grant or Ashley to win Survivor, only Phillip and Natalie.

2. didn't make the merge in 2 of his first 3 seasons.

3. Got his ass owned by both Russell and Parvati on Heroes vs Villians, a real cast so a true measure of ability, not playing Redemption Island vs mentals.

4. Had to be brought back again and again until he finally won. He would have played 10 times by now if he had not won Survivor yet, with more annoying and biased twists to help him.

3 Russell Hantz - Runner Up - Samoa / Second Runner Up - Heroes vs. Villains Russell Hantz is an oil company owner and former contestant of the reality show Survivor. He played 3 seasons, and never finished higher than 2nd.

I don't care what you guys say, but Russel deserved to win Samoa 100 times more than Natalie. He did every single big move, found 3 hidden immunity idols(2 without clues), and what did Natalie do? oh that's right, absolutely NOTHING!

People need to understand, that despite being one of the best players ever, Russell is not on the same level of players like Parvati, Cirie, Yul Kwon, Tom Westman, Sandra Diaz... we can say there's Survivor before and after Russell Hantz. Even people who hate his play style have to give the guy some credit by playing 2 back to back seasons with very little time to rest between them, and get to the final 3 in both. Just search for pics of Russell day 1 in Samoa x Russell day 39 in HvV. And let's not forget that a game like Survivor is not only physically exhausting, imagine how your mind would be after playing 78 days.

However, Russell's social game is abysmal. He's good at pretty much all aspects of this game, his social game is even good to make those small alliances, gaining the trust of others. The problem is after he gains control. He doesn't know how to work people, so they don't get too mad at him in the end, he fails to see other great strategies from other players ...more

Russell doesn't belong anywhere near the top ten on this list. First of all, he was forced into the spotlight in Samoa. 108 confessionals from him, but Natalie and Mick, who made the final 3 didn't even have half that combined. I admit, he is a villain through and through and did deserve to return for Heroes vs. Villains. However, Russell was far too arrogant to realize the actual threat status of both people he thought were goats. Remember, He had the option to vote out Natalie instead of Liz right before the merge. Why did he take Natalie? She was in good with some of the Galus. At that point he screwed his own game from there, alienating everyone who made the jury, excluding John and Shambo who ended up voting for him. He alienated everyone in HvV, he got no votes. The jury doesn't have to vote for the person who "played the best game" they vote for who they think is more deserving. It happened to Rob in All-Stars, he played aggressively and lost. Bitter juries don't really exist. ...more

Russell is the king of survivor for making survivor what it is today. His victory went beyond simply getting to the end;instead went to rival over all through outwitting, outplaying, and outlasting those who failed to see his greatness out of despise and jealousy. His vigorous and almost clairvoyant game-play made not only the survivors tremble in confusion but also had the viewers waiting for more of his "evil" magic. Clearly Russel is highly intelligent although he cannot be a superior man by definition due to the virtuousness and righteousness qualifications needed as stated by Confucius;Russel can be king. Boston Rob and Russel Hantz had a lot in common in terms of gameplay, however, Boston Rob does not hold a candle to Russell because of his inability to highlight the numbers. Rob sees his fellow survivors as numbers, while Russell sees them as pawns capable of damage through his influence to rival the numbers. This key feature is what put Russell above others, especially in a ...more

4 Sandra Diaz-Twine - Winner - Pearl Islands / Winner - Heroes vs. Villains Sandra Diaz-Twine is an American television personality who became known for her appearances on the reality game show Survivor. She's well known for being the first person to win twice. (Tony Vlachos is the second person to win twice.)

Sandra has won twice, and still is not believed to be the best player. This fact only accentuates her skill which is to this day unmatched. She always does whats needed for her to survive another day, never more and never less. Others do more or less, where when they do more the jury turn on them, and when less they get voted out. She is honest and outspoken, which fools other contestants to believe the jury wont like her. But they do. Sandra rarely have to defend her actions because she is consistent in her game play, and pretty much bring her reasoning out in the open.

Because Sandra is still underestimated she stands a good chance to win again if there was another all star season. My favorite player ever.

Sandra is the greatest player ever. She won twice, which is very impressive because she only played two times. She is a liability in challenges, but this is best survivor players, not best challenge winners. She's very good at lying because she speaks her mind so often that people think she always tells the truth, so when she lies, nobody can tell. She's also good at changing peoples votes even when they're not in her alliance, like in heros vs. Villains when she made russel's alliance change their vote. People always underestimate her until she makes it to the end, where she blows away the jury in final tribal council to the point where they can't vote for anyone but her. I would love to see her in another all-star season.

Why did Russel win? The only reason he made it to the end twice is because people brought him there because they knew they could easily beat him in the final vote. That's why Sandra, Parvati, and Natalie are great players, and Russel is not. Russel sucks! Go ...more

Sandra was one of three people that I thought can use their strategy to win. She may not be the strongest player (OK, maybe one of the weakest of all time), but what Sandra was really good at is aligning herself with the stronger people, and making them believe that she was riding their coattails, which she did with Parvati, Russell, and Lillian. The reason she had won on both of her seasons was that she stuck true to her alliances, got rid of the right people at the right time, and helping other players blindside their competition. But what really made her famous was her notorious line from Pearl Islands: as long as it ain't me. These are what made her the greatest player of all time.

Parvati is my favorite Sole Survivor and I pretty much idolize her gameplay. But there is no one who has ever watched this game that can say without hesitation that this woman, Sandra Diaz-Twine, is not the Sole Queen of Survivor. Yes, she's won the game twice, but that doesn't even scratch the surface of the reality that she pretty much is the most clever, conniving, and cunning person to EVER play the game. There is not one player who has had as much a boisterous and aggressive but at the same time sneaky gameplay. The best thing about it? She didn't even break a sweat doing it. Tony said it best, she is the one player who rounds everyone up like sheep and leads them right to the slaughter. Everyone who plays with her and gets a feel for her way of playing immediately sees her as a threat, yet the woman still manages to make everyone vote her way. Even in Game Changers where she was finally voted out for the first time in 94 days of total gameplay, she demonstrated that this game ...more

5 Yul Kwon - Winner - Cook Islands

1) Yul should automatically be in front of Parvati as he ousted her in the season they played together. Parvati wasn't even a threat in that season because Yul was too smart for her.

2) Yul should be in front of Rob because it took Rob four seasons to finally win the game and it only took Yul one. And people seem to forget that Rob didn't do anything the first season he played. He was gone early.


3) Russell is a great player but he still hasn't won the game because he pissed everyone off. He got a lot of help from hidden immunity idols too. Yul is easily the best player that I have seen.

To all the people who claim that Yul had too much power from the idol. They need to take a step back and look at the big picture. Players don't pick the twists in their seasons. Yes, it made him untouchable during the merge, but so what? He didn't choose how the idol worked. He deserves more credit than he is given.

Calm and collected throughout the entire season, Yul kept his eye on the prize the whole time. He used his physical prowess when his tribe suffered mutiny in the first half, and then played a smart strategic game all throughout the second half. Sure, he was a little boring, but his gameplay was flawless.

When I am looking at the best survivors of all time you look at who dominated physically and stratigecally, Yul absolutely destroyed people in cook islands and is one of the smartest players ever to play. He is physically ripped which makes his brain and brawn a supremely dangerous combo. What makes his game so good his he can adapt to any enviroment, if he played in modern day survivor he would dominate everbody he mixes the physicality of Joe and the social game and the idol finding ability of kelley wentworth

6 Cirie Fields - 4th Place - Exile Island / 3rd Place - Micronesia Cirie Fields is an American nurse and reality TV personality who competed on four seasons of Survivor.

It was very Unfortunate that she got so close to the finals many times and that she always cut it short before making it there because of another player kicking her out. Either way Amanda losses to Cirie and Parvati, even if she picked Cirie of Parvati in the final tribal council, Cirie would have easily beat Amanda.

Whenever she was in jeopardy, she pulled some sort of strategic move in order to stay safe. This continued until she wasn't in jeopardy anymore.

When it was a toss-up between her and Melinda, Melinda continued to use the phrase "I'll be pissed!" at tribal council, while Cirie cried and explained how disappointing it would be to have to leave. Who would you vote for? Filled with kindness and "I'm sorry", she quickly made it to the Final 4 after pulling one of the brightest number moves and eliminating Courtney.

This continued in Micronesia, although her couch-mother strategy was changed to a more strategic game. She managed to blindside person after person including Yau-Man, Joel, Ami, Ozzy, Jason, Erik, and finally Natalie.

Despite her performance in Heroes vs. Villains, she is the ultimate strategic player and is able to analyze you and boot you off with a sweet smile and a funny laugh.

The only reason she's behind people like Parvati, Yul Kwon and Tom Westman on my personal "best players" list is because she never won. It's sad to know players like her and Yao Man will never have a chance to win in a season full of returning players, for being considered too dangerous.

Best non winner and possibly best player. People Cirie was winning Micornesia if it were a f3 unless she messed u[ jury speech which I doubt. Cirie made most of the move sin the female alliances name up with most the plans even Natalie Bolton admitted it. I love Cirie Parvati and Natalie from Micneisa as they were the best players but Cirie did the most moves

7 Kim Spradlin - Winner - One World

Kim Spradlin played one of the best social and strategic games ever on her very first season. Kim was able to create a strong alliance with the women on her initial tribe and stick with them until the end. Despite performing well in the challenges and leading almost every vote, Kim still wasn't considered a threat by many of her competitors. Kim is a really great survivor player who should return for a third time.

Not flawless. A great player, but she made a few dumb moves, including an emotional decision to get rid of Kat, reducing her Salani numbers to 3 against the 3 Manono (who, at the time, played to force a tie against the 3 Salani). Also, she kept her hidden immunity idol as a souvenir when she needed to use it to protect her ally Chelsea (in not doing so, she risked losing Chelsea's trust, who knew she had the idol; and she also risked the other three players booting Chelsea that round and then Kim the next round). She also could have thrown challenges after the switch to protect the Salani numbers... she didn't and was only saved because Colton left. Other than that, great player.

Kim excelled in every aspect of the game, winning four immunity challenges (tied for the most from any woman in Survivor history), and deceiving and blindsiding her entire tribe. She was so social that everyone genuinely adored her, and even when she stuck the knife in each of their backs they still voted for her to win. She knew exactly how to make people trust her, and what people wanted to hear. Kim should be much higher on this list. In my opinion she is the best one-time player next to Yul.

She is the beast among all women players still played the game. She won four immunity challenge and miss one just by some seconds. Also she had such a confident alliance that she never had to give a thought on playing the idol. Also she never really backstab any one, although she blindsided most of them. She is the "HERO".

8 Todd Herzog - Winner - China

He should be higher. He was brilliant, and knew how to keep his allies from flipping, and decieved them in such a way that they still liked him enough to vote for him in the end. His brilliance at the last tribal council didn't hurt either.

Todd absolutely dominated his season, and I'm not sure if he should be # 3 or if Parvati should be, but to me these two are pretty well tied.

Best manipulative player ever, who proved that age has nothing to do with being a great strategic player, and physical ability is not as important as mental abililty in the game.

AMAZING final tribal speech and I'm kind of sad that he hasn't come back because I want to see more of Todd.

9 Oscar "Ozzy" Lusth - Runner Up - Cook Islands

Ozzie is my favourite player of all time. Yul won that season, and deserved to win for playing the best strategic game. But Ozzie was equally deserving as he played the best physical game. If you remember, this was the season when the teams were divided into cultures: Caucasion, Latino, Asian, and African-American. When there was a mutiny, both Candice and Jonathon went back to their own team, leaving Ozzie, Yul, Sundra, and Becky in a team of 4 against the team of 8, which included Parvati who took another two tries at the game before winning. Because of the fabulous way Ozzie and Yul played, the underdog team of 4 took it right to the end. Yul got 5 votes against Ozzie's 4, but Ozzie won the car. They got to the end without scheming and lying, and cleaned the faces of the stronger team of 8. Both Yul and Ozzie should be much higher than the likes of manipulative Parvarti, and controlling Boston Rob.

He was so good that he was an even better player then Yul all around in Cook's Islands. He even fed his tribe by catching and hunting fish, what survivor player is that smart that would even do that for his tribe, Ozzy of course.

The game is outwit, outplay, outlast, NOT outLIE, outMANIPULATE, or outSCREW... This game was meant to be who can survive on their own the longest, not a high school campus. It bothers me that people gave the price to Yul over ozzie and Parvarti over Amanda (granted Amanda needs to own it) both were taken BY them and at THEIR mercy, period. outwit is getting yourself sent to redemption island to outplay the competitor, to get back in and have the numbers to outlast the rest. The problem is that in the first season ever richard showed his true colors and ruined the perception of the game forever. the bottom line is that million dollars or not NO ONE could be a SURVIVOR like ozzy is. He is number one in my book, because he is the ONLY ONE yes ONLY ONE worthy to carry the name SURVIVOR

Ozzy is really good. He can win the whole contest, he is good swimmer. The tribe can not survive without Ozzy. He is the only player who didn't manipulate people, and I think it's good. Yes, this game it requires strategies, cheating or lying to everyone but I think Ozzy could survive if one has nature and it has already proved. Still I really want to play with Ozzy, I like him it doesn't matter that he didn't win!

I hope so we'll see him again in the game someday

10 Tony Vlachos - Winner - Cagayan / Winner - Winners at War

Ok so I got a lot of things to cover. First, I think he is #1. Second, everyone gives Sandra so much credit because she won twice, but guess what Tony won twice too (not to mention actually deserving the wins) third, he controlled the game, and found some idols. Finally, he persuaded Woo to take him to the final tribal, and easily won.

Tony is the greatest player of all time. He has won two seasons (Cagayan and Winners at War) while being considered an enormous threat during the entire time he was playing. He was great at winning challenges, great at finding idols, and he didn't even receive a vote against him in Winners at War. He essentially played a perfect game. His strategic gameplay was top-notch and he was perfect at waiting for the moment to strike with a huge move to change the game. On top of it, he is just so funny, entertaining, and likable as a person. He understood that Survivor isn't just a game. It's a TV show that is meant to entertain the audience, and he has provided more hilarious moments to the show than any other contestant I can think of. His "spy" set-ups are the most notable example of this. Tony is definitely the GOAT in my eyes.

He is really smart. He plays just like Russell but smart enough not to play as aggressive as Russell. They are both great. I cannot even choose which one is best of all time. Maybe a season with these two players would be the best season of survivor ever. I just hope that other players are not jealous, stupid, and coward like the ones in season 19, 20 and 21 who played against Russell no matter what and let these two guys really play.

If he wins Winners at War it's no longer a the question if he's the greatest player of all time. He already had the most impressive win of all time in Cagayan, where he managed to screw over almost every person on the jury and win them over with excellent jury management and convincing Woo to take him to the final 2. He learned from his mistakes in Game Changers and is now playing just as cutthroat and brilliantly as he did in Cagayan with ousting Sophie and keeping the lions around him to lower his threat level.

The Contenders
11 Richard Hatch - Winner - Borneo

He invented Survivor strategy. If he ever returned to the game for a third time, I don't know how well he'd actually do, but that doesn't matter. He paved the way for Parvati, Boston Rob, Cirie, Russell, Kim, and all the other Survivor greats. Without him, Survivor would not be what it is today. Therefore, he is undoubtedly the best.

He literally made the game what it is today. People love him, people hate him, but beneath it all he defined Survivor, making it the watchable, lovable scramble of exciting reality T.V. it is today. He is a legend.

At the time, brilliant! Can he play now? Would like to see it! Honestly, no Richard maybe survivor does not remain on T.V... Give him his due but can he compete now?

Yes, he was the first Survivor winner. Yes, he "invented" the game. But let's face it: He was playing against a bunch of morons.

12 Tom Westman - Winner - Palau Tom Westman is a Sole Survivor of the series Survivor. He competed on Survivor: Palau and Heroes vs. Villains.

Are you kidding? 27th? He played a perfect game. First he led his team to the most dominant immunity challenge streak ever. Won individual immunities. Then he got rid of his greatest threats in order. Coby, Stephenie and Greg. Then at the end in the greatest final immunity challenge ever he guilted the only person that could maybe of beaten him into quiting. what? Dominated physically. Dominated socially. Dominated strategically and mentally. Never lost his cool. Never got into trouble. Always maintained control and managed jury votes. He should of won a clean sweep but Coby voted for the other person just to be different. Even more dominant than Boston Robs Redemption Island win.

Tom should automatically be above Russell because Tom dominated the social game. He was able to speak to people and was helpful at camp. Russell deliberately weakened his tribe.
Tom should also be above Ozzy because Ozzy had a poor strategic game, while Tom, again, was the alpha male of the pack.
Seeing Tom not in the top 10 is seriously disappointing.

The best all-round player ever. He was the leader of the most dominant tribe in survivor history. He ran the show with his social and physical game. He was a provider for the camp. He was tough as nails in the elements without any sign of weakness or wearyness. He made all the right strategic moves for a decissive victory.

He is by far one of the best Winners, very good strategist and probably the second best at Individual challenges (Behind Terry Deitz of course! ). Deserves to be way higher on the list!

13 J.T. Thomas - Winner - Tocantins

In his first season, his social game was so good that people were blowing up their games so he would make it further, he played a very good physical game near the end and a good strategic game. I believe his strategic game is underrated. Many people call Stephen the strategist, but Stephen Has said that he and JT made the same moves. He is the first person to playa perfect game and the only person to play the most perfect game. Since he also won the fan favorite award, he is considered to be the only person to play the most perfect game.

Okay in Tocantins nobody ever voted for him at all, he played a perfect game, in fact, Brendan accutally wanted him to win. He wanted to help J. T (even though in that same episode we see Brendan getting voted off but whatever he is a huge fan. ) J. T played the one of the best games ever in the Tocantins, in Heroes vs. Villians his niceness and having Russell play back-to-back seasons and all the castaways not actually being able to see him in action was good for Russell bad for everyone else.

He was seriously hot and amazing guy. I loved the way toward the end, some people even knew he was going to win, but they took him to the end anyway. All without even trying. He was just the best.

Perfect game, what else is there to say? Brendan literally said that he would be just as happy if J.T. won instead of himself, that's how good J.T.'s social game was.

14 Rob Cesternino - 3rd Place - Amazon

Rob C. deserves to be higher on the list. In Amazon he likely would have still won even after flipping so much during the merge. He was one of the most influential players in the game by creating the idea of flipping on alliances. He deserves a lot of credit. Yeah, in All-Stars he got booted early, but remember, everyone knew how much of a threat he was in strategy. He was voted out because everyone knew how dangerous he could be. So why are people like Russell called "great strategists", but no one mentions Rob Cesternino. His jury liked him despite all he did and if both Jenna and Matt say that he deserved to be at Final Tribal the most, then that is a testament to his skill at the game. Rob C. is on the list of influential players in the game, right along Tina Wesson, Richard Hatch, and Brian Heidik.

Rob changed the game forever! Huge impact on how the game evolved. Brilliant... Gave wonderful confessionals, was entertaining, worked others like no other. Rob too good of a teacher... Matthew!
I was stunned when he was voted out... Could not believe he was not going to win! It was painful

He was a great player and a credit to all of the other players in the horrendous amazon season. He called the shots on who when t home and when. He also brought humor and fun to the amazon season, unfortunately his time was cut short on All Stars

Rob C In my opinion is the best player to play this game he invented flip-flopping and probably left the biggest impact on the game since Richard Hatch he taught people if your in the bottom of your alliance flip to the top of another.

15 Malcolm Freberg - 4th Place - Philippines

I think Malcolm is top 20 for me, mainly because there is nothing bad about him. He just plays the game. Physically strong, strategically and socially great, and excellent at finding idols and making alliances. He had the most potential of anyone in all 3 seasons, and got voted off because he was a threat in all 3 seasons. That just goes to show how much of a player he is.

Why survivor producers? You people designed the final immunity challenge for Malcom to lose. Why do that? I would think that as a producer, you would want to prevent this? Anyways, if you think about any positive aspect that you want to see in a survivor, Malcom had most of that quality. The sad thing is, other survivor contestants will be VERY aware of this.

So much potential! Played great for most of the game then... Gone. He could have prevented that & won. So let down. I wanted him to win, I cheered for him, I prayed for him but somehow all the work/effort gone in a moment when he could not give Denise an answer. It was so disappointing... MALCOLM!

He played a strong game both times. The only reason he was eliminated from either season was that he was a threat to win! He managed to carry his Three Amigos alliance into the merge and got both of them farther in the game.

16 Brenda Lowe - 9th Place - Nicaragua

From what I saw from her in Caramoan, she is the definition of overrated! She did nothing in the game as she basically followed Cochran's crew until she was gotten rid of. And her speech on the jury was one of the most bitter tings I have ever heard, Dawn basically did what she wanted her to do (take out her broken teeth) and still didn't get her vote. All of you play Brenda as the victim and Dawn as the antagonist but that was not true at all as she was the most bitter person on the Season 26 jury.

By far my favorite survivor player ever to play from the seasons I have seen (only a few). I really wish she won Survivor: Caramoan but there is always another chance. Now she is pregnant and is ready for a whole new adventure. Brenda is the best!

With how bitter she behaved on the jury was plain childish and plain cruel and you still see her as this sweetheart? Come on people she embarrassed Dawn to basically satisfy herself.

Probably better than Parvati when it comes to physical strength. But I like them both. I hope for a showdown like Heroes vs. Villains 2. Brenda for the hero and Parvati for the villain.

17 Stephenie LaGrossa - Runner Up - Guatemala

She made it to be the last person left on her tribe twice, and the first time, it happened before they even merged. She outlasted more tribal councils than the winner, and then in Guatemala, she came back with a vengeance, knocking out any allies at any time, and controlling everything the way she wanted. Unfortunately for her, the jury of Guatemala were still holding grudges, and gave the money to another worthy player, Danni.

She was more recognising on the bad parts of her game then the good like James getting her voted out saying "she was bad luck" which isn't fair her tribe won a lot of challenges in Guatemala. she dislocating her shoulder but was still seeing how hard she fought in that challenge showers her strength and in her endurance challenge in Guatemala was unbelievable and also was not fair because Danni was taller then her making it easier to reach the rope. people didn't vote for Danni they voted against Stephanie.

For me, Stephanie is the ultimate queen of survivor. She always never gives up no matter what. She did extremely good in her first two seasons, but in heroes vs. Villains, James had to threaten Stephanie,just for his own selfish self to stay alive in the game to only be eliminated soon enough.(don't mess with Stephanie! )

Best Female Survivor contestant of ALL TIME, could easily beat any guy in any challenge!

18 John Cochran - 8th Place - South Pacific John Martin Cochran, commonly referred to as simply Cochran, is an American reality television personality and television writer.

He's my second favorite player, but he's also good. He was one of the most underrated players of his season, but guess what he won with a clean sweep.

SERIOUSLY?!?!?! This guy blindsided all of his allies/threats with a smile on his face. Even more importantly, he sent out the ones who respected his gameplay, such as Malcolm, Andrea, and Brenda. He had such good control of the jury, he played every person except his closest ally in the game, and he won a bunch of immunity challenges. He was the definition of outplay, outwit, and outlast.

Cochran is definitely one of the smartest people to ever play the game. He knew people would not see him as a threat so he used that to his advantage. He knew who was going home every Trible and he got rid of Malcom,Andrea and Brenda the 3 people that could of possibly beat him. He made his moves with perfect timing on top of all that he got every single jury vote at the end.

One of the most deadliest villains, he turned on his tribe at season 23 and had his tribe eliminated almost one by one, then on season 26, he pulled off the most cruel blindside EVER: Brenda's Blindside.

19 Domenick Abbate - Runner-up - Ghost Island

Dom rocked that season. He and Wendell were in complete control for pretty much the entire time. Domenick was definitely very deserving of the win, but I feel he was a bit more aggressive with his gameplay compared the Wendell's laid back nature and stronger social game. Still, Dom is a great player.

While I do agree Dom and Wendell were in control of pretty much everything, Domenick was a lot more aggressive with his plans, and I feel like this was the reason he lost. Nonetheless, he's a great player.

Such a shame the jury had to be bitter and he lost because of a tie!

Dom should've won!

20 Spencer Bledsoe - Survivor Cagayan

Spencer is amazing. Great in challenges, hilarious personality, and the best ever voting confessionals in Survivor history, such as his confessional about J'Tia being "The fact that you're a nuclear engineer is genuinely, genuinely scary." He's an awesome guy, and deserved the win in Cagayan, and Second Chance. I remember actually predicting the final three of Second Chance by just picking three random players, and when all three actually made it, including Spencer, it blew my mind. This guy is an awesome Survivor player, and he deserves to come back on the next All-Stars/Heroes vs Villains/Legends season.

When he predicted the Final Two I was just blown away. I liked him from the beginning and even when he was playing negatively you always knew he'd rather play honestly than deceptive. If anyone had the worst time in his season it was definitely this guy, one of the few players I want to come back and actually be put on a good tribe.

I honestly think Spencer was the greatest non winner ever. He deserved a few votes in Cambodia and in Cagayan, after a lucky tribe switch, ran the game until Tasha's boot. I hope he plays again even though he would be marked as a threat and be voted out first.

Spencer is the best male player of Survivor by far! His strategy has always gotten him out of tight places which just gravitate towards him, he has Proven he is fully capable of winning immunity and making alliances that trust him and that if he's the target he can get out of it

21 Tyson Apostol - Winner - Blood vs Water

The guy was quite a character and added tons of laughs in Tocantins although he basically voted himself out in Heroes vs Villains. But in Blood vs. Water, he was a machine. When the merger happened, he proved time and time again he was the smartest player as well as dominating in challenges. He played, in my opinion, a pretty flawless game from Day 1 to 39. Won more challenges than any season 27 competitor, stuck to alliances, manipulated players like Monica and Sierra, and when he made it to the final tribal council, we all knew who would win. He won 7-1-0 with only Vytas voting for Monica. Tyson, based on his season 27 performance alone should be in the top ten players list because he took over the game start to finish.

He was a very strong competettor and glad he won Blood vs Water. He made huge moves in that season with blindsides that no one else is even smart enough to do. Very impressed and want him to come back again another season.

Funniest player to win and one of the smartest. Domination is the only word worthy of describing of his winning season. In the final tribal council, the other players had nothing to say because he led the alliance and made all the moves. Plus Gervasse annoyed everyone and Monica was just so paranoid and naive.

I used to hate this guy, but I realized that in this game, you have to be manipulating and Tyson showed that off. While Tony Vlachos was the master of the immunity idols, Tyson was king of manipulation, and luck was always at his side. Now if he returns for another season, I'm Team Tyson.

22 Nick Wilson - Winner - David vs. Goliath

He was a great winner. He used his alliance to make some amazing plays and stayed under the radar the whole time.

He was controlling the game, while being underrated. Made some great plays too.

Played a great game. Was in control the whole time and no one could see it.

23 Denise Stapley - Winner - Philippines

She deserved to win. Everyone gives credit to the ones who have a majority alliance, and don't have to do anything, but it seems like Denise, who had to survive every single tribal, doesn't get barely any credit for winning what she rightfully earned.

This woman reminded me of an older version of Stephanie Lagrossa who was a strong female player noted for being the first player to be on a one man team (only for a short while). Point being she dominated socially and gave every ounce of energy physically. She was never confrontational! She handled conflict like a pro. Not to mention she is from Iowa! #Iowanation I love watching older people dominate in Survivor because it is a hard game to win. I'm all about effort and what you do as a player to win not ride the coattail of someone else. Denise was one heck of a player to watch and was so glad she scored with the jury across the board. She deserved it!

Denise was a very strong competitor that I almost cried when she got eliminated, Amanda chose Todd over Denise. Todd won and became the most worst alcoholic in the world, look him up. Amanda made a bad choice. Denise. I wish you good luck in your life and career

Was someone talking about Denise Martin from China? Well, we're talking about Denise Stapley from Philippines.

24 Amanda Kimmel - 3rd Place - China

No picture of her sorry, but could have won Survivor China best game that season, even better than Todd's. She should have won China and second place was the perfect position for her in Micronesia.

She Came runner up twice. She Would have won, though she was bad at final tribal councel in Survivor China. She went staright into Micronesia, without seeing survivor China, So she couldn't fix her FTC Mistakes. She Was a powerhouse on Survivor Heroes vs villains, but she only lost because the heroes sucked at strategy. She was a big target at the merge, and that's why she got eliminated. Russell Hantz called her the female version of Boston Rob

Amanda orchestrated the blindside on James in China and Alexis in FvF she deserves credit where credit is due. She also plays great strategic and social game every time, her only fault is her jury answers.

Amanda is a very good player. She knows who to make alliances with and for how long should she keep it. She could have won both China and Micronesia if she only had better jury answers.

25 Ciera Eastin - 5th Place - Blood vs.Water

Ciera is one of my favorite survivors. She was so strategic and also very likable. In Blood Vs. Water, Ciera showed that she was willing to make big moves in order to win the game. She voted out her mom in order to prove her loyalty to the majority alliance. Also, Ciera and Hayden caused a rock draw at the final six, and if Tyson had drawn the white rock, Ciera probably would have won the game. In Cambodia, she survived for multiple votes even after being in the minority alliance. She also blindsided Woo right before the merge because he was a huge challenge threat. Ciera is a really great survivor player.

An absolutely terrible Survivor player. She lucked and ducked through the entire pre-merge game, and then became Tyson's puppet. Then she made the idiotic decision to vote off her mother instead of teaming up with her mom and the new players to overthrow Tyson/Gervase/Monica. Then at final seven she had another chance to overthrow Tyson, but for some reason she betrayed Hayden, Caleb and Katie - and also betrayed any chance she had at winning. Sure, drawing rocks took guts but she wouldn't have NEEDED to draw rocks if she had just been willing to work with Caleb at the final seven. And her pitch to Monica was really weak; Monica was never going to flip because of high-school gossip.

Sucks at the game. So overrated. Blood vs Water was her 1 good season in 3, and her game here is still probably her most overrated of all 3 despite being by far her best of the 3. People praise her for flipping to rocks, but she only did it since Hayden convinced her, and she would have been in a far better position doing it a round sooner. She is just pretty stupid all around and the hype around her escapes me completely. Also hilarious the dumb ass talking about the big 6 person alliance that Jeremy was leading yet list only 5 names. She don't have a clue how to play the game. 17th best Survivor player ever? Sure and Donald Trump is best U.S president ever.

Though I don't think Ciera is the best Survivor player ever, it is important to remember that from day 1 her and the other girls were targeted. Not only did she manage to survive, but she ended up becoming a dominant player in Survivor Blood Vs. Water. She took great lengths to prove her loyalty but was also unafraid to make strategic moves such as drawing stones and voting her mother out. I'd say easily one of the most underrated players in the game.

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