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Top ten greatest players to ever play the American reality show, Survivor.

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21 Yau-Man Chan - 4th Place - Fiji

One of the players that deserved to win a million. He used the idol in a right time. He honored his words with other contestants. He is forgiving, after Dreamz not giving his word to Yau, Yau still forgave him. Yet, still he is underrated, Yau should have a spot in returning to survivor again, in Fiji he is the only one that brightens the heart of those watch that season. So sad that he did not last longer in Micronesia, He is so likable that Cirie wanted him out immediately even though the rest of his tribemates did not want him go. And, after he got voted out he is still a good sport in the end. Hopefully we will see Yau in future survivor seasons, it's nice to watch good heart people in the show again.

While probably not THE BEST player ever, he had the potential to be, and at 61 still could win a season if they brought him back, which is not unlikely.

Got robbed by dreams who wouldn't his necklace away. Super smart

Yau is what makes a Survivor castaway great. After 13 seasons of the same old dribble. Yau flips the game on it's head with inventive strategies and skills.

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22 Stephenie LaGrossa - Runner Up - Guatemala

She was more recognising on the bad parts of her game then the good like James getting her voted out saying "she was bad luck" which isn't fair her tribe won a lot of challenges in Guatemala. she dislocating her shoulder but was still seeing how hard she fought in that challenge showers her strength and in her endurance challenge in Guatemala was unbelievable and also was not fair because Danni was taller then her making it easier to reach the rope. people didn't vote for Danni they voted against Stephanie.

She made it to be the last person left on her tribe twice, and the first time, it happened before they even merged. She outlasted more tribal councils than the winner, and then in Guatemala, she came back with a vengeance, knocking out any allies at any time, and controlling everything the way she wanted. Unfortunately for her, the jury of Guatemala were still holding grudges, and gave the money to another worthy player, Danni.

She was a strongest girl in survivor palau. I guess she should come back for new season

For me, Stephanie is the ultimate queen of survivor. She always never gives up no matter what. She did extremely good in her first two seasons, but in heroes vs. Villains, James had to threaten Stephanie,just for his own selfish self to stay alive in the game to only be eliminated soon enough.(don't mess with Stephanie! )

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23 Amber Brkich - Winner - All Stars

Amber is without a doubt the worst winner of all time. While I do agree like Tom said, every winner has done something right and deserves to win. Yes I do agree with that but with Amber she mostly relied on a lottery style game and others to save her. If I was the only juror on the infamous All Star jury, Rob would get my vote because he was head an shoulders above everyone else that season.

Amber is one of my favourite Survivor gals. She was athletic and smart in the challenges and played a good social game in All Stars. Won the game and the guy. You go girl!

Better than Parvati as a winner. Amber was a very cool camper who was well balanced as a player.

Amber rules

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24 Jon Dalton - 3rd Place - Pearl Islands

The infamous Jonny Fairplay managed to get to the final three despite being the most untrustworthy, unlikeable contestant in the history of the show.

I wish he won. He played the game the way you're supposed to play it - crazyeyes56

He was one of the sneakiest, sliest, and one of the most manipulative player to ever play the game not to forget the dead grandma lie was halirious

Slithered his way to f3 with two bad challenge performers that he COULD have beaten at the fic. Then he would have taken Lil and won by a landslide.

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25 Earl Cole - Winner - Fiji

A highly underrated winner. Earl is one of the few players that worked side by side with another and knew when the right time was to cut them off. He also never had to win immunity, got every jury vote, and only got one vote against him the entire time. If there were to be an all winners season, I would bet on Earl to win in a heartbeat.

He's a very underrated winner. He played a very dominant game in Fiji despirte being on one of the worst tribes.

Yau Man my choice. Can live with Earle winning. Really difficult season but not my favorite.

Earl island!

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26 John Cochran - 8th Place - South Pacific John Cochran - 8th Place - South Pacific John Martin Cochran, commonly referred to as simply Cochran, is an American reality television personality and television writer.

SERIOUSLY?!?!?! This guy blindsided all of his allies/threats with a smile on his face. Even more importantly, he sent out the ones who respected his gameplay, such as Malcolm, Andrea, and Brenda. He had such good control of the jury, he played every person except his closest ally in the game, and he won a bunch of immunity challenges. He was the definition of outplay, outwit, and outlast.

Like good wine, John got better with time! Hated the first flip flop on his first season... Hard to watch. Became lethal his second season, great confessionals... Like his win

Should be in the top 10. First season he was learning. Second and winning season, great example of learning from mistakes. Boston Rob and John probably the 2 best played seasons

Cochran is definitely one of the smartest people to ever play the game. He knew people would not see him as a threat so he used that to his advantage. He knew who was going home every Trible and he got rid of Malcom,Andrea and Brenda the 3 people that could of possibly beat him. He made his moves with perfect timing on top of all that he got every single jury vote at the end.

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27 Robert "Bob" Crowley - 1st Place - Gabon

He is so under rated. He STARTED fake idols, which many player have tried to copy, but none of them look as good as bobs. Plus, go Maine! I was so shocked when almost half the votes went to the runner up.

This guy is one of the greats. I would put him at number three. That's how good his game was. I think Parvati is highly overrated. Bob, on the other hand, played a magnificent game while still being sophisticated. Plus, he wore his buff like a bow tie!

Oldest survivor in history, also played an amazing strategic game, making easily the most convincing fake immunity idols of all time.

He did not start fake idols, china and fans vs favorites had fake idols

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28 Spencer Bledsoe - Survivor Cagayan

When he predicted the Final Two I was just blown away. I liked him from the beginning and even when he was playing negatively you always knew he'd rather play honestly than deceptive. If anyone had the worst time in his season it was definitely this guy, one of the few players I want to come back and actually be put on a good tribe.

I honestly think Spencer was the greatest non winner ever. He deserved a few votes in Cambodia and in Cagayan, after a lucky tribe switch, ran the game until Tasha's boot. I hope he plays again even though he would be marked as a threat and be voted out first.

Jeff said he was going to be first out. He was proved wrong. His alliance was picked out one by one he still stayed in. He was so smart and cunning. Should have beat Tony. I almost cried when he got out.

My spirit animal. - Quigsley

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29 Stephen Fishbach - 2nd Place - Tocantins

The brains of the greatest bromance in Survivor history. Hero's vs. Villains proved what kind of strategic game JT had without Stephen.

Stephen fishbach is one of my favorite players, and I was sad that he lost to JT and got blindsided by Spencer. If I would choose someone to win, hands down it would be Stephen fishbach.

Brilliant strategist. Both he and JT ran the post merge stage in season 18. He obviously wasn't going to beat JT, however, he probably wouldn't have lost unanimously if he didn't fail at the ftc.

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30 David Wright - 4th place - Millennials vs. Gen X

He really was the only one who actually knew what he was doing for most of the game. Everyone else really was just searching for allies and not really trying to be social. David had a great read on people and worked harder than anyone to get to the end. He was the only one who really deserved to win. - naFrovivuS

The MvGX cast was horrendous! This guy pretty much saved the season from being 100% terrible. Managed to avoid getting eliminated for so long despite being deceived as the biggest threat, took out rivals with ease, and if it weren't for Bret, he would've won. - isaaonrtdmtr

He is amazing

I went “what KEN?! ” when David was voted out. This blindside ruined the entire season because David was my favorite player. And to think DAVID PLAYED AN IDOL ON KEN!

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31 Terry Deitz - 3rd Place - Exile Island Terry Deitz - 3rd Place - Exile Island

Why is this guy way down here. How many people have been able to win that many straight immunity and reward challenges in a row, bring the immunity idol that far, and make it to the final 3 without an alliance.

One of the most honorable players. Being one of the record holders for most consecutive immunity wins he played hard for the million. Also a terrific father as he left his second chance to be with his son.

Terry didn't sink down to shady levels to play the game well! Loved him!

I swear this guy is the most forgotten amazing player.

1. Is one of the 5 guys in the 5 immunity wins in a row club.

2. Almost had the other tribe destroy itself with his wins.

3. Never sunk to lowdown plays to further himself.

4. Found a hidden immunity idol.

5. Honorably left his second time for his son.

He is my personal favorite and needs to come back.

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32 Colby Donaldson - 2nd place - Australia Colby Donaldson - 2nd place - Australia

Colby is extremely strategic and athletic. He has amazing attributes both socially and physically. He plays a game with ethic and moral as he allowed Tina to be in the final three in season 2 and he should have won, but kept true to his alliance. A trustworthy, smart, strong man that has every right to win

He stuck with his alliance and was kind. In the end he could have one, if he had not chose Tina. But of course he stuck with his alliance. So kind, strong, and smart. Awesome player.

His Heroes vs Villains performance was the most pathetic that I ever saw.

Colby was an emotional brat. He did not
Deserve to win. The kind of person you
Don't ever want to know, he's vicious.

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33 Jessica Sugar Kiper - 2nd Runner Up - Gabon

Good vs. Evil was the main priority for this pin-up model, who knew she could not win because she was hated by the jury, so she did the best she could to make sure a good person, particularly Bob Crowely, did win. She manipulated the game any way she could to make sure that happened, and it worked. Sugar was right about the jury hating her, but she was successful in getting Bob a million dollars.

Robbed of the million dollar vote by a bitter jury led by corinne, randy, and a bunch of other sore losers.

Sugar... Randy... Need I say more!

Maybe her social game and ftc performance aren't spectacular, but as a character she is really adorable and enjoyable to watch. Also nice to look at.

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34 Ethan Zohn - Winner - Africa

A huge physical threat as well as a great social threat. He also was able to be a leader in disguise with lex who got more votes because he seemed to be the person who was making the decisions. Also it didn't hurt that he was good looking and these qualities made him win survivor Africa

Really? 51st? He doesn't below here, in my opinion Ethan should be at the top ten. He played with integrity and strength.

One of the most undeserving winners. He only got to the end because Lex carried him.

35 Tina Wesson - Winner - Australian Outback

Doesn't deserve to be in the top ten but is very underrated. She orchestrated Mitchell's blindside by flipping Colby getting her Keith and Colby in power which led to them becoming the final 3. She and Colby also decided when to take out amber and jerri so they'll still have the majority.

This sweet southern nurse knew how to scheme with a smile. Her biggest accomplishment? Getting Colby to take her to the final two over the unlikeable, completely beatable Keith.

Brilliantly got Colby to take her to the final TC. Is sweet lethal southern lady. Others underestimated her sly fox skills.
Not even close to 2 time winner! Please. She was in the final five but no way was she ever going to final TC!

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36 Natalie White - Winner - Samoa

If Russell is so good the Natalie should be number 1. She played Russell big time. She realized that to win you gotta make it to the finals but you need to do it in a way that does not offend the jury. I am tired of hearing how Russell should have won Nat a lie kicked his dumb butt. Natalie played a complete game and definitely needs to be higher on the list. Only winners can be at the top! I thought the object is to win.

What's with all these Natalie > Russell comments? Did Natalie outwit Russell? Did Natalie outplay Russell? Not even close. Russell controlled the game and fooled everyone, Natalie was lucky that the jury was bitter. However she had a good way in getting people to like her which I respect. Natalie is a good player. But Russell is better.

Natalie really did play under the radar in the sense that she played as one of the less threatening players, only when the game came to it's final stages did her manipulation of Russell start to show when she went al the way to the end with him, she knew she would be more likable than he would be and that's why she won.

While the people who say Russell was robbed by a bitter jury on Heroes vs Villians are idiots, PARAVATI was the one robbed there, not Russell; Russell was robbed by a bitter jury to undeserving Natalie White for sure on Samoa. - quackerpacker

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37 Denise Stapley - Winner - Philippines

This woman reminded me of an older version of Stephanie Lagrossa who was a strong female player noted for being the first player to be on a one man team (only for a short while). Point being she dominated socially and gave every ounce of energy physically. She was never confrontational! She handled conflict like a pro. Not to mention she is from Iowa! #Iowanation I love watching older people dominate in Survivor because it is a hard game to win. I'm all about effort and what you do as a player to win not ride the coattail of someone else. Denise was one heck of a player to watch and was so glad she scored with the jury across the board. She deserved it!

Denise was a very strong competitor that I almost cried when she got eliminated, Amanda chose Todd over Denise. Todd won and became the most worst alcoholic in the world, look him up. Amanda made a bad choice. Denise. I wish you good luck in your life and career

Was someone talking about Denise Martin from China? Well, we're talking about Denise Stapley from Philippines.

Well of course you must be a good player to go though the whole season going to tribal concil every three days she went through every tribal concil there was that season and I mean I know that some people sorry I mean everyone else on this list could never do that good

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38 Erik Reichenbach - 5th Place - Survivor: Micronesia Erik Reichenbach - 5th Place - Survivor: Micronesia

I love Erik but wish he did more in Caramoan.

39 Jerri Manthey - 8th Place - The Australian Outback

Jerri was the only player to go through heroes vs villains without making any ennemis... She was half a second from winning that final immunity challenge and if she would have won, she would of won the million. She went from being a so so player to one of the best the game has seen in heroes vs villains

Jerri made a huge turn around in gameplay in heroes vs. Villains... She was an inch away from a million dollars

She was suppose to be this huge villian but wasn't... Seriously lacking self awareness... Arrogant about her alliance which was non existent! So exhausted from her whining & food talk.

Became better in heros vs villians but mostly was seeking companionship with coach.

She should not play the game, nor provide commentary regarding the game! Sounds not nice but really her skill set needs to be redirected to something other than playing survivor or discussing survivor!

Her first season was insanely boring after she left

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40 Vecepia Robinson - Winner - Marquesas
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