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Top ten greatest players to ever play the American reality show, Survivor.

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61 Taj Johnson-George - 4th Place - Tocantins

She pulled her weight where ever she needed and showed she was never the weakest and for these things she was never targeted! She made it to the end and only lost to JT who we all know was going to take Stephen. She made a fake idol, a secret exile alliance (eh), a strong alliance of 3 that went up against 6 others and all made it to the end, and with all of this maintained a great social game and making sure if she made it to the end she would've gotten all the votes. And trust me she would've cleaned up at Final Trobal Council with then laugh out loud. Three words. Smart Stratigic Social

She made a fake idol people. Like really. Who thought of that one... Oh yea Taj did seems pretty smart to me

What did she do bad? (nothing) Had the most secret Survivor alliance ever!

Should be on kinda higher position in ranking

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62 Sash Lenahan - 3rd Place - Nicaragua
63 James Clement - 7th - China James Clement - 7th - China

Remains one of the most physically strong players ever to play the game. He manages every time to play a good social game, just needs to work on his strategic game.

Even if he played three times without winning a single individual immunity, he always played a GREAT social game. He was also the strongest man of his season every time he played Survivor. Too bad he has never won, he deserves it.

Best player ever you idiots for not liking him

YOU people r crazy if you don't like James he is the best survivor playlet Alvie you can't beat him even if people did in survivor that is not important every season he was in he rock the socks off everyone and if you were not wearing socks than pretend you were! I don't know how else to say I love you James even though you may not be reading this I LOVE you SO MUCH you're the best alive and I think your really cute even though your problem old and gray now and no offense to that but it's prolly true I don't get y your not number one I sucks so much with your amazing abes and all that muselle you can do anything who ever has you is so lucky I may not know you but I do know your an amazing person anyway bye people and JAMES you r the most amazing and insanely awesome know too man!

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64 Abi-Maria Gomes - 5th Place - Philippines

To all you fans who like Abi, sorry to say that she will never win the game of Survivor as she is not competitive most of the time, she cannot seriously strategize, and she yells at people for no apparent reason.

The atitudial little brazilian girl! She was funny!

Abi is one of my favorite villains, when she didn't like somebody she would show it to them right away, I'm extremely happy that she is coming back for Cambodia, she is my favorite contestant from Cambodia and the Philippines.GO ABI-MARIE


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65 Michaela Bradshaw - 14th Place - Survivor Millennial vs Gen X

Oh, Michaela. Has a mouth full of sass and and face full of emotion. Makes all the right moves to advance in this game. Aligns with all the right people, and knows how to talk others into voting with her. However, I don't see her winning Game Changers. - naFrovivuS

I love her! She did better in game changers!

66 Ken Hoang - 5th Place - Gabon

Ken was the villain of Survivor Gabon, he blindsided Ace by manipulating Sugar, he convinced Susie to flip and blindside Marcus (with help form Crystal) he blindsided Charlie for revenge by manipulating his own tribe, Sugar and Susie, he also outsmarted Corrine by making a brilliant plan which ended up blindsiding her, and made a great plan to blindside Bob, but it ended up going wrong. He dominated Survivor Gabon and also when Fang was down to 4 members and Kota had 6 members, he managed to vote every single Kota member off the game exept for Bob.

Underrated strategic player. Great Blindside on Ace, lying to sugar to save himself. Controlled quite a few votes. He was kind of Annoying complaining about the immunity deal with Bob though.

Ken should be in top 10, totally an underrated player.

Godlike SSBM player.

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67 Shii Ann Huang - 6th - All Stars

Without a doubt one of the most intelligent people to play Survivor. She was a great player who just never really had numbers. No one listened to her in All Stars (which a lot of them obviously should have done) and she got screwed by a stupid twist in Thailand. I think she would've gone all the way had it not been for that twist.

Love the shii devil. She was worth it for her commentary alone.

A very smart and underrated player. One of the best players in Thailand. - naFrovivuS

She is one of the most overrated players in Survivor history. Nothing compared to Brian Heidik.

68 Andrea Boehlke - 5th Place - Survivor: Redemption Island

She would have won caramoan had she not been so paranoid about brenda

69 Mike Holloway - Winner - Survivor: Worlds Apart Mike Holloway - Winner - Survivor: Worlds Apart

Had Carolyn not made her one mistake taking out Tyler too early, she would have won. Besides, Mike had no social game or much strategic game. Hatch beats Kelly. Yul beats Ozzy.

Won his season despite being on the bottom. Won five immunity necklaces. Would have competed in Cambodia had he not won. Deserved to win over Carolyn and Will. - Turkeyasylum

If the goal of the game is to outwit, outplay, and outlast, Mike Holloway is third behind Russel and Ozzy.

Umm... Mike is not the 69th best player. he HAD to win 5 immunitys and play an idol! carolyn should have won unanimous! - JJS32503

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70 Marty Piombo - 11th place - Nicaragua

Despite the young alliance ganging up on him, he controlled his tribe and decided time after time who left the game

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71 Rudy Boesch - 3rd Place - Borneo

He managed to do more in every aspect of the game than most of the chickens in future seasons. And he was at most 50 years older than them! - naFrovivuS

The strongest 75 year old man I know

72 Woo Hwang - 2nd Place - Cagayan

I liked him but I don't think he should even be in the top 20 he should be like 28 or 30

This dude is amazing, a huge physical threat and an okay strategic player.

What is he doing here?

Not the best

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73 Chrissy Hofbeck - Runner-up - Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

Should've won. Ben was awful socially and physically. - naFrovivuS

74 Gervase Peterson - 11th place - Borneo

So good only reason he didn't win was that he was a threat and so he should have won

75 Jeremy Collins - 10th Place - San Juan del Sur

Jeremy is way too low. In my opinion, he is the 10th best winner and 11 best player. He played a very dominant game in Cambodia. He led the majority alliance, told all his allies that he had their backs on day one, found 2 idols, aligned with bigger targets so he wouldn't be seen as a threat, let Joe, Savage and Stephen take all the heat, let the others go after Joe, savage, Stephen, Kelly and even Tasha, somehow managed to avoid being a target until the f6 despite being in the control the entire time and pulling all the strings, won the final immunity challenge and played a good social game. His game was so good that people didn't even realize that his game was so good. Ciera pointed out that Jeremy will win if he makes it to the end and he is apart of the majority alliance, but he still managed to not be a target. That's good gameplay. He ran the show from day one. The sympathy card had no impact on his win. He would have won regardless. If he didn't play the sympathy card he would ...more

Why is Jeremy way down here? He should definitely be in the top 15 at least. He was at the top of the game the whole time! He found two idols, and he didn't manipulate or lie to get to the end. He is also a very likeable guy.

Jeremy almost played a perfect game. Nobody targeted him after making that move playing his idol on Stephen. Everything he did in the game had some strategic value.

Only 88? He should be at least in top 5!

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76 Jay Starrett - 6th Place - Millennials vs. Gen X
77 Caleb Reynolds - 15th Place - Kaôh Rōng Caleb Reynolds - 15th Place - Kaôh Rōng Caleb Matthew Reynolds is a hunting guide from Hopkinsville, Kentucky. He is best known for his appearance on the sixteenth season of the reality series Big Brother, where he placed fourth,.
78 Brad Culpepper - Runner Up - Game Changers

5 individual immunity wins in a single season, tied for most ever. Played a dominant game and was awarded 2nd place. Some could even argue that he should have won because both him and Sarah treated people poorly.

79 Joe Mena - 8th Place - Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers
80 Michael Skupin - Runner Up - Philippines Michael Skupin - Runner Up - Philippines Michael David Skupin is an American software publisher and television personality, best known for competing on two different seasons of the reality competition show Survivor.

Skip in probably would have won Australia if it was not for the campfire.

After watching this tragic event I have always been afraid of fire


Hate this guy

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