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81 Latasha Fox - Cagayan

Tasha is a very beautiful, smart, and strong. Don't judge this woman. She could of been on any tribe and succeeded and not get eliminated.

R u serious she is at least a top 20 player

82 Peih-Gee Law - 5th Place - China

Peih Gee was amazing on her first attempt. She was an underdog who if one thing went differently she would've won China.

I wish peih-gee would of got along with Abi, if so, peih-gee could of made it far or even of won.

I totaly forgot about her

83 Carolyn Rivera - Runner-up - Worlds Apart

She was very underrated. She must've been sick at finale night. Not only did she not get picked for second chances, but she got the same number of sole votes as WILL. That's just an insult to her gameplay.

Found an idol on day 3 and was able to keep it longer than anybody. Her one mistake was not putting Dan in 7th place, tyler in 6th, so she could use tyler's strength to possibly beat Mike in immunity challenges, and taking out Tyler one tribal too early costed her her idol. She could have played it on Sierra to take out Rodney and Sierra would have beat Mike at final 4 immuntity and Carolyln would have beaten Will and Sierra at final tribal.

In my opinion, Mama C is the 3rd best non-winner of all time behind of course the lovely and deadly Cirie Fields and the knowingest know it all Rob Cesternino. Should have won Worlds Apart.

She played a good game

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84 Keith Nale - 4th Place - San Juan del Sur

He would have won had he not lost the final immunity. He was a bigger threat then Natalie, was a challenge beast in his fifties, a firefighter, and he kept sliding by. He did all this without a real alliance or even knowing how to play at the start of the game.

As far as days played, Kieth is really up there for 2 times playing the game

85 Dawn Meehan - 10th Place - South Pacific
86 Leif Manson - 9th Place

I almost cried when he got voted out

87 Lisa Whelchel - Runner Up - Philippines
88 Tarzan Smith - 6th Place - One World

Although it may seem like an odd suggestion, Tarzan really did use the 'fly under the radar' approach to the game. Although he could be loud and somewhat random at times his strategy of what can be looked at as 'whatever goes' really helped him outlast all the men. Even when he was the last man standing he still used Kat's childish behaviour to his advantage and got her eliminated. I believe he was a great Survivor player because he did not go down without a fight and when he fought, he fought like he was half his age.

89 Jenna Morasca - Winner - Amazon

An underrated winner who made amazing moves... The only previous winner who actually had a real chance in survivor All-Star

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90 Reynold Toepfer - 8th Place - Caramoan
91 Jonas Otsuji - 12th Place - One World
92 Jill Behm - 13th Place - Nicaragua
93 Sarah Naomi Dawson - 13th Place - Philippines
94 Christine Shields-Macroski - 13th Place - South Pacific

Christine earned her place on the list because, not only was she one of the only people on Upolu to see through the headlights of Coach but she was also a fierce fighter on Redemption Island. The only thing that stopped her was Ozzy's rather dumb move to vote himself out and go to Redemption Island to eliminate her. If Christine had come back she probably would have fought hard to stay in the game and turned on Upolu like she promised the Savaii tribe she would whilst she was on Redemption Island. Furthermore she was taking on people half her age and she was still winning to such an extent that the most athletic guy on the island had to take her out.

She doesn't get enough credit for beating so many people on Redemption Island and on top of that being considered an older woman. Also, she lost to not just anybody, but she lost to the challenge dominator! Let's be real here, she lost to Ozzy.

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95 Sally Schumann - 8th Place - Panama

Awesome, smart, strong, and screwed by being in the minority. She really needs to return!

96 Monica Culpepper - Runner Up - Blood vs Water

Monica was a badass. The queen of immunity challenges during the merge, Monica proved to Brad culpepper that there's another badass in the house, and that's her.

97 Christy Smith - 6th Place - Survivor: The Amazon
98 Angie Layton -16th Place - Philippines

Angie Layton was a favorite. If Russell wasn't in control of Matsing, Angie would've made it really far with Malcolm & Denise. Such a shame that a great player got voted out so quickly by a returning player :(

99 Greg Buis - 9th Place - Survivor: Borneo
100 Kathy Vavrick O'Brien - 3rd Place - Survivor: Marquesas
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