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101 Angie Layton -16th Place - Philippines

Angie Layton was a favorite. If Russell wasn't in control of Matsing, Angie would've made it really far with Malcolm & Denise. Such a shame that a great player got voted out so quickly by a returning player :(

102 Greg Buis - 9th Place - Survivor: Borneo

First person to win individual immunity, first person to win a loved ones challenge, first member of a jury, this guy has it all! - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

103 Kathy Vavrick O'Brien - 3rd Place - Survivor: Marquesas
104 Jefra Bland - 7th Place - Cagayan

Such a sweetheart! Very sad to see her go. I felt that she couldve made it further if she sided with Jeremiah, Tasha & Spencer.

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105 Austin Carty - 9th Place - Panama V 1 Comment
106 Wes Nale - 9th Place - San Juan del Sur
107 Aaron Reisberger - 12th Place - China
108 Sarah Naomi Dawson - 13th Place - Philippines
109 Holly Hoffman - 4th Place - Nicaragua

Although she was seen as somewhat of a mean player the moves she made were some of the best that anybody had made. Not only did she blindside the biggest threat, alliance leader Brenda, but she also managed to survive besides doing this long enough to nearly get to the Finals. Although the cast weren't that fond of her, it is pretty obvious that Holly really di shape the way the game turned out through her actions.

110 Kelly Wiglesworth - Runner Up - Survivor: Borneo

Totally deserved to win Borneo. Kelly knew her alliance planned to blindside her, so she went and won 5 challenges is a row. Lost by only one vote because Greg did his number thing.

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111 Carter Williams - 6th Place - Phillipines

One of the best players of the season, and super loyal to whoever he was with. Should have won the season. And he won challenges like crazy.

112 Elisabeth Hasselbeck - 4th Place - The Australian Outback
113 Lex van den Berghe - Third Place - Survivor Africa

I was disappointed Lex didn't win Africa. As much as I liked Ethan, Lex played a great physical and mental game. A good strong competitor

It would have been one of the best finails if Kim didn't win the final 2 immunity challenges

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114 Tom Buchana - 4th Place - Survivor: Africa
115 Colleen Haskell - 6th Place - Survivor: Borneo

She was so well liked she co-stared in a movie with Rob Schneider called The Animal. Never a bad word about anyone, kind, sweet, and belongs in the top 5 favorites.

No one has a single bad thing to say about Colleen. Easily one of the most beloved survivors ever, to the point that CBS would murder children if it meant Colleen returning. But she was also rather smart. She was the first pagong to realize the existence of the Tagi Allaince, as well as the first person to form and counter Allaince (her, Jenna, and Gervase). If Sean wasn't such a spineless twat, she could have turned the game around, and no one on the entire planet would have beaten her at FTC.

116 Sean Rector - 5th Place - Survivor: Marquesas

Oh, Sean. - naFrovivuS

117 Danielle DiLorenzo - 2nd Place - Panama

She was a bomb that would explode if you came 10 feet next to her.

118 Jaclyn Schultz - 2nd Place - San Juan del Sur
119 Dave Ball - 8th Place - Samoa
120 Brad Virata - Cook Islands

Had a strong social game but lost it when his tribe flipped on him for no reason

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