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101 Austin Carty - 9th Place - Panama V 1 Comment
102 Wes Nale - 9th Place - San Juan del Sur
103 Danni Boatwright - Winner - Guatemala

With a sly smile and cunning sneakiness, Danni showed that it is possible to survive after your entire alliance has been voted out.

you made a great job in guatemala...

Under rated! Sly, cunning, athletic, social & stanama in a very physically draining season! Love to see her play again

She made literally no mistakes. She hid strategy from cameras to avoid jeff's revealing questions at tribal council (like nobody before her) made social bonds with everybody in the jury including steph's only ftc voter, and slid her way into the remaining alliance, orchestrated judd's blidside, and won fic. She is probably the best female player ever.

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104 Erinn Lobdell - 3rd Place - Tocantins

She was a smart and subtle strategist, who manipulated the whole game until JT won the final immunity challenge, which was the only thing that could've happened that would've stopped her from winning. - ilovekelly75

If she won that final immunity challange, she would of been the first player to jump boat and win.

They should bring her back! She deserves it!

105 Benjamin "Coach" Wade - 5th Place - Tocantins

First two seasons werent that great, but in South Pacific, he really called the shots. That isn't to say Sophie was undeserving, but its always hard being a returning player, and to play the game that Coach did, I really think he should have came away with the million dollars

Coach is hysterical, he makes me laugh, now I meditate because of him!

106 Sonja Christopher - 16th Place - Borneo

What? The first person to be voted out in the history of the show is 62bd best? I don't think so...

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107 Colton Cumbie - 13th Place - One World Colton Cumbie - 13th Place - One World

Lazy, rude, and desperate. Tried to hang around with the girls, almost getting himself voted off. - naFrovivuS

He couldn't even be voted out of a season he sucked

I watched survivor one world and I want him to win... Sadly with a little bacterial infection he lost the game... Hope he's one of the 3 returnees in survivor Philippines

At least Russell was useful. - isaaonrtdmtr

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108 Rupert Boneham - 8th Place - Pearl Islands Rupert Boneham - 8th Place - Pearl Islands Rupert Boneham is an American mentor for troubled teens, who became known to reality television audiences in 2003 as a contestant on Survivor: Pearl Islands where he placed 8th.

If Richard Hatch didn't event survivor Rupert would had been number 1. Everybody focuses on strategy. He brings survival into the game. Focus on survival now. God, he knows how to go far without strategy and without riding people's coattails.

I think Rupert is honestly one of the people that made Survivor such a big hit. He's strong, he's fast, and he's no slouch in the brain department either

Loved Rupert from the first episode. He should come back again for another go-around.

From the minute he took the other players shoes... I was hooked on the show and loved Rupert!

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109 Aaron Reisberger - 12th Place - China
110 NaOnka Mixon - 9th Place - Nicaragua NaOnka Mixon - 9th Place - Nicaragua

She may have been an ahole and a female dog but she was smart... Admit it! She scared people and they hated her the whole game until she quit. How far could've she gotten with the idol she had. Who knows maybe to the end?

"She played the game very well! If she did not quit she would of maybe won!

111 Jonathan Penner - 7th Place - Philippines Jonathan Penner - 7th Place - Philippines

He was targeted right from the start by Jeff Kent, but through a combination of challenge wins, smooth talking, and immunity idols he schemed his way to the final seven. He would have won if he had joined Lisa and Skupin. He never gave up, which is why he got so far. He is a consistently strong finisher.

This guy was so enjoyable and charismatic - q1q1q1q1q1

When he returned on the Philippines, I screamed with joy

Jonathan penner was awesome and a very huge strategical threat.

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112 Holly Hoffman - 4th Place - Nicaragua

Although she was seen as somewhat of a mean player the moves she made were some of the best that anybody had made. Not only did she blindside the biggest threat, alliance leader Brenda, but she also managed to survive besides doing this long enough to nearly get to the Finals. Although the cast weren't that fond of her, it is pretty obvious that Holly really di shape the way the game turned out through her actions.

113 Francesca Hogi - 20th Place - Caramoan Francesca Hogi - 20th Place - Caramoan

Francesca was a good player, she just didn't have the opportunity too. It was sad to see her go home 1st again. I felt so bad.

Francesca may not be the best player in the world but she had the most potential to be. The both times she played she was voted out first because she was a threat. In Redemption Island Rob got rid of her because she was only one with the balls to go after Rob and in Caramoan she was voted out because she was leading the alliance that was against Phillip's. In both games she played, although she wasn't there long, she played a clean cut game, if either of the votes had gone her way Phillip would be gone and she would have been relatively in power.

114 Kelly Wiglesworth - Runner Up - Survivor: Borneo

Totally deserved to win Borneo. Kelly knew her alliance planned to blindside her, so she went and won 5 challenges is a row. Lost by only one vote because Greg did his number thing.

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115 Tyson Apostal - Winner - Blood vs Water

The guy was quite a character and added tons of laughs in Tocantins although he basically voted himself out in Heroes vs Villains. But in Blood vs. Water, he was a machine. When the merger happened, he proved time and time again he was the smartest player as well as dominating in challenges. He played, in my opinion, a pretty flawless game from Day 1 to 39. Won more challenges than any season 27 competitor, stuck to alliances, manipulated players like Monica and Sierra, and when he made it to the final tribal council, we all knew who would win. He won 7-1-0 with only Vytas voting for Monica. Tyson, based on his season 27 performance alone should be in the top ten players list because he took over the game start to finish.

Never have I seen a contestant make such a big comeback. Tyson definitely dominated all aspects of the game in Blood vs. Water. He was physically dominant, socially dominant, and somehow even strategically dominant. Definitely deserved to win. - naFrovivuS

Funniest player to win and one of the smartest. Domination is the only word worthy of describing of his winning season. In the final tribal council, the other players had nothing to say because he led the alliance and made all the moves. Plus Gervasse annoyed everyone and Monica was just so paranoid and naive.

Yes, Tyson was an idiot twice but played one of the best games ever in bvw. he should be in the top ten

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116 Kat Endorsson - 7th Place - Survivor: One World
117 Fabio Birza - Winner - Survivor: Nicaragua

He won and he is not higher, what!

This guy was hilarious

118 Carter Williams - 6th Place - Phillipines

One of the best players of the season, and super loyal to whoever he was with. Should have won the season. And he won challenges like crazy.

119 Candice Cody - 8th Place - Cook Islands

I love candice 100%... the reason why I love watching survivor because of her... I think she was the strongest female player of all survivor seasons... No doubt.. Followed by andrea of redemption island.

She was the reason I started watching survivor she was amazing. AMAZING

She's a great physical player, no doubt about that!

120 Elisabeth Hasselbeck - 4th Place - The Australian Outback
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