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121 Lex van den Berghe - Third Place - Survivor Africa

I was disappointed Lex didn't win Africa. As much as I liked Ethan, Lex played a great physical and mental game. A good strong competitor

It would have been one of the best finails if Kim didn't win the final 2 immunity challenges

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122 Tom Buchanan - 4th Place - Africa
123 David Samson - 1st Voted Out - Cagayan

Why is he on the list if he was first voted out?

Only reason he went out early was because Garrett was a baby.

124 Colleen Haskell - 6th Place - Survivor: Borneo

She was so well liked she co-stared in a movie with Rob Schneider called The Animal. Never a bad word about anyone, kind, sweet, and belongs in the top 5 favorites.

No one has a single bad thing to say about Colleen. Easily one of the most beloved survivors ever, to the point that CBS would murder children if it meant Colleen returning. But she was also rather smart. She was the first pagong to realize the existence of the Tagi Allaince, as well as the first person to form and counter Allaince (her, Jenna, and Gervase). If Sean wasn't such a spineless twat, she could have turned the game around, and no one on the entire planet would have beaten her at FTC.

125 Sean Rector - 5th Place - Survivor: Marquesas

Oh, Sean. - naFrovivuS

126 Danielle DiLorenzo - 2nd Place - Panama

She was a bomb that would explode if you came 10 feet next to her.

127 Corinne Kaplan - 7th Place - Gabon

Corinne is the most nastiest person out there. That's why I love here. The reason everyone couldn't handle her, is because she will tell right to your face if she likes you or not. For example:sugar, anti depressants, and Phillip, who was just not nice to her and made this quote that will forever stay in my mind,"you are the most selfish person I have ever met". That's from a officer from the state. That's why Phillip goes down as the worst competitor ever to play. Same with sugar. I watched her in heroes vs villains. Then watched season 17 when corinne told sugar her jury speech, now I don't like sugar because corinne hates her. If corinne did play for a 3rd time, she would not win indeed, but she would make it at least on the jury and I would route her on. She goes for the best survivor ever to play.

She was really smart but the tribe switch screwed everything up in her game.

She could have gone all the way if they didn't switch the tribes up twice.

She was also in season 26

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128 Jaclyn Schultz - 2nd Place - San Juan del Sur
129 Dave Ball - 8th Place - Samoa
130 Brad Virata - Cook Islands

Had a strong social game but lost it when his tribe flipped on him for no reason

131 Twila Tanner - 2nd Place - Vanuatu

The Most Underrated Player in the game - strategic to a fault, where her gameplay has become acceptable and lauded nowadays in terms of the gameplay these days, she played with a ferocity that scared her rivals and ultimately cost her the win - sore feelings and an rightfully unapologetic strategy resulted in her million going to a spineless winner who assuaged and ego-stroked his way to the million.

132 Cao Boi - Cook Islands

Well, he did invent the split vote, so I guess he had something to do with the rules of Survivor

I tried his "head ache" method. Hurt pretty bad but works. Try it people

He is the funniest person from the Cook Islands

133 Kelley Wentworth - San Juan Del Sur/Cambodia

Kelley had a first run that was cut short really because of her father being there, she was checkmated by his behavior and her only option would have been to vote him out, but even that would've sealed her fate for the next tribal, because who was going to trust the girl that voted her dad out pre-merge? Before this, she was still able to survive after randomly being targeted by Drew Christy for being too large of a threat. She orchestrated his vote off and even though the season had a weird gender imbalance, she was able to rally the minority group of girls to take over the dysfunctional boys and send out the guy targeting her in her first tribal council.
Kelley in Second Chances proved Drew Christy's prophecy of her being a major threat as nothing but the truth. Finding the first ever hidden immunity idol in a challenge in the very first challenge was her first sign that she was there to play. After that, and after successfully voting with the majority the first tribal, she found ...more

In San Juan Del Sur, she never got to play the game she wanted because she not only had to look out for herself but for her dad as well which led to her downfall and being voted out, this time in Cambodia she finally got the individual game she always wanted to play, she even found and played two idols which is her biggest improvement in the game in my opinion.

She is I think better than Parvati, as she does not really use some villainous technique to do some great blindside. And if Jeremy choose her instead of Spencer, then he might 1 million dollar poor than what he is now.

I knew since San Juan Del Sur that she is a beast. Best player of Cambodia, I have no doubt that she will be back for a third time

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134 Adam Klein - Winner - Millennials vs. Gen X

I keep changing my mind about this guy. Played to win for his mom, but had a confusing social game, giving away all his information to the enemy, and almost costing his own game multiple times. - naFrovivuS

Adam sucked, threw his game several times, relied too much on flipping, and didn't do much until the final 6. - isaaonrtdmtr

135 Vytas Baskauskas - 10th Place - Blood vs. Water
136 Sierra Reed - 7th Place - Tocantins
137 Cydney Gillon - 4th place - Survivor Kaoh Rong
138 Reed Kelly - 9th Place - San Juan Del Sur
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