Parvati Shallow - Winner - Micronesia

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Parvati Shallow is an American television personality and was the $1,000,000 winner of the reality television series Survivor: Micronesia.


Cunning and charming, she manipulated her way through both Fans vs. Favorites and Heroes vs. Villains. She went into H/V with a target on her back and was able to control Russell and use him to her benefit. She undoubtedly deserved to win Heroes vs. Villains; her double-immunity-blindside (on J. T. ) was the sole reason the final 3 consisted of all villains.

It amazes me see Rob M #2 in this list. The most overrated player ever, doesn't come close to the greatest players, like Parvati, Cirie, Yul Kwon... he got outplayed in 3 seasons, so Survivor producers realised the only chance he had was to team him up with a bunch of starstruck sheep morons, and adding a stupid twist in case his tribe was too scared to keep him around, like the other tribe was with Russell.

Anyway, Parvati deserves the #1 spot, although I believe others like Cirie, Yul Kwon, Yao Man, Sandra Diaz and Tom Westman deserve it too. I credit Parvati success for teaming up with Cirie, who's at least just as dangerous as Parvati. It's not a surprise both were targeted early in HvV, and Parvati showed how great she is at this game by aligning herself with Russell (who's a great player with a terrible social gameplay), and playing him the entire season. It took a little bit of luck, if Russell wasn't there (or if all those people had the chance to watch Samoa before), I ...more

She is better than Russell only for the fact that she has won. They are both great, but she was able to manage the jury well enough in Micronesia to win.

Anybody who ranks Boston Rob ahead of Parvati is ignorant. First of all it took Rob 4 chances to finally win, and in 2 out of those 4 times he didn't even make the jury, including the one time he played against Parvati. PArvati won her second chance in one of the best seasons ever. And just a couple seasons later she came very close to becoming the first two-time winner. She has never failed to make it to the merge and two of the three times she made it to the finals. She engineered one of the best blindisdes ever when she blindsided Ozzy. She is cunning and crafty but still manages to be likeable, unlike other female players like Corinne from Gabon and FvFII who were just annoying and not very good players. Parvati is by far the best player. Some say she's overrated. Nonsense! If anything she doesn't get enough credit.

Parvati is indeed a great player. She managed to sway a jury and won their votes eventually, which Russel couldn't do in three seasons. I believe she is also above the likes of Boston Rob solely because she managed to not only beat him, but won on her second chance while he needed four shots to win. Proving herself in challenges against great physical threats like Rupert and Colby is also a huge plus.

Thanks to the Yul's Idol, she didn't have much luck in Cook Islands, only getting sixth place, but in Micronesia, the format of the idol was different so that it was possible to blindside the person with the idol, which is exactly what she did three different times. She was brilliant at manipulating, and had several different alliances wrapped around her finger, and just played them out until the end.

Parvati knows when to keep her mouth shut and when to make her bold move. She's cunning and charming, she's good in challenge, she's got really good social skills, she's the package that no players have ever had. Yes, there are physically stronger people than her, smarter people than her, but has there ever been anyone with all of that together? No. She's the package.

I give her the vote over Rob because she had to work harder to keep things in her favor. Russell is a joke, you can tell he is a con-artist from a mile away. No one with an IQ would ever be fooled by him in RL. The other 2, Rob and Parv, could take your wallet and make you feel good about it.

She is amazing in every aspect I can think of. Cunning, Malicious, but charming and caring at the same time. It is quite insane at how great she is in the strategic, athletic, and social aspects of the game. The true Queen of Survivor and the best player ever to play the game, no doubt.

Best Survivor ever. Only Cirie is able to challenge her when it comes to scheming and Parvati is way ahead of Cirie in the physical aspect so that instantly gives her the top spot. She is always considered a threat but is somehow able to find a way around it. She should have won HvV but people were just to upset that they were fooled by her and allowed her to get to the end that they didn't vote for her

Absolutely the best female player and deserve to be name survivor queen, good in strategizing n playing mind games. Great physical game played n dominate most challenges in heroes vs villain. Even at the start of season 16 Micronesia and season 20 heroes vs villains she already had a big target on her back but she manages to convince everyone to keep her in the game. At first she tries to fly under the radar and not reveal her game plans then she uses her flirtatious charm to lure men but she is very smart especially when she played both immunity idols to save her alliance on season 20.

she was the best female survivor, she might have won if they didn't brought sandra to the finals, because jerri and russell have no chance of winning if they were the final three but that's it, for me she was the BEST.

Best Player Of All Time. Never will anyone have a better social game, better physical game, or a better mental game. To bad the best player doesn't always win. Parv. should have won HvV.

Although I love Sandra I truly believe Parvati should have won haveV. She plays a great strategic game and gets far, if not wins, every time she plays. She is responsible for some of the most epic blindsides in survivor history. She has also aligned herself, and in the end defeated, two other players whom I would consider top 10 (Amanda and Russell). Beauty and Brains all in one package!

Brilliant strategist, winning social game via a flirty and trustworthy personality, and phenomenal physical competitor. She can play dirty without pissing off all of the people she played.


Best overall player on survivor ever. Parvati knew how to use her interpersonal relationships to her advantage, forged strong alliances with herself at the center, and made the best strategic moves in the game by far.

Actually cirie came up with the idea, Amanda strategized on how to convince erik to give up the immunity necklace, and then Natalie and cirie convinced erik to give it up. I just watched that episode

I never liked parv in Cook Islands because of her flirtatious personality. but the time I saw her gameplay during Micronesia, I was blown away of how she did it. she blindsided ozzy and even running the show and from season 20 I was amazed that she did again parvati, in my opinion is the best survivor of all times

Parvati shallow is awesome every time and some people may say she was under Russell's wing in heroes vs villains but I believe she wasn't and even if she was she would do it for strategy. And Parvati so deserved to win in Micronesia over Amanda because even though Amanda was good you could say it was Parvati who made some moves and I must say Parvati is not overrated and my family plays a game called the celebrity game and Parvati shallow is always the first one. parv is awesome!

Parvati was decent in Micronesia, but she screwed over Ozzy and that makes me hate her. She made one good move in Heroes Vs. Villians, other than that Russell did all the strategy there. I'd put her in maybe in the 20's or 30's of best player.

1. ) Russel didn't win
2. ) It took Rob 3 times (Parvati 2) He only won because the game was set up for him everyone knows that.
3. ) and she made it to the finals AFTER she had already won! AND Sandra only beat her by ONE vote! She even managed a respectable finish her first time playing on Cook Islands (6th or 5th I think). - davidthenurse

The best ever no contest. Played both Russell and Boston Rob, the look on their faces during tribal council after her moves was priceless.

A coherent combination of physical ability, mental capacity, strategy, confidence, and flirtatiousness.

Best all around game by far. Her biggest problem the last time was that she was already a target from day 1. - davidthenurse