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Robert Carlo "Rob" Mariano, known by the nickname Boston Rob, is an American television personality, widely known for appearing in several reality shows, including Survivor, and The Amazing Race with his wife, Amber Mariano.


Rob has showed that he's the best because he controls what people think and do. Although I love how Russell plays the game, at the end it was all the same, over and over, from season to season.

Rob Mariano is by far the best survivor in history. Russell "beating" him in Heroes v. Villains? Yeah, that never happened--he would've been out only a few weeks in had it not been for Tyson. Rob has played flawless strategic games and has proved himself to be physically and mentally dominant over all. He carried Amber to victory in All Stars, was robbed of playing more in Heroes v. Villains, and embarrassed every single player in Redemption Island. He is strong, charming, and smart--and he outwits, outplays and outlasts every other survivor in history

He isn't the best player ever (in my opinion, there is no definite correct list) because he took 4 tries to win, and when he did win, it was against all new players on his fourth try which at the time was more than anybody, ever. I would put him just outside my top 10. (my top ten would be mostly one time winners) - Lukeanimal

Lets be hones Rob won All-stars and Redemption Island he's not only the survivor ever but the best person in game show history. Russel only got more votes because people think he's some kind of dark lord, while Robs strategy, and wit fly below the radar.

Rob is the most overrated Survivor ever.

1. Would have lost a jury vote to all but the 2 biggest goats ever Phillip and Natalie on his winning season. Which is precisely why he took them to the end, first off he is too much of a COWARD to go against any real competition, and secondly he knows he isn't even good enough to win against any respectable player. He couldn't even beat people like Grant or Ashley to win Survivor, only Phillip and Natalie.

2. didn't make the merge in 2 of his first 3 seasons.

3. Got his ass owned by both Russell and Parvati on Heroes vs Villians, a real cast so a true measure of ability, not playing Redemption Island vs mentals.

4. Had to be brought back again and again until he finally won. He would have played 10 times by now if he had not won Survivor yet, with more annoying and biased twists to help him.

Boston rob has proved to us that he is capable of using the strategy that will get you to the end of the game with the jury voting for you in the end. He has shown that he can keep other castaways in line by putting their targets away from him. He has the survival skills that will get the tribe to like you and keep you around for a while. He also has the physical strength that will keep his tribe immune and himself immune. In my honest opinion, Boston rob is the best there is, was, and ever will be at survivor.

How could rob not be number one? Played a perfect game in redemption island, made alliances, cut them off when he blindsided them, and still managed to get 8 out of 9 votes! Whereas russell, who played a ruthless game twice and made it to the end, was not even close to winning as no one was able to respect his game. Who knows, maybe it was David (the defense attorney) that was ultimately able to convince the others to see the perfectness of robs strategy. But his ability to drag the two hopeless competitors to the finish line is definitely worth admiring

Dude is the best c. omplete player he got screwed because tsyon couldn't do basic math in H v V he ran thhrough the game twice. who is the best puzzle maker? Who is better than him in challenges minus ozzy(if you disagree watch survivor all stars)? HE played the 1st and 3 rd best strategic seasons of survivor in RI and All Star respectively. Should have won all stars if he didn't play with hater. THen ater seeing how he played he still manage to controll the game twice. Russel you definitely in my top 4 but here is the best survivor ever.

Rob is a Survivor winner for Survivor: Redemption Island and honestly he should have won Survivor All-Stars. What is amazing about Rob is seeing that he could completely dominate the game in every aspect - physically, mentally, strategically landing himself in the finals with future wife and closet ally Amber and then come back during Redemption Island and have changed his game play but playing just as adeptly and go on to win.

Rob Mariano is the best survivor player because he has a way of manipulating people without them knowing. He doesn't use any special method but his brain. It amazes me that the people on survivor redemption Island didn't realise it. I guess he is just that good! Rob is the best in my eyes. He virtually one twice just he gave the first one to is gorgeous wife. He is an honourable man that is most certainly the best survivor player ever.

Possibly my all time favourite player. Rob plays with a finesse that some of my other favourites lack. He is patient, calculating and very physical in the challenges. It's hard not to respect a guy who is so athletic and then also very quick minded in the puzzle challenges. I loved watching his real life love story with Amber play out on screen. Thanks Rob for giving me my favourite Survivor season of all time (All Stars). I just hope they bring the season that you won out on DVD soon because I can't wait to buy that too.

I always believed Russell was the greatest player until rob played in redemption island and played the greatest survivor game I've ever seen rob had everyone playing like children I mean the buddy system was hilarious he knew who he could control and if you went against rob you were out in no time best player of this game ever also he did something Russell never did he won in the end!

Rob knows how to balance between popularity and basic progress in the game. He knows how to adapt quickly to various situation (like in season 22 whereby he quickly and naturally eliminated the black girl in the first episode)

Why would they let him come on the show 4 times? Because Boston Rob is the greatest player ever. He could be the nice guy and the mean guy. He showed both. He got snubbed his first season by his wife. Of course they vote for the women. Its just a pattern from Survivor history. He competed and played a strategic game. Hands down greatest. Everyone wanted to be on his side. If you weren't, well good luck losing.

He kind of won two season. He won a truck and carried amber to the finish where he proposed to her so even though he didn't win he kind of did. His second time he made a cult that listened to ever word he said. He would have won his third time to but his right hand man voted for the wrong person and screwed rob. He completely controlled three season when people knew that he could that the sad part.

HE didn't seem like he was an all star in those classic seasons but he's proved it in the all star season that he was a excellent player and the 3rd time he was totally robbed by that stocky weasel you call Russell and the 4th time it wasn't Survivor Redemption Island it was The Boston Rob Show because after Russell was gone it was all him.

There is no question that Rob is the greatest survivor of all time. He is the only person who tries to change the game ever time he plays. He is strong in the social game, and does well in both physical challenges and those that have puzzles. And there is no doubt he is good at strategy.

perfect game played in redemption island! Come on, forming a cult? who is capable of doing that other than him? Russell is only good the first time he played, but he just can't lose his arrogant, but Rob is different, he is willing to make changes, leading to his triumph

Rob is just plain awesome. If you watch the beginning of HvV, he basically carried the tribe. Starting fire w/o? Amazing! All those puzzle challenges? Still manages to win even when the Heroes have the lead! He always gives it his all, and you can see that in all seasons (esp in Redemption Island, fighting for a challenge he didn't even need to win) Top notch player, and always, always entertaining to watch!

In Rob's 4 seasons on Survivor, he's been a threat every time. His cunning and wit make him a dangerous player, let alone his physical prowess. He was the workhorse in Survivor haveV and Redemption Island. In his earlier seasons, he relied on backstabbing and tight alliances to go to the end. Russell is also good too, but when he's able to win a Survivor, then he can take the top spot from Boston Rob.

Took him four tries and won on a season where the producers basically all but handed him the win. Not as impressive as blowhards make him out to be...

Ran the show on redemption island, Probst said it "probably the closest to a perfect game ever played" not to mention that Russell got owned in that season. A strategic genius and likeable guy.

Clearly this was written before Redemption Island. Rob dominates strategically, physically and socially. He did what Russell never managed to do which was actually win when it came down to it.

Overrated, only won redemption because he was placed among idiots and hated competitors, also Jeff Probst has an obvious favoring towards him.

Rob displayed how the game should be played in Season 22. It was whatever he wanted, it happened! Absolutely amazing, and scary at the same time! How he had his tribemate's full loyalty.

Boston Rob knows how to play the game just as well as anyone else, but unlike most successful players, Rob has shown that he isn't a soulless strategist. He is a genuinely decent guy with a genuinely powerful game