Sandra Diaz-Twine - Winner - Pearl Islands

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Sandra Diaz-Twine is an American television personality who became known for her appearances on the reality game show Survivor. She's well known for being the only person to win twice.


Sandra is the greatest player ever. She won twice, which is very impressive because she only played two times. She is a liability in challenges, but this is best survivor players, not best challenge winners. She's very good at lying because she speaks her mind so often that people think she always tells the truth, so when she lies, nobody can tell. She's also good at changing peoples votes even when they're not in her alliance, like in heros vs. Villains when she made russel's alliance change their vote. People always underestimate her until she makes it to the end, where she blows away the jury in final tribal council to the point where they can't vote for anyone but her. I would love to see her in another all-star season.

Why did Russel win? The only reason he made it to the end twice is because people brought him there because they knew they could easily beat him in the final vote. That's why Sandra, Parvati, and Natalie are great players, and Russel is not. Russel sucks! ...more

Won twice, let other players take the bullets while she stayed out of the line of fire, made lasting relationships with fellow players which allowed her to get crucial jury votes, and knew exactly who's name to write down and when, while making important moves behind the scenes. Simple as that.

Sandra was one of three people that I thought can use their strategy to win. She may not be the strongest player (OK, maybe one of the weakest of all time), but what Sandra was really good at is aligning herself with the stronger people, and making them believe that she was riding their coattails, which she did with Parvati, Russell, and Lillian. The reason she had won on both of her seasons was that she stuck true to her alliances, got rid of the right people at the right time, and helping other players blindside their competition. But what really made her famous was her notorious line from Pearl Islands: as long as it ain't me. These are what made her the greatest player of all time.

There are lots of ways to describe the "perfect" game: having no votes cast against you (JT), receiving a unanimous vote from the jury in the end (Earl), having an alliance that holds strong through the very end of the game (Boston Rob). But, JT was running his game, and Earl's season was really boring. Boston Rob has played four times and finally won on round four. All of these are valid perspectives on the quality of the end result in a game of Survivor.

But there is another way to look at it, too - Sandra has played twice, and won twice. She has a perfect play/win ratio. While her style of gameplay - under the radar and willing to vote for anyone "as long as it's not me, " - is not full of the fireworks that you get from a player like Boston Rob, it works. She gets my vote for the best player ever, statistically.

She is the best player of survivor history shes proof it twice she stays low in the radar and plays a way that no one knows both times she played, she played by her self she lost her alliance early but manage to get to the end by herself without immunity idols or immunity challenges and always having the jury at her side

She's the best of all time. She's underrated by casual fans who don't under stand that the game isn't pulling of the biggest blind sides and getting to the end. The reason it's hard is you have to vote people out and still have them like you enough to give you a million dollars which is why a guy like Russell Hantz is a terrible survivor player he doesn't even understand how to win the game.

Sandra is not like most players. She is not the strongest.
Sandra won 2 times! One of my favorite moves by Sandra is in HvV when Russel targeted Courtney, but Sandra took the target off her back and convinced RUSSEL HANTZ to vote off Coach when she was no use to the tribe.

Russel was dumb enough to keep Sandra. Everyone was in fact because no one thought she would get the votes. Luckily, the heroes in the jury hated Parvati and Russel, so Sandra was their only choice.

Sandra is super strategic, people just have to know that!

Sandra is the underworld in a little jar that when you open, you will never see it coming.Sandra won the game survivor twice, and only played twice. She did horrible in challenges to get rid of the big threats and so they would never see sandra as a threat. She plays smart. In my opinion, Sandra would be the best, most talented strategist in survivor. Even better then Russell. She tricked Russell into voting for coach then for her alli, courtney. Even know she didn't get Russell's but out of the game, she threw away his hat that he covers up because he is bald. Sandra will do anything, whether it's a blindside or just strait out lying to get her way. This proves that Sandra is the best at survivor.

Seriously? A 3 time loser is #1? A guy who barely understands half the game is #1? He did nothing strategicaly after the merge in either season. Natalie got rid of Erik, then he used an idol and waited for some moron to flip. In his second season, he used a hidden immunity idol, and relied on somebody else being stupid and flipping. He didn't convince either of those players to flip, they were going to flip no matter who was on the other tribe. Then, in Redemption Island, he fails at basic math and goes home first on his tribe. Just a little tip for any future Survivor players: 6>3.

The only person in survivor history to have won twice. in heroes v villains, she, parvati and russel are in the final three and the heroes get completely slaughtered with colby as the last one, coming in fifth. - britainbird

Won twice, got a final 3 with 2 jury goats twice, never relied on immunity, never relied on immunity idols. Nobody's ever matched her, and has gotten 1 vote cast against her in 72 days. Nothing can argue with that record.

Competitively she wasn't the best but she had a great strategic and social game. And monumentally she was the first castaway to be rewarded the double crown so how could be possibly be any horrible.

She is so great because she picks the biggest villain on her season (Fairplay, Russel) and talks so much crap about them that the jury sees her as victorious over the villain.

She won a regular season, big whoop. Then, she went on to compete with the dirtiest players to ever compete on the show. She outwitted Russell, Coach, and made no enemies on the way. She won the season.

Sandra was totally one of the most smartest contestants on Survivor. She won 2 seasons, making her win $2, 000, 000! She is truly one of the best. I hope she comes back for a third season.

She is amazing and season heroes versus villains she got to the top, won, and then she was the last one in her alliance for a long time

The sassy latina mother turned her weaknesses into strengths, by perfecting the "as long as it's not me" strategy.

Sandra's strategic game was attempting to take out Russell but she did not even accomplish that. Plus she is awful at challenges

She's the best. Rob played four times to win and she bet Parvati which shows she is better people are so silly to think she isn't

Sandra is the best ever only player to go in a season 2 times and win she never got voted out she should be number one.

her gameplay isn't interesting to watch, but she's doing something right if she managed to win twice.

Even with Jeff Disliking her she still manages to win

the best overall player, her famous saying "as long as it isn't me", and two time winner

She is just a great player. She knows that you can't be too much of a leader and you can't be on the bottom

She played twice, she won twice - and one of those wins was in an all-star season.

Enough said.