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21 South Pacific

I thought this was a suspenseful season. Congrats to sophie for upsetting coach for sole survivor

Sophie is the only reason to watch this season

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22 Millennials vs Gen X

I have to say, this is one of the worst seasons. Despite having a memorable cast, the twist was constantly forced down your throat constantly, too many people didn't even know what they were doing and completely threw their games over. Not to mention the winner of the season almost ruined his own game multiple times before going for floating, then suddenly decided to be strategic. - naFrovivuS

Oh god, this should be much lower. I absolutely hated how Jeff constantly shoved the theme down our throats (again). Plus, almost no one played to win. They just wanted David gone half the time. David and Jessica were the only ones who truly played to win. - isaaonrtdmtr

I feel like this is one of survivor better seasons. Should be in top 10 for me

Oh boy. let's be honest, ken should've been gone earlier. mari should've made it to the end. ' millennials.

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23 Guatemala

This is by far one of the best seasons. It has a unique cast, a beautiful landmark, an array of crazy moments, and introduced the hidden immunity idol. I wish they used that format of playing it instead of now. - naFrovivuS

Other than maybe Micronesia, this season had the most good strategists.

I want to say that danni, steph, rafe, cindy, bj was the best there

My second favorite (after HvV) my favorites were Brandon Bobby Jon GaryDanni and Rafe. Crazy location, and incredible challenges made
This season incredible, along with the hidden immunity idol

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24 Koh Rong

Tai is easily the best SURVIVOR this season. By survivor I mean he is easily the most adaptable to the Koh Ring environment. This season is filled with the most medical instances I've seen! Caleb getting sent by medical early was a huge letdown but I bet he'll be back in another season. This season already has some nice blindsides and the cast is great.

This season will be much higher after all the decency bias. I am LOVING the suspensefulness so far! Best cast ever!

Jason and Scot are way worse than Russell, at least he kept it secret the pair is only isolating themselves.

I don't know about u but I liked that michelle won, I was backing her up (since the switch when I realised she was playing strategically by keeping her options open). With such an intense and brutal variety of players (in my eyes) a great winner to defeat aubry and tai (and my second favourite cydney). Plus I loved the super idol twist, the vote off a jury member twist, great location, nail-biting challenges and b v b v b theme. So many awesome things definitely my favourite season!

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25 Nicaragua

I liked or tolerated nearly all the cast. One of the better recent Survivors. - Turkeyasylum

The winter is my favorite person to ever be on survivor. Although it didn't have a theme like heroes vs villains it was one of my all-time favorite seasons.

Naonka horrible person! Holly & sash waste of space. The Italian mob guy that couldn't do any challenges. Marty so full of himself. We did get Jane!

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26 Marquesas

This season shouldn't come in this low. It is where Survivor stops being only about surviving the elements and just as much about outwitting. Had some very likeable characters and some pretty ok villains. Had a great twist prior to merge. The underdog victories had me cheering more than most seasons. It limped to the end but I would still place it in the top 15.

27 Africa

The last episode killed it for me, all that drama is what survivor thrives on. Plus it was in Kenya, my country.

28 Fiji

Yau's greatness alone propels Fiji onto the list. Combining with the amazing location, the memorable events within the season put it near the top. If it wasn't for the number of recruits Fiji would have a stronger case at #1. - Savastano20

This is a really ugly season, it has bullying, broken friendships, and awful editing.

Awful season, horrible cast (dreamz, rocky) and terrible boot order.

Earl, Yau, and Michelle saved this season from being the worst. It still was pretty bad. - naFrovivuS

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29 Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

To be honest, it feels a bit too predictable, and way too similar to MvGX and Worlds Apart, both terrible seasons respectively. The editing feels way too geared towards specific players, especially Joe and Ryan. I wanna see more of the Healers, like Desi and Roark. - isaaonrtdmtr

30 San Juan del Sur

Super underrated. Great season.

This is a very good season, At least watch it before thinking it's a bad season, look at the cast they had they had some bad casting like missy and Baylor but had good players such as Natalie, Keith, Kelly Wentworth, she wouldn't be in second chance if jot for San Juan dlna sur

The season that actually made me go and watch all past seasons. Loved it

A lot of interesting and entertaining contestants. Don't understand why it's not higher. - naFrovivuS

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31 Redemption Island

This season had too many weak players who did nothing, the Redemption Island twist completely fell flat, and it was way too predictable. Hands down the worst season ever.

Awful season with an unlikable cast, horrible twist, boring location and the most predictable winner of all time

Rob is a genius, and he dominated, many people don't like this season, but rob is a bad ass

Easily one of the worst, but not as terrible in casting as GAME CHANGERS. - naFrovivuS

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32 One World

Guys with no testosterone! Oh, lets just go along with Colton and then, let's just go along with whatever the girls say. And then the leader of the girls just straight up picking all the girls off one by one.

Definitely highs and lows. The tribal council were Bobby left was especially interesting, but unfair. However, got boring after the merge and it was an obvious winner, but she really deserved it

Was the worst of the worst bar none! Super selfish sissy made me want to punch the screen.

I didn't like the 5 girls. The Hispanic one was a horrible person & she works with kids! Then Colton too! Yikes. Bottom 3 seasons

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33 Thailand

Thailand gets a lot of flak for a lot of reasons - and to be fair, it's far from the most entertaining season. The lack of truly memorable characters and the thoroughly predictable post-merge phase definitely take their toll on the entertainment value derived from sitting through to the end. Even so, it still retains a number of redeeming qualities that make it worthwhile for Survivor fans to at least check it out. The schism between Ted and Ghandia might have been uncomfortable on a number of levels, but it was entertaining to watch; seeing Ghandia get voted out the following episode was pretty satisfying, given the accusations that she had been throwing around. Robb and Shi Ann had an entertaining rivalry. There were plenty of solid one-liners to go around. The fake merge was a creative twist, and the final immunity challenge easily ranks among the best in the series.

However, what makes this season truly memorable is its winner. It may have been fourteen years ago now, but ...more

Unlike Russell (awful social game and crappy gameplay) and Rob (was only kept around because anyone except for his goats could beat him), Brian was legitimately like watching an evil genius in action. His fellow castaways were treated as minions, and he was still able to secure 4 votes before ftc despite his embarrassingly emotionless and bad jury answers. But he was also entertaining.

It could've been better, but it was overshadowed by Jeff's disliking. The cast was, okay. I didn't quite like a lot of the castaways, besides Brian, Shii Ann, Robb, etc. This season had potential, but it just couldn't catch on. - isaaonrtdmtr

This season wasn't all that bad. Great winner, and had a lot of funny moments like Shii Ann being openly disgusted by her tribe, Robb in general, and the pet cemetary. Not in my top ten though

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34 Worlds Apart

The way this season is going (4/7/15) it's AWFUL! I mean for starters this was supposed to be an all-star season. The excuse, "it's only season 30"! And so shouldn't have been first out. She should've at least made it to the jury. The merge comes, they pull a Fiji on us and "kill" the camp (if you know what I mean). And Carolyn, no offense but she should've been out. The merge tribe name I mean come on no offense but merica, Rly, personally I just kinda HATE this season, too many wrong moves being made!

Top 20... Definitely not last

Great season with a deserving winner and interesting concept

Bad cast, predictable winner, not really that fun. - naFrovivuS

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35 Game Changers

You people are absolutely blinded by the fact that this season practically ruined how Survivor is supposed to be played. The season was overfilled with bad players that did nothing to evolve the game. It was so focused on making strategic moves instead of surviving the elements the producers had to throw in way too many twists and advantages just to spice things up more. But the theme was completely horrific and ruined the legacies of many great players. And the advantages were EVEN WORSE. The Legacy Advantage was brought back despite it being an AWFUL advantage. Debbie going to exile which was a SHIP?! And she gets advice from COCHRAN, and what now? An Advantage Choice? Oh, and the Vote Steal. To add, they put too many idols and made the game overpowered. In conclusion, WORST SEASON EVER. If Season 35 doesn't bring back the purpose of Survivor, I don't know what will. - naFrovivuS

Terrible, terrible season. Watching this I was so confused what was going on. Everyone (besides Malcolm and Sandra) relied on twists to get far into the game, and didn't really play much of a strategic game. If it's a game changers season, then can't they figure out how to shift the game on their own? Why so many advantages? This season just ruined Survivor for me, and I'm really not excited about the next season. - isaaonrtdmtr

You know this was a terrible season when is behind a season that hasn't been released yet.

None of the twists were anything short of terrible, especially the new tribal council format.

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