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21 Children of the Night
22 Rebel Son

Wow... Just wow...
This song is so inspirational, even more than the songs played in the Rocky movies. I get goosebumps every time I listen to it, it's just that good. Of course, every Survivor song is pretty damn amazing in it's own way, but Rebel Son, in my opinion, trumps them all.

This song is amazing :)
One of the best songs by survivor ever.

23 Everlasting

Just a perfect song! 26 is too low... Did you ever ear this song completely?

24 I Never Stopped Loving You
25 Santa Ana Winds

Like this song better every time I listen to it

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26 Runway Lights
27 Desperate Dreams

Wow! What's wrong with you guys...classic survivor, catchy as hell and not even here, TOP TEN for sure.

28 Hesitation Dance

Sounds like Back in Black; catchy

29 Somewhere In America
30 Burning Bridges

One of the most under-rated songs of all time, one of Survivor's best.

31 Youngblood
32 Fire Makes Steel

Album Reach (2006) it's my favourite Survivor song

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