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21 Stephenie LaGrossa (10, 11, 20)

First time around she was awesome never gave up and made a good move by convincing janu to quit (I think she convinced her not Jeff) in Guatemala, she had so many sub alliances that everyone wanted to got to the final 2 with her, she got her alliance in power by convincing Judd to flip when there was a 4-4 tribal tie after the switch(the biggest move in the game that led to her power position) and from then on controlled all the votes made sure she stayed in power basically by just being so likable. Did she vote off some of the wrong people for her endgame, ya but was still the best player there and deserved to win against anyone in that season. In HvV she was targeted early which you can't fault her for.

22 Spencer Bledsoe (26, 31)
23 Tony Vlachos (28)

He was an amazing strategist. For exapmle... the spy shack was one of the greatest ideas in the history of survivor. He learned what the other alliance was tying to do and prevented it. He also convinced a naive Woo to take him to the finals, where he one with all but one vote.

24 Aubry Bracco (32, 34)
25 Natalie White (19)

Natalie laid out her strategy early on in the game: She was going to attach herself to a strong person who she thought could take her to the end and who she could beat. She played Russell from start to finish, feeding his ego and riding his coattails until at last, when he served her no more purpose, she let go and took home the million dollar prize. - iheartswine

I don't know if she won, or is Hussel just lost! Like Amber in the All Stars

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26 Vecepia Towery (4)

Vecepia employed a strategy of adapting to every situation she was in by socializing, whether it was on Day 1, the tribe switch, or the merge. She wasn't afraid to play dirty, voting out her friends and allies to make it to the end and win. - iheartswine

27 Grant Mattos (20)

He was strong, smart, and knew who to rely on. That's what's needed to get far.

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