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1 Parvati Shallow Parvati Shallow Parvati Shallow is an American television personality and was the $1,000,000 winner of the reality television series Survivor: Micronesia.

underestimated in the cook islands as the flirt she was redeemed with her win in Micronesia which was bold, independent and aggressive. in HvV she had a target on her back from Day 1. She made it to Day 39 by using a great social, strategic, and physical game. Unfortunately the jury was too bitter to let her win twice. She has lasted the most days, won FvF, won more physical challenges then anyone with the exception of Colby, and is therefore the best player to play the game

Parvati is the best WInner and one of the best players on survivor simple. People keep saying that if it was a final 3 cirie would have won, how sure are you guys about that? Even if it was a final 3 parvati would have won because inasmuch as cirie played a good social game she was just too idle and didn't make big moves. Parvati didn't need to orchestrate the whole female alliance but she was the driving force behind it. It's not easy to have a huge target on you from day 1 and survive. Get over it haters of Parvati! She's the best.

Although she wasnt labelled much as a power player in cook island, she was able to pull of a win in Micronesia: Fans vs Favourites. She was labelled as the flirt, and she used that to her advantage. With the help of her all female alliance who she took to the final four then beat Amanda Kimmel in the final tribal council. Bravo

Parvati is the best winner, point blank period.

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2 Yul Kwon


They both played on Cook Islands, and Yul is way much better than Parvati at all, she was not even a threat for him because he was much more brilliant than she was, she was inferior according to him.

Yul is the perfect player and the best winner all the times, people who surprised that Yul is ranked that high its because his smartness, and if you think that the rules on Cook Island is making the difference you wrong because you can see Yul's thinking way and check out that his thinking way is further thinking, he is calculated, analyzing the situation much better than any winner overall (Except Tony and Todd - I don't include Boston Rob because his tribe on season 22 was sucks and he is not that smart in my opinion) and I can completely say that Yul is the perfect winner in survivor.

Yul has the whole package - STRONG, WISE, SYMPATHIZED

I'm surprised to see Yul so high. I don't know why people think he was responsible for winning all those challenges with his tribe of four. Ozzy clearly had more to do with it than he did. The only "big move" Yul made was to get Jonathan on their side, and he could only do that because he was lucky enough to get sent to Exile Island at just the right time. That idol he got was overpowered. If it had been a later season, the idol wouldn't have been playable at the Final Tribal Council. He's just really lucky that Ozzy didn't flush the idol out when he had the chance, otherwise it would've been Ozzy with Sundra and Becky in the final three and we all know who would have won. 5 out of 6 immunities, for goodness' sakes. Ozzy was the clear winner, even if he isn't the smartest player. Also, I have to respond to the guy that said Bob had numbers the whole time. That is blatantly false. His alliance was getting picked off one by one, but he won five individual challenges in a row to stay in. ...more

Players don't get to pick the twists. We can't discredit his game simply because of the idol. - Breakdown

How is BOB CROWLEY ahead of Yul?!?! Yul dominated the whole Cook Islands, had an amazing comeback to lead his team to the final four. Bob on the other hand had the numbers the whole game and never had any mental stress he only won a couple of challenges and that's it. Sugar should have won over Bob, or even Susie.

Bob never had the numbers, but I believe the Yul is the 2nd best winner in Survivor history. - Breakdown

To everyone complaining about the idol, Yul played in a season where the idol was still a fresh off the boat twist, and he used it to his advantage in a way no one else would've. Yul was a great player. The greatest even.

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3 Rob "Boston Rob" Mariano

He played such a great game 2 times. He deserves to be number 1 because of the way is was able to play such an amazing social and physical game on survivor all stars and then come back and play an even better one without anyone being worried about him. He gave comfort and is the definition of survivor.

No matter in physical or in social he played better, I feel he can give people security not only in the game, I think he is the man can handle everything well in life, and he found his love in the game. How successful he is!

When he won in his 4th season, he pretty much controlled what everyone was doing. He easily held the reigns and wisely brought two people who he knew wouldn't win to the finals with him.

Would vote for if he had won all-stars. However, Redemption Island was the worst season ever.

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4 Sandra Diaz-Twine Sandra Diaz-Twine Sandra Diaz-Twine is an American television personality who became known for her appearances on the reality game show Survivor. She's well known for being the only person to win twice.

The only reason she's near the top is that she won twice. While I haven't seen Pearl Islands, I am certain that her win on Heroes vs Villains was tied with Natalie White's win for worst Jury decisions ever. Sandra sat out most of the team challenges and came close to last in all of the individual challenges. And then she claimed that was her "strategy," which is pretty laughable. She never had any control in the game. The Jury liked that she "played an honest game" or something like that, but she was almost as villainous as Russell if you ask me. She ripped off Sugar's top in the middle of a challenge, lied to Russell about Coach, and threw Russell's hat in the fire for no reason. Parvati did nothing like that. She was very sweet, she won multiple challenges, and that play with giving the two idols to Jerri and Sandra was brilliant. She should've won with Russell in second. Then she'd be the only two-time winner and Sandra would become just as forgettable as Vecepia.

Sandra is the survivor who shows that you don't need to be a physical player to win. She combines a loyal game with a game involving a high level of deceit, manipulation, cunning, and adaptation, which is what it's all about. In both Heroes vs. Villains and Pearl Islands, she had the odds stacked against her, (Burton and Jon in Pearl Islands, and Russell in H vs V were against) but she overcame them spectacularly.

Some people say, "Sandra didn't deserve to win." That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. If she won, she deserved to win. She outwitted and outplayed with her sarcastic and caustic humor and her intelligence. Outlast means to stay longer than everyone else right? So I guess she did that too. TWICE.

Russel lost both times to awful players and while Parvati should have won over Sandra, he should have come in second. Sandra was not an all star in the first place, she just won over one of the biggest goats the first time.

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5 Richard Hatch

Being the first, he had no example to follow. He made the ideal 4 person alliance, and took them to the end. This was considered "unethical" yet he won over challenge queen Kelly with the best Final Tribal Council performance ever. Don't forget he also threw the last challenge because he could.

Hello people he invented the game survivor! If it wasn't for him people might still be voting off based on whether or not you help around camp! I can't believe people think Parvati Shallow and Todd Herzog played better then Rich I mean for crying out loud he was able to through the last challenge and I think that says enough.

He knew how to play survivor before anyone else. And was he right. He should be back to show these kids how its done.

Richard must have been pretty powerful. I thought he was first off

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6 John Cochran John Cochran John Martin Cochran, commonly referred to as simply Cochran, is an American reality television personality and television writer.

Learned from his mistakes in his first season and played a perfect game in his second. Way to go, Cochran!

Definitely Cochran because he played a great strategic game and deserved his 8-0-0 win! - survivorfan989

7 Tom Westman Tom Westman Tom Westman is a Sole Survivor of the series Survivor. He competed on Survivor: Palau and Heroes vs. Villains.

Completely controlled every moment of Palau. Even made Ian quit for friendship.

No question, toms the best of the best - thedeadthebadandthedexter00

The perfect package

1. Tom
2. Todd
3. Tony
4. Rob
5. Parv

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8 Chris Daugherty

Don't really know what your talking about, the women didn't just turn on each other for the fun of it. Chris caused them to. Also best underdog story=one of best winners.

A better, fatter, Brian Heidik. He is and always will be the king of lies. He needs to come back. Even probst liked him.

Meh, I don't think he was that impressive, save for a few Immunity wins. He only stayed in because the women's alliance viewed him as the least threatening of the men. Then when he was the only man left, Twila came to him and told him to join forces with her, Scout, and Eliza. Though winning those last couple Individual Immunities probably saved him, so kudos to him for that.

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9 Todd Herzog

He had an AMAZING strategy and was playing the game the whole time! Also a very funny contestant... hahaa Courtney was also amazing (: best alliance ever!

He really knew this game he got the stronger players out he lied and he worked the jury and that's why he deserved to win.

He played the game step by step. He put himself in such a power position whoever he wanted gone would be gone.

One of the best. Great Social, strategic game okay physical

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10 James "JT" Thomas Jr.

JT never got a single vote against him during this season, and that already proves something! He played a brilliant game and won individual immunity challenges quite often. And he was like three times faster than anybody else! His final perfect move was to pick Stephen with him to the FTC. JT showed us that you don't have to stab everybody in the back to stay in the game. His honest lasting alliance and friendship with Stephen was so nice to watch!

Everybody knew he was going to win from the start. When he won the last immunity he had to choose between Erinn and Stephan. Was he smart to choose Stephan because he got every single vote.

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11 Kim Spradlin

She owned her season, much like boston Rob did in Redemption island. She had so many alliances: 2 different majority alliances, and an uncountable number of sub alliances, and somehow she kept them all secret from each other and was the leader of each one. She made each deal seem genuine making it impossible for anyone to turn on her. The best part was no one felt betrayed until they were already voted out so in the game no one felt that they had a reason to vote her out.

I pretty much second what the other poster said (the one that starts with "she owned her season") and I'd like to add that she didn't give people much of a chance to vote her out because she was so dominant in Immunity Challenges. One of the strongest female challenge performers in the history of the show, right up there with Laura Morett.

A big strategist. I really think she got an easy win.

By far the best game

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12 Brian Heidik

Honestly, one of the best one time players ever. Made the goat strategy and weaved in and out of final 2 alliances and still won. Chris took many pages out of Brian's book. If a great winner wins by using another winner's strategies, that shows how good of a player you are to be imitated at all. - Breakdown

He is the more successful version of Boston Rob by winning in first try.

Hand's down best game played...very underrated

Dominated the game end to end, and was never not in control. Created the strategy of bringing an unlikeable player to the end.

13 Robert "Bob" Crowley

Uh... can you say 57-year old CHALLENGE BEAST?!? Winning five individual challenges in a row is amazing enough in its own right, but to do it at his age is remarkable. His whole alliance was decimated, but he stayed in by winning. Then when he finally did lose, Sugar decided to give him a chance making fire against Matty because he was so nice to everybody and so hard-working. She said he was like a father to her, which is quite a statement given that her father had recently passed away. In a season with at least four huge villains, I'm glad that one of the good guys won in the end. (I can't believe Susie almost won though! That would have been terrible! )

Most likable winner and also most underrated. He saved himself twice by making the best fake idols in survivor history. Stayed alive by winning three immunities. Got Sugar to vote with him by playing up the grandfather role. Winning the fire challenge against Matty. The list goes on and on. Just an underrated winner in a highly underrated season. (He's also my personal favorite player of all time).

He was a little older than the other players, but he proved he was very athletic. Winning Challenge after Challenge. Which was a big help to him winning the million

Bob was one of the best strategists in Survivor. He was able to get an alliance together and some key players out of the game. Susie winning would have been awful because she played very little game. Sugar wouldn't have been a bad winner, but Bob was the clear choice. - Turkeyasylum

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14 Tony Vlachos

Well Deserved Winner of Survivor: Cagayan. He dominated from start to finish and he played one of the best strategic games that Survivor has ever seen.

Why the heck is he #14? He should be at least in the Top 6.

15 Earl Cole

Should be top 15 easy

Was likeable and made a pretty huge blindside by getting rid of Yau


Only received one vote against him throughout the whole game and then won in a stunning fashion (9-0-0 vote). His game was VERY similar to JT’s

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16 Tina Wesson

Probably one of the best strategies if she got Colby Donaldson to bring her. Colby would have won if he brought Keith

She's an amazingly strong, smart, kind woman. And she reminds me of my mom :) I adore her!

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17 Ethan Zohn

Not sure why he won

18 Jeremy Collins

He had the best social game of the entire season and was playing in a very difficult season to win. Jeremy to snag himself a good spot in the majority alliance, get people to trust him, and convince people that there were better targets to get rid of. A lot of the castaways went to Jeremy when trying to make game decisions. The 10-0-0 sweep after Final Tribal Council was very impressive as well.

He led the majority alliance, after aligning with his tribemates he told them that he had their backs so this resulted in nobody turning on him, he found 2 idols, played them at the right time, aligned with the bigger targets so people would focus their attention on them and forget about him, let Savage, Joe and stephen take all the heat, found a way to not make himself a target till the f6, won the final immunity challenge and played a good social game. The sympathy card meant nothing, He would have won regardless.

He got the sympathy vote after the final tribal you knew he was going to win very predictable

He dominated

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19 Denise Stapley

Michael should have won

20 Sarah Lacina

Played the Cesternino game. Knew when to flip, knew when to strike, and always found a way out. Great winner, even though I wanted Cirie to win more. - naFrovivuS

She played flawlessly and formed great relationships

One of the best

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