Best Swedish Hockey Players of All Time

The Top Ten

1 Danijela Rundqvist

The coolest athlete I have ever seen! She is good at everything! My idol!

2 Nicklas Lidstrom

Lidstrom is 3rd all time in Norris trophy wins, Behing Doug Harvey and Bobby Orr.

Probably the best defenseman ever. - masonkv

Is at the topp level just after Gretzky, Orr and Lemieux.

The best Defensman behind No4

3 Peter Forsberg

In his prime Forsberg was unreal. One of the best two way players of all time. - VADERtheIMPALER

He would throw sick checks while controlling the puck! Best two way player of all time. perhaps best player of all time.

When the Flyers sent him away, they had probably sent away at least a couple Cups. - masonkv

Forsberg had amazing vision he could dish out passes sooo accurately. He was a tough guy for sure too wasn't easily knocked off the puck. He was great with the puck and on his skates. Very unselfish. Did I mention that he won two cups. Flyers never should have dealed him for lindros!

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4 Mats Sundin

Toughest guy to ever live. Maybe the most skilled player ever. His shot is the 2nd best behind Chara. He can hit shoot pass and has the best head for the game ever

Maple Leafs all time leader in goals and points.

Should be first or second.

One of the most skïłłëd hockey players ever - Mike bossy

5 Henrik Lundqvist Henrik Lundqvist Henrik Lundqvist is a Swedish professional ice hockey goaltender for the New York Rangers of the National Hockey League.

His NHL 15 rating decides everything for some people. 92 overall is pretty good, but is it legendary? I don't think so. - masonkv

92 overall when he was in New York Rangers and is the best at blocking shot in the shoot out

92 overall? Can I face palm? Some kid thinks lundqvist is the best swede of all time because he is 92 overall in the ea nhl games -_-

he sucks

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6 Borje Salming

787 career points in about 1,100 games.

Who is he? - masonkv

7 Daniel Alfredsson

He needs to get the cup.

Because he's on the redwings

8 Kent Nilsson
9 Markus Naslund

cool dude

10 Hakan Loob

A sense of goal like no-one else's. Let alone the stats.

The Contenders

11 Henrik Zetterberg

One of the best two way players in todays NHL

12 Mikael Backlund
13 Mats Naslund
14 Pelle Lindbergh
15 Henrik Sedin
16 Nicklas Backstrom

I think he's Finnish. - masonkv

Not Finnish. I think the goalie Backstrom is finish.

Incredible passer and underrated defensive player.

17 Erik Karlsson

Easily the best defenseman in the league right now.

He's the bets

18 Daniel Sedin
19 Fredrik Stillman
20 Anders Broström
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