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1 200 Butterfly

This event quickly separates the weak from the strong.

I love this race. Butterfly is my best stroke so eight laps of it is a treasure! 200 Butterfly forever

The hardest event no doubt! I'm a 200 flyer and a 200 breaststroker and the fly is the hardest.

Only for the strong kids!

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2 400 Individual Medley

I love this race because its so incredibly demanding. It separates the weak swimmers from the strong. Not only is it fun to watch, it's fun to swim.

The 3 events I'm best at is 200 breaststroke, 200 fly and 400IM. I can tell you for a fact that 200 breaststroke is the hardest but the 400 I'm is by far the most exciting. Fly is strength, breaststroke is technique but I'm is all about strategy and you have to think about everything you do. It tests everything and is overall so much fun to compete in

NO ONE can be good at this unless they've put in ALL the hours. Michael phelps said it's the hardest, no wonder.

I love this race it combines the ability of swimming a four stokes well and distance (kind of)

3 100 Butterfly

Best sprint stroke

100 fly all the way!

4 100 Backstroke

BACKSTROKE for the win

Sav stroke

5 1500/1650 Freestyle

Great event for distance swimmers :D

6 50 Butterfly

I think, 50 meters butterfly is really exicted

7 200 Individual Medley

200 I'm forr the win

SO FUN! All of the strokes packedd into 1 race, and you can sprint the whole thing.

8 200 Breaststroke

This is all technique. & Known to be the slowest stroke. But once you get it down it's amazing

9 100 Freestyle
10 800/1000 Freestyle

800 free is awesome

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11 50 Freestyle

Definitely the event that is the most fun to swim. Just one length of the pool (or two lengths in yards) and you're already done!

12 200 Backstroke

By far my favorite event! Pure backstroke! Don't worry about breath control. I've made so many record boards for this event and it's a great event!

Really 200 fly is number one?! The 200 back is so much better!

13 400/500 Freestyle
14 100 Breaststroke

My favorite and best event

so fun

15 200 Freestyle
16 Synchronized Swimming

This is the complete package of work out. Stamina like a marathon runner, strength like a bodybuilder, kick like a football player, flexibility like a gymnast.

It's not just racing back and forth. It's months of blood, sweat, and tears. It's practice after practice after practice. It's pure strength and teamwork

This is an insanely hard swimming event it is a sport to those haters out there and don't say it's not a swimming event because we do so much more work than normal swimming

17 500 Freestyle
18 50 Breaststroke
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