Meant to Live


This song had me loving it the first time I heard it! This is something I would ask myself when I ventured off and ended up in places Id normally say If NEVER be caught in. Times in my life when I had to stop and look around and think "is this me? Is this who I want to be portrayed as? " This song was "a sign" to me because of its coincidental timing and is powerful, uplifting, and strengthening!

I love this song! It's so true... And great musical quality too I can just turn this up and rock out whenever. It's definitely the best Switchfoot song out there (in my humble opinion. ) I love the rhyme and rhythm too.

Awesome lyrics, inspirational, and supported with great rythms. Love the acoustic version.

This song is incredible I just listen to this song over and over again. I even would call it a pump up song that just gets you ready for anything

Meant to Live is catchy, resounding, meaningful, and applicable while still retaining the Switchfoot hard rock feel. BEST SONG EVER.

Two words everyone AWE-SOME just listen to it really switch foot is a good band you should check them out why do you think there on rock band 2

Epic riff, absolutely epic sound, you can feel it the moment you put on your headphones. Great vocals, too. This one should be on top!

We were meant to live for so much more!
Have we lost ourselves!
Seriously if you can't appreciate this song than what you can.

Totally awesome guitar riffs so good I decided to learn this song before dare you to move or dark horses

Words are something everyone on the planet can say about themselves.

Meant to live has one of my favorite gutter solos very good song

Should be number 1... Lyrics is fantastic n guitar is juts awesome

I think either this one, or afterlife should be #1

I loved this song! Definitely in my top ten!

Better than Dare you to move... Should be # 1

Only one word: PERFECT

Best Song EVER! Literally chnaged my life and has one of the best guitar lines I've heard.

We were Meant to Live for so much more.
-Jon Foreman, Switchfoot.
Love you guys, best Song Ever!

Awesome music... We were meant to live so much more... We lost ourself...
Switch foot rocks...