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61 Innocence Again Innocence Again
62 Sing It Out Sing It Out
63 Ba55 Ba55

0%! How? This song is amazing! The second best song in the album (besides Say it Like You Mean It)

Great song. My favorite from Fading West.

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64 What It Costs What It Costs
65 I Turn Everything Over I Turn Everything Over

Fun to listen... Really cool song - arpanvinayak

66 Let That Be Enough Let That Be Enough

So poignant and beautiful! "Let me know that you hear me, let me know your touch. Let me know that you love me, let that be enough. " Such amazing and personal lyrics. It's as if Jon is singing directly to the listener. Switchfoot at its finest, stripped down during the early years and just full of passion.

67 Company Car Company Car

Love the variety of instruments and it gets catchy after a while. Fun song to sing.

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68 Skin and Bones Skin and Bones

Sounds so funky and cool. Great lyrics too!

69 More Than Fine More Than Fine

Song that should leave joy to everyone! Love this song! And this Band! Song always brightens my day every time I listen to it!

70 Someday We'll Know

One the best of switchfoot. Listen to this guys. Probably the most romantic of them all. Switchfoot rock.

71 Rebuild
72 Amy's Song Amy's Song
73 Ammunition Ammunition

BEST. SONG. EVER. Seriously! I'm surprised nobody added that one! It rocks!

74 Out of Control Out of Control

This song is a hidden gem. It's from the Hawaii Five 0 soundtrack and it is awesome! They shoulda put it on the Vice Verses album.

75 Back to the Beginning Again Back to the Beginning Again

Great. All of fading west is good

76 The Edge of the Earth The Edge of the Earth

The edge of the earth is the best it rocks it's just to good to be true Richard Haller

77 Liberty Liberty
78 Slow Down My Heartbeat Slow Down My Heartbeat
79 Underwater Underwater
80 Against the Voices Against the Voices
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