Best Sydney Punk Bands

There are a load of local punk acts rocking around the place, however these are the ones that have caught my ears in the past six months. If I missed your band, then sucked in.

The Top Ten

1 Seek The Silence

Don't push these guys, push a push pop. Another bunch of dudes with a guitarist better than the rest.

Check these guys out at a gig near you. You won't regret it

Love these guys so does America

Oustanding music and non stop energy


If Dave Grohl got intimate with Billie Joe, then their kids would be KANG.

If you haven't seen Kang live on stage you are missing out on a whole stack of Awesomeness! The songs that these guys jam out are totally kickin at Australian Music gigs!

Sydney punk at its finest!

'I heart radio' gives you 90's punk just as you remember it with solid riffs and sweet harmonies.

'DistRess' is a magical blend of chunky punk and clean rock.

Go listen to their stuff. You won't need me to tell you any more!

3 51 Percent

Bringing the 90's back! Totally kick ass band gotta see them live! Now where can I get a dominos shirt? Can't wait for your next show!

You guys should be number 1

Apple is to suppository as 51 is to punk

Another punch of pricks from around the traps, they like the dick and the dick likes them...

4 Nerdlinger

Nerdlinger are very sexy indeed & their melodic punk songs make hot girls panties disappear all over the world. Anyone fancy some Cookies!

These guys are a bunch of sexy pricks that eat milo before bed.

Nerdlinger Rock! Josh is a babe, Scotty is sexy & Cannings has pretty eyes for a drummer!

A trio which has inspired me to pursue the scene again, true qualities, a hell of a lot of fun, beers + a laugh + punk tunes = a very good time indeed, thanks, you're all legends in my eyes

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5 Handball Deathmatch

These guys think they're good, but they're only good in the sack. Especially that Jesse character...

These guys love nuns and your mum!

6 Batfoot

These guys are fun

7 Frenzal Rhomb

These guys are ok... I guess...

One of my all time favourite bands! :D

8 NoFurtherQuestions

Pop Punk bogans that sound like Blink 182 when Scott was still the drummer. Still good though.

9 The Hard Ons

These guys are better than Frenzal Rhomb, any day of the week.

10 Roaring Jack

On of the best folk punk bands ever
R.I.P. alistair hulett

The Contenders

11 Local Resident Faliure

Not quite Sydney, but close enough. These guys are way better than The Decline from Perth.

Damn straight

12 Speedball

Australia's worst Suicidal Tendancies cover band

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