Best Sylosis Songs

This is list dedicated to my all time favorite band. Sylosis are taking over, trust me.

The Top Ten

1 Empyreal
2 After Lifeless Years

My ears tell me to like this one the most. The sounds that are present in this piece of music are better than the sounds in the other pieces of music by Sylosis that my ears have enabled my brain to comprehend.

The vocals on this are kickass, even though they're quite similar to what most metalcore bands put out. The intro = epic. 'enough said.

3 Teras
4 Reflections Through Fire
5 Oath of Silence
6 Born Anew

This song has such immense energy, so down to earth. Something a bit out of the ordinary for an otherwise fantastic band.

7 Slings and Arrows

It is so intense! The music is excelent, in my opinion, its their best! - raptorskate

8 Procession

How was this not even added to the list!?!?!?! This is such a badass song, and at least their best start to an album. It has so much going on, and its extremely intense! They are my favorite band by FAR, and I know everything they've released. And out of all those songs, this definitely takes the cake. It should at least be a top 5 with Out from Below, Kingdom Of Solitude, Empyreal, A Serpents Tongue, and Reflections Through Fire. Wait, that's 6 laugh out loud but you know what I mean!

9 Kingdom of Solitude
10 Out From Below

The Contenders

11 A Serpents Tongue
12 Mercy

Lovely new song! Just blows my mind away

13 Servitude
14 Conclusion of An Age
15 What Dwells Within
16 Earth's Dust
17 Leech
18 The River
19 A Dying Vine
20 Dark Revelations
21 Altered States of Consciousness
22 Callous Souls
23 Fear the World
24 All Is Not Well
25 Sands of Time
26 Eclipsed
27 Stained Humanity
28 Transcendence
29 Where the Sky Ends
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