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61 Dreamtale

Dreamtale is very great! The lyrics are just too awesome

62 Wildpath

Highly under rated and immensely talented French band

63 Juvaliant V 1 Comment
64 Lyriel
65 Sons of Seasons

They are purely awesome! Symphonic, dark and progressive. There's nothing to regret in their records, and Oliver Palotai is a genius!

66 Winds of Plague
67 Aesma Daeva
68 Arven

Black is the Colours is a masterpiece.

69 De-illumination
70 Ancient Bards
71 Ayreon

Simply one of the best prog/symphonic metal opera artists of all time - Arjen Anthony Lucassen's genius and the talents of many a great musicians and singers along for every project he does.

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72 Gwyllion Gwyllion Gwyllion was a symphonic power metal band from Kortrijk, Belgium, that was active from 2003 to 2009. Founded by singer Annelore Vantomme and drummer Wouter Debonnet, the band released two studio albums before it split up.

A Belgian symphonic power metal band. - zxm

73 Whyzdom
74 Todesbonden
75 Elis

I found out about this band years after Sabine died. Still feel very sad about her death. Elis (Erben der Schopfung) should be much higher on this list.

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76 The Murder of My Sweet

Most underrated band I've ever known... This is the band that got me into Symphonic Metal and I must say they have their own style that distinguishes them from other symphonic bands out there.

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77 Kerion
78 Ne Obliviscaris Ne Obliviscaris Ne Obliviscaris (Latin for "forget not") are an extreme progressive metal band from Melbourne, Australia, formed in 2003.
79 Nemesea
80 Ode to LaLuna
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