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61 Powerwolf Powerwolf

Power Wolf is one of the most original symphonic metal bands, they might not have the best instrumental but they compensate that with an awesome vocal. And even though they're fairly new to the genre, they are doing great! So I suggest you vote for Power Wolf!

Don't know if this is symphonic or whatever but it's a dman good band with very addictive riffs, a fantastic singer. See them live and love them forever

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62 Diabulus In Musica

Despite what everyone says, this IS the most underrated band in symphonic metal. They have great melodies and riffs, plus the vocalist is amazing, one of the best sopranos in metal. She's the ultimate package as a singer. All their albums are masterpieces, each without a filler song.

Inspired of Epica's music, I think they are doing a great job with those 3 albums released at the date. Powerful, beautiful, all that defines Symphonic Metal, I guess.

Such a shame you forgot to put this band on the list... :/

Brilliant band superb singer should be in top 5

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63 Krypteria

How does this band not have more votes?

Should be much higher, top 10 for sure

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64 Skillet Skillet Skillet is an American Christian rock band formed in Memphis, Tennessee in 1996 and based in the United States.

The best symphonic metal band, and one of the famous bands in the world and you didn't mentioned it

65 Shade Empire
66 Damnation Angels

Orchestra at it best

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67 Ancient Bards

Very awesome italian band


68 Dreamtale

Dreamtale is very great! The lyrics are just too awesome

69 Wildpath

Highly under rated and immensely talented French band

70 Whyzdom
71 Juvaliant V 1 Comment
72 Lyriel
73 Sons of Seasons

They are purely awesome! Symphonic, dark and progressive. There's nothing to regret in their records, and Oliver Palotai is a genius!

74 Winds of Plague
75 Aesma Daeva
76 Arven

Black is the Colours is a masterpiece.

77 De-illumination
78 Eternal Tears of Sorrow
79 UnSun

Another band that should've been high on this list.

Wow should be top 20 at least

80 Ayreon Ayreon

These guys are philosophers and musicians.

Simply one of the best prog/symphonic metal opera artists of all time - Arjen Anthony Lucassen's genius and the talents of many a great musicians and singers along for every project he does.


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