LightningStrike Album Review: Toxicity - System of a Down

Album Review number 6

This is Soad's second album released in September 4th, 2001 (Don't think too hard there) recorded in Cello Studios in Hollywood. Even the album cover can tell us where that studio is. The genre is nu-metal, the length is 44:01, and sold around 3,000,000 copies worldwide. Now that we know some information about this album, let's get right into it.


Prison song:

This song has a catchy introduction and very appealingly unique one too. The catchiness of this song goes all over the place in different ways in each parts. What a super appealing way to start an album. The lyrics are starting with telling that drugs are available for children and showing some facts about modern American history. Like 2 million Americans getting incarcerated in the prison system of the United States. I also like how they're yelling "THEY'RE TRYIN' TO BUILD A PRISON" In an angry nu metal way. Very appealing. And other stuff and facts that they show in the song including with a bunch of entertaining sounds the members make and stuff. I love it.


Pure nu metal is what I'm sensing. Just the band acting like they're trapped or something. This is really helpful for your cool. I feel satisfied when i'm listening to this album while feeling stressed. This song is about being trapped in this tomb with some got trying to break him out. And the evidence is in the song. If you're feeling trapped in a cell that might kill you then this is the song for you to listen to to get that anger out of you.

Deer dance:

When the title says deer dance with this music playing, I laughed. He's singing sometimes like a foreign accent making it... Again... Very entertaining and hard. The lyrics are about deer pushing kids so hard that damages them and having them being reported too. This has got to be one of the most hilariously craziest songs I have heard from soad. Dancing animals hurting people I guess. Am I reading this right?

Jet Pilot:

Just the start of the song. They started playing a hard riff with the lyrics starting. What a tough way to enter another song am I right? It's very nu metal right here. The lyrics are quite funny too, it's about a horse flying a jet airplane over a bay. And having this song contain things that describes what a horse does when things happen. Putting it into nu metal really solves everything. And the chorus keeps on repeating a lot in this song, like a lot a lot especially if it's 2 minutes long.


Hard intros for the win. And this one is just aggressive too. The lyrics are controversial and it's about telling people how they died. But wait, this is a song from the dead? You got that right. It's a very short song. It doesn't describe much and how short you ask? Roughly 2 minutes long with several lyric repeats just like in every song they make.

Chop suey:

A lot of people say this is the best song system of a down has ever made but to be honest. It's not my favorite by them, but it's still good. The opening is very nice and very nu metal in a unique way. I love it. The lyrics are about getting ready for the morning and forgetting the keys that are left up on the table. But until he realized, that person did it on purpose. And we tell that person why we can't do that especially when we tell that person that Angels die effects crying. Very great song and critical thinking there.


*Gets flashbacks of watching the secret life of pets trailer* You're familiar right? "JUMP............. BOUNCE............ DOWN........... UP................." Anyways, the song lyrics are about having a date with some girl that brought a lot of friends to play with pogo sticks. They play random games with pogo sticks and stuff like that. Very fun and catchy song. It's another one of those songs system of a down clearly made and is easy to tell.


This song is just scary and entertaining because well... It's system of a down and we can clearly hear that it's exactly like them. Including with random noises and scary tones with nu metal sounds. The lyrics are telling us that you gotta walk through the forest my child. And they keep on saying it in different ways. Especially when he talks about it having no technology and stuff. iPhones weren't even invented back in the time either. (2001) and promising that we will reach to the end of the walk. It's very good.


Very soft intro. Maybe a jump scare would come up as I have been predicting until around 45 seconds later after the start. The chorus is hard! By the way, the lyrics are about times that are passing that we're looking at. It's like looking at photos of yourself as a child. And the chorus is the best part. It's telling us that it doesn't matter anymore. Man, this really fits my thinking. I don't care about nostalgia. This song proves it.


The opening riff is up and down in many rhythms just right. The song is promising and in your face just like pure nu metal. The lyrics tells us that the world has been going and going and producing more and more forever and telling is it's very important for existence. and it's also telling us that spirits move through all things and repeating that. It's system of a down everybody. Kings of randomness with nu metal fits to them!


This song is right into your face just in a beautiful way again. Right after science, we enter a song about going to school. I know right? Learning a bit of science and then going to school. Now that's something to think about. And about us trying to be alone in the house with his wife while the kids are gone for a while. And they're putting it in nu metal style? Huh........ Soad.


This song in my opinion has got to be the best song soad has ever made because it nu metal just right and for everyone's enjoyment. The tone is soft with a relaxing and nice riff including with hard choruses like always. The lyrics are about changing your simulation of life and seeing things are not right at all. Hard city and when he became the sun, he shines to a man? That's random. But the purpose of this is very fun and just creative. I love it.


Hard and scary riff at the beginning and very getting your attention in a thrilling way. Just love this. The lyrics are telling you that this kind of stuff makes you high. And he's also asking you stuff like 'you want troubles to happen to you more often?' and stuff like that. By the way, it still repeats lyrics just like every song they make but there is one more song coming.


The opening is basically nothing at all until a soft riff and a violin came in. And came to rock with nu metal. It's telling us that life is a waterfall while we're in the river. Which means life keeps on moving to newer things and discoveries. Actually it describes a lot of these metaphors including with... *sigh*... Repeating lyrics again. It tells us what we might do and how it effects our life. And they're doing it just right. I need this song in my mind!

(This review may looked rushed because all of the songs of this album contains repeating lyrics and stuff)


Overall, it's a random experience. This album can take us from journey to journey with lifestyle things that we're familiar with and how it could be done. A lot of it has messages and a lot of it is just for fun. This album has got great taste of nu metal and is like nothing else. I love it.


Nice review in my opinion - visitor