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1 Number 9

#17? This song chills everything of me! I love T-ara and I'm so happy that they made an fantastic comeback!

It shows how mature and classy t-ara can be. I love how they always can make a actual ballad song became the great dancing song. great comeback!

Before this, lovey dovey is the best from my opinion... But after hear this song... Is much better... Fantastic

Music just attracts towards this song...Music is awesome.

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2 Roly - Poly

It's an amazing song, catchy and started a dance craze, do I have to say anymore?

Seriously, best song by T-ara? Nearly all their songs are extremely catchy that it is really hard to choose one as the best! Going with this one for the dance. Loved it! Love them all!

The best of the world

I just love this song! (For no reason...)

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3 Day by Day

Very good ballad song... Must be at peak 1 chart if the scandal not happen...

I think Dani made her first appearence in this music video!

Hwayoung's rap in this song is so good! Plus the use of the flute in this song was also very moving. But overall, I think it was Hwayoung's rap that tied it all together, which is why it breaks my heart even more that she's gone :'(

Great song!

Very good song...i miss 8-ara as well

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4 Sugar Free

This is, by far, one of their bests. It's difficult to choose a favourite by T-ARA. All their songs are ridiculously catchy!

I like this song because there are all amazing

This is my favorite T-ARA song, but I can't help myself I love them all. T-ARA Forever, they Rock.

One of their best yet. Soyeon is incredible in this! Her vocal and beauty are mesmerizing. - irockvery

5 Sexy Love

It has a cool beat, I love the dance, and always end up looking slightly stupid trying to copy the moves, haha, laugh out loud

This song is so original and catchy! So fun to listen to!

I like this songs... When I first play that video I am purely amazing because of robot danca

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6 Lovey Dovey

This is my favorite T-ara song! The beat and the choreography are really good. Every time I hear this song, it actually move me to dance to the beat. Also, the music arrangement is superb. Very nice song! Always my number one.

Best beat and choreography. Every part of the song is catchy. Usually listening to Kpop, no matter how many times I hear the song, I only remember the words to the big parts of the song (because I don't know Korean). I can sing this all the way through.

7 Don't Leave

As soon as I have heard this song, I really liked it and still place my favourite song to now!

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8 Holiday

So good song. Totally mesmerizing. The beginning is magical. t-ara's anothe best song. Melodic song!

I am lee chean

9 Bo Peep Bo Peep
10 Cry Cry

An absolutely beautiful song! I love it so much. It's actually the first T-ara song I ever heard and it got me totally hooked, I love them! It's hauntingly beautiful and heartbreaking... It should definitely be number one or at least in the top 3.

I love this song. This song make me cry

Jiyeon's acting in this music video! SHe can suit any hair style

I like this song because boram and qri they dance so cute and they have cute voice.

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11 I Go Crazy Because of You

Why it is only in #19? This song deserves to be in number 1 or 2 as it is their seconde best selling singles as of digital sales. Go!

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12 We Were In Love

I just love the way davichi at soyeon song the high pitch in this song. And the other makes perfect the song

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13 Ma Boo
14 First Love
15 Musica Musica


16 T.T.L

I like this t-ara's all songs

How can this not be first? Powerful lyrics and perfect combo with Supernova..

This song was very cool! Love! Love! Love! Love this song very much! T-ara daebak!

This is the first time I listen to T-ara and straight fall in love in Soyeon's soothing voice.

17 Like the First Time

Love the retro sound in this

18 Little Apple

First T-Ara song I heard, love it!

Come on! Loved the Chinese version. Loved T-ara version even more!

19 Lies
20 Yayaya

This Song is Great! I Love It! It Make Me Dance :) Also it make me addict! SO COOL! Go T-ARA Fighting

This songs was so great and look so cute!

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