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41 G' S***
42 Porn Star
43 Motivation

Plain and simple. He just kept it real and still keeping it real in 2012

#1 Song for a ni--- trying 2 make it to the top⬆! $

44 Hello Good Morning
45 Collect Call
46 I'm Back

This song was a big meaning about some troubles I had, then as I was waiting new album dropped, this track comes, I get one powerful headphones, and listen to this.

I remember the first Time I Heard it, I was deeply concentrated while I listen the beat married to the lyrics, and CAN feel tips rage on it. Gives energy!

47 Big Things Poppin'
48 Bankhead

I just love the chorus

49 Let My Beat Pound
50 Trap Back Jumpin'

Definitely should be in top ten. That whole album was dope!

51 King
52 Live In the Sky

Top ten ain't real without this song, timeless classic

53 What's Up What's Happenin

Absolutely slaughtered it. Good song for when they hating.

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54 Every Chance I Get
55 Be Easy
56 Change Your Life
57 Hurt

Really underrated, one of T.I. S best songs

58 I'm Serious
59 Tell 'em I Said That

One of the greats form t. i. vs t. i. p.

60 Remember Me

He made this song right before he went to prison. it shows the growth as a artist

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