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61 Swing Ya Rag Swing Ya Rag

No way, I just take my headphones and listen to the beat.

Best party song on the album paper trail!

62 Do Ya Thang

Its the best best best gangsta rap... You'll never find another song like this. Please do listen to this one.. Promise you will not get dissapointed

Do ya thang was one of the best song by T. I and the P$C.
It deserves a better position in the list.
You might have heard this song from the famous game

63 Get It Get It

Loved it at Step up 1.. It makes you wanna move and have fun! That's why he's one of the best rappers in the game and our KING!

Listen to this song with it clip
You will understand the feeling of a good motivational song

64 F.A.M.E F.A.M.E

Underrated, great song, Fake Ass MotherF*****s Envy!

65 So Easy V 1 Comment
66 Big Picture Big Picture
67 Love This Life Love This Life
68 I Wish I Wish

TI is a good artist

69 Guns and Roses Guns and Roses

Great song. reminds me of "Love the Way You Lie" except its not overplayed

70 My Life My Life

Another song that I'm surprised to not be on the list. Great message. From the album Urban Legend. Stop hasting t. I. And just let him live his life. - t0mmydipper

My life is T.I.'s most underrated song, it's such a great song

71 You Know What It Is
72 Big Things Poppin' Big Things Poppin'
73 Popped Off

Boss ass dre beat, one of Dre's best verses structurally
TI does a great job too

74 G Season G Season

Man, T.I been my favorite for a long time.I Love his music.He have the type of music you can just sat back and reminise and think about stuff.T.I have that good get you hype music.

75 Wildside Wildside
76 Addresses Addresses
77 Doin' My Job Doin' My Job

Hands down the best. And probably one of three greatest rap lyrics ever.

78 Hallelujah Hallelujah

No one has heard of this song?

Top 3 in my opinion

79 We Don't Get Down Like Y'all We Don't Get Down Like Y'all

I think this is one of his best ones, cause he says what he wanna say to all of his haters and express whatever it's going on in his mind..!

80 The Greatest The Greatest
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