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21 Toshiba Excite
22 Asus TF700T

How is this below any iPad other than the 4? Seriously, must be a bunch of iFans or something on here.

23 Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro

This is one of the best devices I have ever owned. Unlike the idiots who thought the iPad was the best, this runs office and the touch screen is amazing

Excuse me? The Surface Pro is light years ahead of the iPad. The IPad runs the same what's on an iPod.
The Surface runs Windows. iPads are pure overrated garbage as you are only paying for the brand.

24 Sony Tablet S
25 Kindle Fire HD
26 Micromax Funbook Pro
27 iPad Air 2

I have these I always get them

Hey guys I just want to point this out that I'm the one who put the iPad air 2 on the list! It's THE WORKDS THINNEST TABLET!

28 Apple iPad with Retina Display (4th Generation)

What idiot keeps putting Apple products on the list? - Goatworlds

29 Dell Venue 7

Pros: cheap to buy small jelly bean android stronger camera than other cameras
Cons: not good screen resolution

30 Microsoft Surface

This is the #1 tablet, by far. A tablet for people that create content. A tablet for the workplace.

31 Nook Tablet
32 Diunamai WD-N50
33 Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition

This is more than a wonderful thing that l never found in Samsung production. Samsung did what other tablets company cannot do in this king of all tablets

34 Apple iPad Air 2 V 1 Comment
35 Google Pixel C
36 Sony Tablet P
37 Sony VAIO Duo 11

So powerful and cool - kourosh

38 Ekoore Pike 10
39 Ekoore Dylan
40 EVO Droid
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