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21 Ghost Man on Third

This very emo song...
I like this because touch my heart when listening it...
So good for TBS!

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22 Divine Intervention
23 Miami
24 You Know How I Do

By far their best song.


25 Error: Operator
26 Call Me In the Morning

I think this is a great song. I wonder why it's so low on this list...

Such a great song. Sometimes their new(er) stuff is just as timeless as their classics. Exhibit A

27 Better Homes and Gardens
28 Everything Must Go

You could say that their 2009 record were so not-TBS sounding or whatever but the closing track is one of their best!

29 Great Romances of the 20th Century
30 Your Own Disaster

Best song of tbs for me. Its Adams best vocals so far, and I lurv the last part where John & adam sing altogether its pure awesomeness

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31 El Paso
32 Capital M-E V 1 Comment
33 New American Classic

This song got me hooked on Taking Back Sunday, it should at least be in the top ten.

34 Swing

Seriously? This song is a masterpiece. It's not MakeDamnSure, but it's impressive! "Lover lover, on your fence. Bat your eyes, ball a fist and swing before you leave."

35 They Don't Have Any Friends

The first one I've heard from them. Still the best.

36 Summer, Man
37 Bonus Mosh Pt. II
38 Best Places to Be a Mom
39 Cut Me Up Jenny

This song is very catchy and has one of the best transitions from baritone to alto I've ever heard. - Undresser

Yoo this song gives me so much nastalgia, so upbeat, how's it not up higher on the list man

40 Twenty-Twenty Surgery
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