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1 Once in a Lifetime Once in a Lifetime

You may find yourself on a top 10 Talking Heads website, and you may think yourself a little confused with the results, and you may ask yourself, "Why is 'Once In A Lifetime' not number one? " and you may tell yourself, "Well, maybe I should vote for it! "

This is messed up why is "Psycho Killer" #1!

I don't know why, but there is something about this song that I really like!

It was on Simpsons it must be good.

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2 Psycho Killer Psycho Killer

this is messed up! this is 1st material

I don't know why prefer everyone Once in a Lifetime better, I think this is their best song! - somekindofaguy

This one is definitely one of their catchiest and best songs. - matty925

Run run run run run away

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3 Burning Down the House Burning Down the House

Come on its awesome its one of those songs I force myself to not learn the lyrics to because its fun screaming out incomprehensible to

4 This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)

Isn't as groovy as some of the others, but has a genuinely heartfelt quality that they'd never achieved up till this point.

No other like it. Purely original

Nothing beats this melody.. I do love Once In A Lifetime.. but this song is just unreachable and so unique.

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5 Wild Wild Life Wild Wild Life

this song is beast it should be up around 1 with psycho killer

Got some wild, wild life! Just an incredibly happy song tahts fun to sing along to!

La Ășnica decente de este grupo mediocre.

6 Life During Wartime Life During Wartime

If you don't love the version on stop making sense, you're just a horrible person and I don't want to have anything to do with you. - tommydeath

Just the best song, builds and builds, then finishes in a great crescendo, can't get sick of listening to it. David Byrnes voice, Jerry Harrison on percussion, Steve Scales and all the backup, Stop Making Sense... Just the best of Talking Heads!

7 The Great Curve The Great Curve

Frigging cool as hell guitar interplay

8 And She Was And She Was

I love the music, and the lyrics are fantastic as well! - Knucklewood

9 Thank You for Sending Me An Angel Thank You for Sending Me An Angel

Their best opening track from their best album- sheer nonsensical beats and riffs coming together to form something amazing, all exmplified in this song.

10 Crosseyed and Painless Crosseyed and Painless

Too many great songs to pick. Today I pick this one!

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? Take Me to the River Take Me to the River

This should be higher up. - matty925

This song is the pinical of cool - DeadAsian

? Road to Nowhere Road to Nowhere

I like the singing near the end. "There's a city in my mind.. " that was my favourite part of any talking heads songs

Impossible! This song should be at least in the top 3. Any self respecting Talking Heads fan should know that.

This is their best song! Should at least be in the Top 3! This is crazy good!

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11 I Zimbra I Zimbra

Robert Fripp On the guitar In some parts - Rushfan2112

12 Love Goes to Building on Fire
13 Born Under Punches Born Under Punches V 1 Comment
14 Making Flippy Floppy Making Flippy Floppy

Second only to Moon Rocks on Speaking in Tongues, mad and brilliant.

15 No Compassion No Compassion
16 Heaven Heaven
17 (Nothing But) Flowers (Nothing But) Flowers

Should be higher in my opinion, once in a lifetime shouldn't be number 1

Totally underrated because it is on a weak album

18 Artists Only Artists Only

From humble and mad beginnings, the sing branches out into a superb guitar fade out.

19 Girlfriend is Better Girlfriend is Better
20 City of Dreams City of Dreams
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