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1 Once in a Lifetime

You may find yourself on a top 10 Talking Heads website, and you may think yourself a little confused with the results, and you may ask yourself, "Why is 'Once In A Lifetime' not number one? " and you may tell yourself, "Well, maybe I should vote for it! "

This is messed up why is "Psycho Killer" #1!

I don't know why, but there is something about this song that I really like!

Yesterday I was walking/inspecting a wide field of steel reinforcment away from the 68 year old project superintendant waiting to hear my verdict. I (also 68) cracked up when I realized he was over there recitig (not sining) the lyrics to great song!

Life is good.

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2 Psycho Killer

this is messed up! this is 1st material

I don't know why prefer everyone Once in a Lifetime better, I think this is their best song!

This one is definitely one of their catchiest and best songs. - matty925

The Pumped up kicks of the nineteen seventies

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3 Burning Down the House

Come on its awesome its one of those songs I force myself to not learn the lyrics to because its fun screaming out incomprehensible to

Probably the best of their songs to listen to with a group. - Knucklewood

4 This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)

Isn't as groovy as some of the others, but has a genuinely heartfelt quality that they'd never achieved up till this point.

No other like it. Purely original

Top 20 songs of all time


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5 Life During Wartime

If you don't love the version on stop making sense, you're just a horrible person and I don't want to have anything to do with you. - tommydeath

What a song. Studio version is great, live version is great. It's in rarified air in its ability to capture a moment in time.

Just the best song, builds and builds, then finishes in a great crescendo, can't get sick of listening to it. David Byrnes voice, Jerry Harrison on percussion, Steve Scales and all the backup, Stop Making Sense... Just the best of Talking Heads!

6 The Great Curve

Love the different vocal rhythms going on simultaneously

Frigging cool as hell guitar interplay

Sounds like a whole orchestra. Everything fits together so well. You always hear something for the first time when you listen to it again. Comparable to Tff's "Shout"

Super good!

7 Wild Wild Life

this song is beast it should be up around 1 with psycho killer

My personal favorite Talking Heads song!

My favorite song

La Ășnica decente de este grupo mediocre.

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8 And She Was

I love the music, and the lyrics are fantastic as well! - Knucklewood


9 Thank You for Sending Me An Angel

Their best opening track from their best album- sheer nonsensical beats and riffs coming together to form something amazing, all exmplified in this song.

10 Crosseyed and Painless

Too many great songs to pick. Today I pick this one!

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11 Love Goes to Building on Fire
12 I Zimbra

Robert Fripp On the guitar In some parts - Rushfan2112

13 Take Me to the River

This should be higher up. - matty925

This song is the pinical of cool - DeadAsian

14 Road to Nowhere

I like the singing near the end. "There's a city in my mind.. " that was my favourite part of any talking heads songs

Impossible! This song should be at least in the top 3. Any self respecting Talking Heads fan should know that.

This is their best song! Should at least be in the Top 3! This is crazy good!

Best song also reached no1 an the video was just as good
I have a massive talking head

15 Born Under Punches

Their performance at Rome 1980 is probably their best recording of any song

Their live performance in Italy is nothing short of breathtaking, - Raulrdv

This song is wonderful,i'm surpised by this low rating

This is the grooviest and best thing they've ever done. should be higher - RandomPerson1234

16 Making Flippy Floppy

Second only to Moon Rocks on Speaking in Tongues, mad and brilliant.

17 No Compassion

I love the transitioning in this song, it almost makes it feel like he's arguing with himself about whether he should be more caring or not - Knucklewood

18 Artists Only

From humble and mad beginnings, the sing branches out into a superb guitar fade out.

19 Heaven

Neat song. Very underrated.

20 City of Dreams

It's nice to listen to, and the lyrics really make you think - Knucklewood

21 (Nothing But) Flowers

Should be higher in my opinion, once in a lifetime shouldn't be number 1

Totally underrated because it is on a weak album

22 Found a Job
23 Slippery People

Love this song, should be higher on this list

Though the studio version may not be outstanding, the live version in 'Stop Making Sense' is just irresistible from the bottom to the top! #thelordwontmind

24 Girlfriend is Better

Way too low. I especially love the "Stop Making Sense" version. - Knucklewood

25 Memories Can't Wait
26 Air
27 The Lady Don't Mind

The lady do mind how low this song is on the list

This should be up there with Once in a Lifetime.

28 Houses in Motion

Any song off this album is amazing

WAY too low

29 The Big Country

Are you kidding me! This is one of their best songs!

30 Swamp

I really think this song should be higher. It's a join in and sing kind of song. Heard it in a movie once and really liked it since.

31 Dream Operator

It gives me such nostalgia. My dad put this song on the video of my brothers' early moments.

32 Mind

Have none of you heard this or something? The quintessential Talking Heads jam

33 Listening Wind
34 Don't Worry About the Government
35 Stay Up Late

This song is just so fun!

36 Sax and Violins

Underrated gem

37 Pulled Up
38 Cities

Love the base line!

Pretty sick.

39 Cool Water
40 Drugs
41 Lifetime Piling Up

surely #1?

42 Love for Sale
43 Walk It Down
44 What a Day that Was
45 Television Man
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