Best Tamer Hosny Songs

I know that it is impossible preference for song of Tamer Hosni for the rest but try to choose the best song in the history of king of generation.

Tamer Hosny King of Africa and the new Michael Jackson
choose the best now from this list.

The Top Ten

1 eyouno dar عيونه دار
2 mayhrmnesh menk ميحرمنيش منك

It's a very very nice song. Perfect song for me... I don't understand arabic, but I still love listening tamer's song, especially this "habibi wana ganbak"... Love you tamer!

I love tamer so much no body love like me I love his songs iam know more than 55 songs yhis somg and the song ergaly and ana wala aref and baesh all of these are more beatiful and other songs. # tamer-you-are-the-best
All people say tamer and his songs are worse I want to say to them you are the worse and we are love tamer an trust him. # love-tamer hosny - for ever❤

3 arab kaman قرب كمان
4 ha`esh hayaty هعيش حياتى
5 awseflk اوصفلك
6 law hakoon gher leek لو هكون غير ليك
7 just peace
8 matwaseneesh ماتوصينيش

I just found out about this singer and I got to say his really good, the voice and the music are just a perfect combination... my favorite song is babish... or ba3ish... thanks

9 ergaaly ارجعلى
10 ayam zaman

The Contenders

11 Si Al Sayed
12 Ehsas

Tamer make it in advertising for pepsi it's so beatiful �"

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