Vikram Kennedy


He is a really a mass hero in Tamil industry. His dedication and hard work proves that he is the best of all actors. Different thinkings, different characters in each films will set him in a high position and acquires the role model of all new actors. I agreed the following points "He is really a versatile among the lot in point of performance"

He is the only best Actor in Cine Field. I need not tell this because all know about his acting. No one in the industry can beat him. He give different Roles in every movie that he act. He works hard for every movie. Simply he is the best.

Good acting every film all the best vikram he is known for his simplicity. Please do follow this karthik even when you achieve greater heights in your life. Wish you a happy married life

Awesome actor. Always hard work and the best thing is wont show that he hard work as much. Wont act for the fame and award winning actor. All the best for future project.

Vikram is great actor than anybody he will be different in all the film, in deiva thirumagal awesome acting by vikram

Vikram is the best actor no can beat him in acting
Vikram na mass
He is good singer too
Other hero are waste over acting vikram is the best forever

Very talented hero and always has his own way of acting in more uniquely.

He is one of the best actor that our Tamil cinema has created... he is a complete package when comes to an acting... he is like a clay... anyone (director) can shape him accordingly... whatever the movie is.. his character will be outstanding with his natural acting... so our Tamil industry should not waste this super natural talent... please use him cleverly and bag few more national awards...

Vikram is a good actor for his hard work and dedication. He can achieve any heights by his dedicated acting

The only potential actor who could do any role, naturally. All those actors topping the list are heroes NOT actors... One must know the difference between an actor and hero. Vikram is one of the top 3 actors, with Kamal Haasan and Sivaji Ganesan in it.


His super acting in movies like kasi, sedhu and the latest is deivathirumagal...

I can't believe this vikram should placed in top 3 places... He is the best actor as we all kmow...
He is still in hungry to acting... But its enough to show how he acts
Cause he already given many awesome movies that no can deserve after kamal
God bless him!,...

Vikram is a superb actor in south India. No one can replace his acting. The combination of kamal and rajini is vikram

Best Actor for ever... No one can are compared to his acting. Has a lot of inner stuffs in him is acting over deiva thirumagal was a extraordinary thing...

Chiyaan vikram is the best and super actor and super star. He is the mass and class actor. Nobody can beat him. He is Oscar award winner.

Vikram is one of the most versatile actors in Indian film industry I would say...he is not a stereotyped actors but plays different characters in each movie with a great far as acting skill is concerned he is a kamal hassan level actor...we want to see some more breathtaking performance by him

Why are people like ajith and vijay even at the top? They don't even act, the only reason they're so popular is because they act in those stupid movies with cool stunts and music. Like they don't even do those stunts either, they're done by doubles. This generation is spiraling downward. Honestly, Vikram is probably the probably THE best actor in the Tamil film industry(apart from Kamal maybe). He's acted in so many different roles and pulled them all off flawlessly.

He is the only actor next to kamal to show variety in his acting
He deserves his second national award

He is one of the best actor in the world. Dedicated and experimental hard worker. Some of his movies failed but his performance, Expression and get-ups are noticeable and incredible. You are Great Vikram :) I am really proud to say Chiyan Vikram fan

He's the best actor, no one beat his acting, he live in scene of movie not only for acting, for the reality, I was attracted by his acting looking style and very good smile,

He is very talented actor in Tamil industry. He very dedicated person and also performance very well. He is really hard worker. He is god gift for kollywood.

He is the best actor and best record movies and one act act his role in all movie acted. He is the real superstar of kollywood.

Vikram goes to such effort to make things work - in one word, he's hardworking. No one can come near him when it comes to the effort he puts into films. You only have to watch 'i' to comprehend that. Girls diet till death but they couldn't lose all that weight like vikram did -for a film- AND THEN LOSE IT ALL! Not only this but he's handsome, and a good actor and so down-to-earth too.

He is best actor in Tamil film industry