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1 Yuvan Shankar Raja

The music that lives even the the movie dies out from and only Yuvan can do such...100 percent..

Music is not only giving songs. Soul of a movie is background score. Yuvan is the best for that along with best songs & new sounds..

Yuvan gives more importance to background music and also songs yuvan is the best I am purily inspired by YUVAN music he is a music god

The soul of his music is extraordinary. His music touches your heart and the way he handles bgm is completely at a legendary level his fine works include pudhu pertaining, mangatha etc

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2 A. R. Rahman

No one is equal to RAHMAN he'is GREAT and SMART

He is famous not only in India,all over the WORLD

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3 G. V. Prakash Kumar

G.V.prakash music is really different and intresting. He is my favorite music director. If I get a chance to direct or act a movie I will choose gv prakash kumar as music director. The one and only melody king. Really he is the best in Tamil

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4 Devi Sri Prasad

No1. Music Director In Tamil And Telugu

Rock in the Tamil music

5 Ilayaraja

OF COURSE he and himself is a top most musice director not only in Tamil but in all languages in India.

Raja is best forever. I don't bother about the toppers. he is the soul of music. his music is the soul. no comparison.

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6 S. Thaman
7 Vijay Antony
8 Anirudh Ravichander

He is the most favourite music director to all youngsters

Tamil Rock & Heart breaking music Director...

He is superb and just loved by youngsters

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9 Harris Jayaraj

You make people get to trans with your melody sir

All movies all songs all super hit.

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10 James Vasanthan

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11 Santhosh Narayanan

Am care about other musicians #santhosh creates a new trends in his music for new genration#get popular soon#tallented musician!

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12 S. A. Rajkumar
13 Vidyasagar
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