Best Tamil Songs of 2011


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1 Ennamo Yedho - Ko

Think that tis song is very sweet. Hope that more songs would be produced like this soon.

Melody makes us feel like entering into some different world. Lovable song

Nice and sweet song I like very much harris jeyaraj compose this song is very different

I like it very much. It reduces my tension

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2 Otha Sollala - Aadukalam Otha Sollala - Aadukalam

This is best song in that calender year and one more thing you have to keep remember this is film got most awards in Tamil industry.

Hi this is kavi yazhini from tnpl... Myself and my froends love this song we can give our soul for this song...

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3 Engeyum Kadhal - Engeyum Kadhal Engeyum Kadhal - Engeyum Kadhal

Love it! The movie is also quite nice. but mostly the songs are nice and pleasent to listen to

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4 Evandi Unna - Vaanam

Yuvan rocks.. No one can beat yuvan in music industry now a days.. He is a rockstar.. That too when a combination occurs between ajith, simbhu, vishnu etc.. Then no one can catch yuvan.. Livable music from yuvan

This is the only song which rocks the state with a single track from the album... It is possible only by Maestro "yuvan"...

YUVANS orchestra is just msgical and its technically excellent

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5 Amali Thumali Amali Thumali
6 Machi Open the Bottle - Mankatha Machi Open the Bottle - Mankatha

Hi, this is bharani..
This song dedicated for youth

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7 Ayyayo Nenju - Aadukalam

Golden voice na SPB- chumma assaulta padiyirukkaru even Prashanthini humming is superb in the song.

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8 Thee Illai - Engeyum Kadhal Thee Illai - Engeyum Kadhal V 1 Comment
9 Rakkamma Raaku - Siruthai
10 Nenjil Nenjil - Engeyum Kadhal Nenjil Nenjil - Engeyum Kadhal

Chance less man! That was the best melody song I have ever heard... Harris rocks... I love to hear it...

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11 Venpaniye - Ko Venpaniye - Ko
12 Yamma Yamma - 7am Arivu V 2 Comments
13 Pirai Thedum - Mayakkam Enna
14 Mazhai Varum - Veppam

This song is amazing. Girl voice is beautifull.

15 Asku Lasku - Vijay V 1 Comment
16 Neduvaali - Osthi
17 Kanni Theevu - Yudham Sei
18 Yaro Ivan Yaro Ivan - Udhayam Nh4

The best romantic love song of the year

A song of very good lines with lyrics

19 Why This Kolaveri Di - 3 - Anirudh Ravichander & Dhanush Why This Kolaveri Di - 3 - Anirudh Ravichander & Dhanush
20 Vilayadu Mankatha - Ajith

YUVANS MUSIC is very rich and catchy.. Also landing and mixing of different tunes are very nice

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1. Ennamo Yedho - Ko
2. Otha Sollala - Aadukalam
3. Engeyum Kadhal - Engeyum Kadhal
1. Ennamo Yedho - Ko
2. Evandi Unna - Vaanam
3. Engeyum Kadhal - Engeyum Kadhal



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